1. Weapons designed to kill the most people in the shortest amount of time eh Justin? Please explain to me how a person charged with drug dealing, in possession of illegal, unregistered fire-arms and a LIVE HAND GRENADE merits the sympathy of the courts to be released without condition, but a promise to appear in court 2 January 2020 is NOT on your radar? Where does this fit in our Charter Rights for Equal protection under the Law? Equal for whom? https://www.quintenews.com/2019/11/22/hand-grenade-found-in-search-of-tyendinaga-mohawk-territory-home/

  2. 28:18, it's one thing for people to speak French in The Queen's Dominion, it changes when they act to separate from that Dominion and hold the house of Commons hostage with their language.

  3. Sorry I live in Winnipeg and this is crap. What a liar. There are many children living in poverty. Obviously this Minister doesn’t get around. With the rising cost of housing people are using their child tax credit to pay rent instead of on the kids. I wish these people would shut up about climate change, most of us don’t buy that. China and India alone will destroy the environment not Canada. Carbon Tax is just a money grab by the Liberals and the UN and we know it. Trudeau says carbon tax will bring down the temperatures. Wow in Winnipeg we can have -40 to -50 Celsius in winter. I’m thinking nobody here wants it lower.

  4. Affordability is based on having a a job and not handing it over to rental companies and grocery stores across canada take your carbon tax off Canadians and put it on large businesses where you are getting rich off of tax payers ! No you childbenifit didn't do any thing as it went to adults who paid bill and was not given to kids so adults are not buying more milk or food they are running around buying phones, gas, booze, pot, high rents, so you haven't done anything but put your hand in everyones pocket in Canada! ? next step is homelessness cold and starvation

  5. Trudeau needed money for 2 air craft for the election campaign carbon tax used for this . Trudeau welcomes Huawei to handle Canadian telecom grid November 2019 . 42 billion in construction projects given to China August 21/2019 .

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