Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


  1. In the future college tuition should be a viewed as a dark uncivilized remnant of our past. Education a basic human right.

  2. I wish someone would investigate how airbnb handles customer service and refunds. At one point it took me four months of constant battling to get them to pay me $1200 they owed me. It was handled so disastrously. I’ll never risk using them ever again.

  3. " His country" haha blah !!!! the Mexican should have been asking him that , home invader, ,,, nerve of theses demons

  4. Even though that 14yr old boy caught up in the Mexican ambush is not in the military…….an exception should be made…….he should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery for walking 14 miles for help and clear headed thinking to hide the other children. It can be certain that the thought of the gunmen could find him walking and killed him as a witness crossed his mind. Bravery beyond anything I've heard of in a while!!!!

  5. Years ago I worked for a company that contracted for oil related businesses doing construction. Due to the locations of jobs, you could work as nonunion in some areas but weren't allowed in others. I was a very hard and efficient worker and was willing to work for less pay for a unionized company contracted for but was refused. So I was agitated that although I was a permanent worked hired on by the contractor I couldn't work at several new job sites……..the company contracted under wanted their own people hired on. What was stupid is the construction involved using a huge work barge with a 200 ton crane which I knew operations thereof inside and out. But yet the company contracted under wanted their own people who didn't have a clue starting from scratch. I missed making a lot of money (even willing to work at less pay) since those contracts lasted several months each. In fact, because of the situation I was layed off for those several months. Since that time I've had an bad opinion of unions.

  6. We need a president with the moral fortitude of Jimmy Carter combined with the no nonsense work ethic of Harry Truman. Does such a man or woman exist? Or are such people extinct?

  7. Why is it that OUR children are being taken from US?!?!!?!??? I pray she's returned safely and no family is found to be involved.

  8. Today union leadership encourages bullying. They are thuggs. Unions are known to be that way, which is why membership is down accross the board.

  9. What a bunch of BS. Acting Ukraine leader saying the President made demands about money for an investagation on Hunter Biden= BUT HE NEVER SPOKE TO THE PRESIDENT…. what a fricken joke. How would he knew what the President wanted first hand without a direct conversation. HEAR SAY… Deep State pressure. DemoCRAPS more BS. Lets take a look at the Russian Hoax, they Bleach Bit, Clintons phony dossier. Now those are real.

  10. Sadly the Peruvian mans attack is the result of DemoCRAPS not stopping the illegal invasion madness. Innocent people are getting attack, because illegals are attacking and killing Americans everyday. It all comes back to Protection for all Americans, even the Peruvian man against illegals. Stop the invasion and protect Americans.

  11. Aww so sad- brave older siblings. May God bless them and their future. May God find the little missing girl – I’m praying for America because it’s getting worst not better. We have some soul searching to do because many countries in Asia , Africa, and Europe doesn’t have an unsafe culture like the US.

  12. We want everything Bernie says.

  13. Sooo no one going to talk about the man who is about to be executed but there’s a chance he didn’t do the crime? How many times has this happened. People spending years in jail and their innocent. They better get that 100% right or they will be killing a man for no reason.

  14. I AM NOT justifying the murders of women and children, but that Latter Day Saints offshoot group became engaged in the Cocaine trade, running it from Mexico to parts of Canada.

  15. 6" of snow on the way but not here in the south west, four corners area DRY DRY DRY !!! NO RAIN, SNOW. CLIMATE CHANGE IN FULL COURSE.

  16. Descendant's benefiting from stolen property believe it's theirs.. That's a serious mental health issue that needs to be addressed!!

  17. I hope they find that lit girl my city had every police unit out every where searching I pray she makes it home safe and unharmed please

  18. 7:25 WOW, they’re trying to get the man’s identity to murder him or pay him off before he speaks… this is how pathetic people are to keep their power. It’s really sad to watch..

  19. Throw acid in someone's face and essentially get a 200 dollar bail with the right bondsman….
    And he's facing 35 yrs …. How does he have a bail in the first place ? He's a clear cut and the very definition of danger to the public …

    This is just another example of white privilege… Js

  20. Weather forecast is now so short that it gives you no time to see and understand what is going on. Might as well not have it at all, as you need to go to other apps to get it.

  21. A country plagued with violence? Than what is the United States a war zone???? Your speaking about an entire country while the violence is specific to areas where drug cartels are located. Punish the criminals not an entire country of good hard working people by spewing lies. Mexico isn't plagued with mass shootings. Their children aren't being shot up in schools. Shame on you for condemning an entire country of respectful human beings due to the actions of a few cowards who deserve the same fate they delivered to that family. Mexico is our neighbor the United States needs to step up and help our neighbors.

  22. The mormon mafia, jokes aside but kinda joking, if seven of them are killed in one car, wife, mother, daughter a couple of children.. you may say thats killing somebodies whole family or taking there life away, turns out the mormon has 5 more where that came from) 5 wives, 13 or 30 more kids, that SUV he or she probby didnt like, they
    the cartel just killed or carried out a hit, that mormon family planned or mormon mafia, maybe one o the wives or family members wanted that paticular set of people gone, so they sent them on the highway, where the cartel was to happen to be influenced to make a move or whatevs…..
    But the question is, do you want to ride with it, like the mormons are presenting aoppuruntitny to bring war on mexico, to create a real old ashing or new fashioned kinda war, right at the border and all the way into the land, land where people can claim, or build a city, maybe alittle bit of freedom and looser possibley better life or a better life option… in the past
    in the past
    If i told you i was writing this, to slowy lower your value on human life, or social carrying and wellbeing of others, to intermix a perspective shared by mormons and some other people, to desincatize you while you provide or carry oppurunity for similiar , aka break a chain or make a chain, maybe just be honest, so you can look at things type stuff TGB the way i mean it

  23. How is it MSNBC has footage of the MORMON vehicle riddled with bulletholes but basically intact, people crawling around it, then footaGE of the vehicle burned out with all evidence obviously destroyed? Someone has a RESPONSIBILITY to explaiin this at once!

  24. SEE! Another missing CHILD! I been saying, it's time to have tracking chips installed in our kids! We all know, there will be more missing kids and maybe the next one, will be one of YOURS!

  25. 9/10- a kid "disappears" from their bed- total BS. The parents killed her in some fashion and are now trying to cover it up by staging a disappearance.

  26. It is crystal clear what Trump was doing. He "with held" the aid. That says it all. And anyone in the GOP that can't see this are also a threat to this country and should be voted out of office. People in this country are going to have to make a decision as to what their priority is: Party politics and loyalty or our Constitution and democracy.

  27. The President Has A Brain Tumor
    When Talking To Him One Must Understand That He Only Grasps The 3rd & 5th of A 8 Word Sentence!

  28. Funny how the media refuses to tell you things you should know Seems like the media anchors are a bunch of pedophiles and perverts like don lemon remember this don is one sick dog, seems like all the media just want to do nothing but bash our President 24/7 all the while they are the ones with a lot to hide, and as for Trump, he keeps coming out of all of this as the best President ever.

  29. Meanwhile, Trump and his crime family have been found guilty of stealing charity money and ordered to pay out 2 million to legitimate charities. No doubt they will try to use political donations to pay off the 2 million, or just not pay it at all. How are they not in jail?

  30. 🆘 NBC Lester Holts the only people I know that watch your bias liberal nightly news are gays and flaming left-wing liberal Democrats. Your bias liberal fake NBC/MSNBC news network is full of corrupt male pigs at the top that abuse women and then cover it up and lie about it. Shame on all of them. Now you know why I never watch your fake dishonest news network.

  31. That is ridiculous. Every American knows better than to treat others this way. I hope they give him the severest punishment possible.

  32. descendants of mormons no brain to figure out it's not safe there?? what husband lets his wife and all the children and 2 other wives ride around. like that Use your brain PEOPLE. small children know mexico is a lawless country ]] ==

  33. Democratic party has done no work.. all they do is sit there and keep pointing fingers … And do no work and no one's paying attention to the fact they're doing no work and getting paid for it,? I don't get it if I sat around my job doing nothing all day someone would complain and if I continue to sit there and do nothing I would have no job…. Our future is lost

  34. Can someone please buy J. Jordan a suit with a jacket…..
    C'mon Man…….
    You're not as cool looking as you think you are 😒

  35. If I'm not mistaken, there had been some years ago a religious group, perhaps not Mormons, however, who were actually major drug dealers. I know it sounds weird, but these were a religious group from Canada, though I think not Mormons. They had settled in rural Mexico, and one fellow began running drugs. He was imprisoned, but a few years later his early 20s aged son took it over. I wonder if that has anything to do with the "mistaken Identity".

  36. This female reporter is rather far left in her reporting of the hearing. No mention of Nancy pelosi's son also working for a Ukrainian gas and oil company.

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