Opposition coalition party “New Politics Alliance for Democracy” launches Wednesday

Korea now has a new opposition coalition party…,
dubbed the “New Politics Alliance for Democracy.” The launch is sure to shake up the domestic
political scene… as we draw ever closer to local elections in June.
Our Kwon Soa reports. It’s an historic moment for the new political party.
The New Politics Alliance for Democracy held its official inauguration ceremony Wednesday
afternoon, with hopes of bringing about a new era of politics based on trust and hope. “After 60 years of being the Democratic Party,
we have joined with lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo and are now reborn as the ‘New Politics Alliance
for Democracy.'” Over 2-hundred-50 delegates, including lawmakers,
officials, war veterans, and thousands of citizens from all walks of life attended the
event in southern Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. Attendees paid tribute to the 46 victims that
died when the warship Cheonan was sunk four years ago… and commemorated the 104th anniversary
of the death of independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun prior to the main event.
The new coalition will be jointly headed by Democratic Party Representative Kim Han-gil
and independent lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo for one year until it elects a party chairman
and leadership next year. They completed legal measures for dissolving
their previous parties and will now register as a new one with the National Election Commission.
The New Politics Alliance for Democracy will hold 1-hundred-30 seats at the National Assembly,
with the vast majority of them being members of the former Democratic Party.
The ruling Saenuri Party currently has 156 seats in the parliament.
The alliance adopted its platforms at the ceremony…, which include a focus on forming
a just society and maintaining peace. “If our party and the Saenuri Party can find
a smart way to go about it, strong security and better inter-Korean relations can co-exist.
We can also foster public welfare and promote democracy together. Progressive or conservative,…
that’s not what’s significant. The people’s livelihoods are.” “Now that the New Politics Alliance for Democracy
has officially been launched, the party will focus on garnering more support from the general
public ahead of the June 4th local elections. Kwon Soa, Arirang News.”

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