OSHO: I Have Been Poisoned by Ronald Reagan’s American Government

OSHO: I Have Been Poisoned by Ronald Reagan’s American Government


  1. osho is telling his story of torture and being poisoned and listeners are laughing.. whats so funny about it..?

  2. Osho told reality of USA Government what they did with him for that which he had not committed…salute to master

  3. Netflx has again tryed to kill Osho once more.. by crucifying his image on people´s mind. They killed the man now they try to kill his dream… our dream… this means they are afraid again… this means light is becoming stronger again… whenever the dreamer is killed the dream becomes stronger… ideas are bullet proof…

  4. OSHO international i have request release free osho audio and video as you can except which need know in presence of Master enlighten only .Other all you release it with most speaking language sub title in world .This will real serve to great master OSHO and is enough remove poison from world given by Devil heart .If osho alive i believe he will also do same may be .Not understand why keep this video secret so long .Osho lover if you know English and some other language please translate it as much as vedio osho and put in you tube this will show real love to master osho .This all in name of truth and for truth.

  5. I am sorry for your pain. I see in your eyes you are hurt by what they have done. You should be hurt from that but I am saying I can see your pure heart and it makes me angry they hurt you.

  6. I deeply feel my love for u..i ectually realise that i do..because i feel myself with u..u explored me…..u r always in my heart💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  7. Love live Osho and his honest Superconscioussness. This is the first time on Youtube that I have listened to a 1 hour long discourse with full awareness!

  8. He was in trouble because he pissed off so many foolish people.

    I do not agree with everything he says but I must say he is one of most brilliant guy ever lived.

  9. West always handled enlightenment being in this way….Jesus was crucified, Osho just went there for an experiment in US and got fucked over….

  10. Normally when people are positioned, it's usually a habit you would not expect from Americans, it's usually Russians who are notorious for poisoning, but when you look back, it was not the first time they contaminated people like Osho, there were others.

  11. We have genocideed and ruined countries. Biological experiments on minorities. So what is so hard to believe? Real threats to society are taken care of. But we have Osho's videos, and we will spread his message.

  12. This was the real success of bhagwan that poor american government could not afford to have such a strong influencer and mystic on their land!

  13. Wait for me there Osho,I will certainty come to you.You are the greatest person ever born on this planet.If you were resurrected one more time,I would have been certainty with you.

  14. That's why if Jesus comes back, most likely the establishment will try to crucify him again, specially the extreme liberal leftists and the mainstream media

  15. Like vaccinations and heavy metal poisonings, they all tend to be dumped into the organs and tissues where they remain. Which is why they found little trace of his poisonings.

  16. Very sad.
    American ruthless pedophile religious regime got jealous and killed him.
    Sheela his Secretery played a part too.

  17. but the wisdom you shared was not wasted, you had the 'guts', majority of people still today are yet not prepared for

  18. He is undoubted, the best human being that has visited planeth earth, my respects, my admiration, nobody has done in earth something like he did, only the evolutioned minds will understand,! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊😊😇😇😇

  19. Osho speaks the truth, today we all know by now why they wanted to silence him. The truth is always uncomfortable.
    They wanted to make him look like a "crazy person" so they can say that he didn't speak the truth or that he was just a fool. He was and still is among the best of his kind that the world has ever had and did great works in this world for humanity. The man was a Rock! Wonderful, innocent Soul, he will always live in our hearts!

  20. Bob Marley, MLK, John Lennon and now Osho…any man who is free to speak his mind is like a flame ready to burn the whole system down.

  21. thank you, Osho for sharing your wisdom. You will not be silenced..your "being" cannot be poison by the uncivilised and mad world.

  22. The light of the world indeed, not everyone is in good terms with light. He is gone but more alive to date.

  23. 30 years later all his prediction came true. About everything! America has now poisoned the whole world. Has invaded every country yet calls everyone else terrorist

  24. Radiation exposure is bet way of killing without traces left. Definately the Japanese are right. They had faced the same from long.

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