People need to be wary of Russian speculation as election approaches: Ray

People need to be wary of Russian speculation as election approaches: Ray


  1. I still say it was Hillary working with Russia the whole time and even Obama in the event she lost she had to blame someone since she can't blame herself.

  2. Time to give it up! So tired and old with the dems. BS. TRUMP 2020 WILL WIN THE ELECTION ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! KAG – MAGA!

  3. Look @ this little worm. You have No evidence? Okay dum-dum. Trump2020๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ! Why is Sanders so Anti-American?

  4. I received the packages that Russia sent to Bernie ,I was curious so I opened one up , I was shocked when I saw a Vibrator stenciled I love you Bernie Putin ! Wow What's going on !

  5. Itโ€™s sad to see FOX hasnโ€™t learned by now that democrats make crap up. We just spent 3 years on Russia, Russia, Russia crap and now the dems are at it again. ๐Ÿ™„

  6. Keep crying wolf like this, and nobody's going to believe you when the Russians finally do get around to some serious espionage. In fact, I fear this latest stunt may be , indeed, the straw the broke the camel's back. And, I should know, because I think it just might have tried to bite me. So, cut it out, already. You're an embarrassment to to the human race

  7. Hahaha…Russians are no longer deluded about which US president is a better choice for them. Putin has said clearly about that. They are prepared to work w/whoever is in the WH, knowing full well that its resident is not free to follow what is good & sensible for America & beyond.

  8. So I guess it was the Russians to blame for that disastrous Iowa caucus. I'd think the Russians would want anyone in office besides Trump. Any of the Village People candidates would just MAWA (Make America Weak Again).

  9. The story of "Chicken Little" when you keep crying out RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA…..soon nobody will believe you any longer…..

  10. Let's guess who the leaker might be. Let's see. Who has a history of reporting things to the press and overstating things they heard in briefings and claiming to have evidence they don't have? Any guesses out there?

  11. We knew this was another Whistleblower story from Shifty Schiff once again …. he needs to be removed from office, along with Pelosi, Schumer, and others.

  12. Our Country and President under attack from within by the Democratic Party, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP, while continuing to peddling non stop, Russia is our enemy.

  13. Democrats and their DNCTV are helping Putin have a good laugh.
    "Thiez dimz are gud hielpz.. hih hih hih (Russian laughter)!"

  14. Notice fox dont deny it say anything about Trump administration official briefing Bernie so I guess that's not a story, then the influence would be valid they can deny about Trump side. If you dont believe government why would I believe Trump government.

  15. You are soulless whores, schilling your snake oil at the command of your executives. You create false realities. You lean hard on Pro-Trump, no matter what scumbaggery he commits or is involved in. Bunch of whores. Grow a soul and a concience and when your humanity returns and the shame and guilt overwhelm, I hope you "fall" off of some very tall bridge. Maybe the water beneath can wash your sins clean. Bring lots of soap and a pummace stone. It's going to take some scrubbing.

  16. You're telling us Utube is a swamp full of Russians and international trolls and Utube monitors will delete your comments if you Savage their comments with facts , double facts.

  17. Here we go again. The democrates already know their going to lose the election in 2020. So they are already making up lies to taint the election.

  18. If you think there is no such thing as Russian or foreign interference in American elections are complete idiotic moron. Not to leave out American interference in foreign elections. If you think that doesn't happen your complete idiotic moron.

  19. This is what they plan to use when Trump wins in 2020. Orchestrated evil you can bet. They're laying the groundwork for sabotaging 2020 election. The narrative will be Trump didn't really win because Putin helped him. What a sick government.

  20. Common sense says the evidence is as obscure and subtle, for now if not out right obvious as Fox talking heads channel is chock full of non information a truth seeking and fact gathering minded individual would be wise to listen with a raised eyebrow of doubt towards this channel and it cadre of brainless talking heads.

  21. Nah!!!!! We should be worried about the foreign interference IN America. 40 million of them. ILLEGAL ALIENS. They actually vote!!!

  22. National intelligence thereโ€™s a joke. A government bureaucracy and more like national politics to me. If we have anything to worry about itโ€™s China. We donโ€™t even do business with Russia which is sad because itโ€™s not the big evil country anymore especially compared to China. Especially since China is a communist state and Russia is no longer Communist but a federalist state.

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