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You’re Watching BBc News Let’s have a look at the latest headlines Dutch Authorities Have ordered the Last-Minute Cancellation of A rock Show in Rotterdam They were Acting on a tip-off from Anti-Terror Police in Spain The City’s Mayor Said That Been Warned an Attack was planned Typhoon Jato Has hit Mainland China With Hurricane-Force Winds and Torrential rain Leaving At least 12 People Dead in The Region the Maximum Category ten Storm is the worst Typhoon There in Five Years Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and other Ministers Are Fighting A Legal Battle That’s Threatening to Topple the government the Country’s High court is Examining A? Law that Bars dual Citizens from Sitting in Parliament 10 Minutes of Walking at a brisk Spate as Pace each day Could Help Prevent Cancer Heart Disease and Poor Mental health that’s According to Public Health England Which Says it’s Concerned Inactivity is Growing amongst the Middle-Aged

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