Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying

Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying

[Baby crying] President Obama: You okay, baby? [Baby crying] President Obama: Oh no! Oh she’s, oh she’s just like oh! [Laughter] First Lady: Yeah! That’s good. Woman: She’s a big supporter of your’s. President Obama: You better give her back. Woman: Can I get a quick picture, I’m sorry. First Lady: Oh you… President Obama: C’mon baby. C’mon baby. [President Obama takes hold of the baby] Baby’s mother: Oh that’s a girl! [Baby stops crying in as the President rocks
her] [Laughter, applause] Woman: Oh she stopped crying!


  1. I am from Romania, but …….I love you Obama and I mis you. Come to Romania and be Romania president.

  2. Watching the reactions of the onlookers is the best part – smiles, laughter, lots of warmth and good feelings.

  3. as a cool guy he is ok. But as president he was a right failure. Dandy. Why didnt he ever talk to Kim Jong UN or others?

  4. The baby even knows that Obama is so caring that's why she stopped crying, Obama for real 😁😁

  5. It's a crying shame how media makes people into monsters….I guess Trump gets that now. Of Course, the real monster is now dead and got away with literal murder.

  6. This is the kind of leaders we need in africa. You just have to be honest and patriotic to your people and your nation. Immediately you vote for a black man then, you dont have the opportunity to see him again until the next election. What a shame.

  7. this is the reason WHY the orange moron and the white house don't LIKE Obama , for what he represent GRACE , GREAT HUMAN ,THE BEST PRESIDENT and UNIQUE PERSON

  8. The ENTIRE world misses the intelligence and class of the Obamas. By comparison president pig eyes, the COWARD, is a pile of rotting rat stool.

  9. For years people in this country always thought that black people have class, honor, dignity, or respect for themselves and others. They thought we can't be nothing or aspire to be anything or there to dream of one day one of us would becoming president of the most powerful country in the world. This is why Trump is soooo popular, racism is alive and well in America. The problem is Trump is just blatant with his nastiness. While President Obama has become the 12th most consequential men of all time in the world. Which make all who vote for him are of a like mind. Birds of a feather flock together…..now deal with your monster you wanted him you got him…

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