Post-Brexit UK Economy: On-set interview

Post-Brexit UK Economy: On-set interview

It’s been a little more than three months
since Britons voted to leave the European Union. Since then, what’s been coined as Brexit has
been making headlines not just in this country or even Europe but all across the globe including
Korea. Post-Brexit state of the UK economy: Let’s
get an analysis right here from on the ground. I’m joined by two gentlemen live in our London
studio with me. To my immediate left is Andre Spicer, Professor
at the Cass Business School, City University of London… Welcome to the program. and further to my left Gabriel Leon, Lecturer
of Political Economy at King’s College London. Thank you both for joining us today. So, Brexit. I’m sure it’s one word you’ve heard more than
a million times by now. Let me begin with this common question for
the both of you. What have been the consequences of the new political and economic scene
in the UK that has emerged since the Brexit vote? The papers here in London just today featured
news of a strong UK economy post referendum. Then, what’s next for the UK? Breaking off from the EU means that the UK
is no longer a part of the region’s exclusive economic zone and FTAs with countries all
over the world, including South Korea. Is the UK equipped to trade on its own? How are some obvious trading partners it will
look to? Is South Korea one of these? Professors, would love to speak with you more but because of
time restricitons, I’m going to cut to my final question. Your forecasts of the state of the UK economy
in the mid to long term? And all remains to be seen. Thank you gentlemen for sharing
your insights with us. It was lovely talking to you both.


  1. Sure the EU doesn't even have any trade deals worth talking about…. Better off without trade deals. The levies the EU imposes on non-EU countries via trade deals mean the people of the EU pay more and the inefficient, expensive EU companies are artificially propped up (thanks to the lobbyists who buy the politicians). Invoke Article 50 now & give us our cheap stuff without the levies and trade deals… Our companies will become super efficient to compete and a weaker pound will get us back in the Global game. Get corporation tax below the Irish and start proper manufacturing, get rid of the legislation that's been strangling small UK companies and start digging the coal up, get our energy costs down, rejuvenate those poor welsh and north english communities. Get our fishing fleets back on the sea's and get our farmers growing again. People want jobs not government hand outs. This country can be a manufacturing AND trading powerhouse of the world again. We were better than the Germans at manufacturing BUT we are Global Trading nation and they are not!! Britannia will rule the waves again (although you wouldn't think it listening to these clowns, these are the soulless puppets teaching our youngsters today. Our Politicians and Universities need clearing out to make way for some great patriotic business people who understand the world)

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