Nigel Farage: these politicians are destroying democracy in the UK

Nigel Farage: these politicians are destroying democracy in the UK


  1. Brexit soonr will happen. Detractors, namely globalists elites and their pantifa paid mignons, cannot stop again the true will of real Britons trying to save their country and its values. Good times are coming back for decent people. The libs are simply under informed by way of very fake news.

  2. VOTE TO LEAVE. Not vote to leave if the Parliament say so. The referendum was clearly to leave. It was a referendum not a general election and does not need parliamentary vote for agreement.

  3. Garage, idiot. What, does 'brexit', mean, !???,/.
    … no doubt no change in EU, immigration, hmm, the gov, PC correct etc., calculate the situation, how, how many in, minus how many deserters out, ?, so repopulate country, big joke, a very big joke, huh or what, ?, and MORE, can you read, more, MORE, third world immigrants to be invited in,.. MORE, CAN YOU READ, no, NO, NONE, ZERO, NOTHING, change, UB the, promotion of, enabling, of, 'islamification', OF THE over run by, ~'islaam', …

    …oh yeah,ALSO, …

    ..the financial, economic chaos, loss of livelihoods, so an idiot or not? Brains?

    Or face it, the brain, so the intentions, fulfilled, of, 'moslems'?
    May I apologise for stating, that which IS OBVIOUS?

  4. Its funny how all the Trump americans are supporting Brexit and saying about the result of the referendum well how is Trump president when he didn't win the election on the popular vote.they don't know anything about brexit only that Trump thinls its great.Yeah right Trump wants free tarrifs and less protection for the UK so he can make money out of it thats all.

  5. So said the idiot that fled the UK, admitted his entire Brexit campaign was based in lies and made up fictions and to this day still lives outside the UK and under the auspices of the EU. funny how that works, the Eu being so terrible that Farage himself prefers to live under, and benefit from the EU rather than stay in the mess of Brexit. If he truly believed in Brexit then why does he refuse to stay and live under the terms of Brexit himself?

    COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! If someone tells you they lied and is DESPERATE to escape living in a nation under Brexit, best not believe them when they say Brexit is a good thing. If it were so good, they would be the first to line up.

  6. Farage is a liar and a hypocrite. He talks about democracy but doesn't say anything about returning the north of Ireland to the Irish people

  7. These fascist, Communist, globalist, Politicians need to be kicked out and the people need to take their countries back

  8. Arm yourselves and take your country back, be a little less polite and get in their faces. Maybe be a little more like the American breed of yesteryear! If you can get drugs into the UK you can get Arms and ammo!! If not you will be lost for all time and eternity, ERASED!!

  9. The New World Order in action. UK will be cashless in less than ten years. More debt encouraged , thus, both these controls will lead to total control of the people by the Elites, The consequence of this, will be mass riots & the immigrants will be the fall guys. The disturbances between the People will take the heat ofvthe Elites due to the levels of high employment which will follow as the result of the slowing down of the Economies in the Western World.

    The USA, mainland Europe & the UK has been flooded with legal & illegal immigrants by design, Paris is suffering huge unrest along with other Capitals in the Western World. France is a major EU country but the unrest in Paris is hidden from the people in the UK. Why?

  10. Is it possible for each area to take down the politician holding that seat?
    We are no longer fighting Brexit, we now fight those in parliament and the upper house that is taking control of the people in Britain that is virtually a dictatorship against the will of the people. Should we allow this to go ahead there will be NO WAY BACK!!

  11. These politicians have betrayed the British people… if they don’t like Brexit, they should let the people to elect a new government to work on it. What a shame… how much did they get paid from EU?

  12. And a 2nd vote will end just as Ireland ended ie '' cheated out of their vote '' We must refuse to vote again because if we do vote again it'll be like stealing candy from a baby '' We left, they'll just have to stop being such sore losers ''

  13. Look carefully at the people waving the EU flag in this, none of them have worked a day in there lives, none of them understand what the EU is, none of them understand what they voted for, they're all clearly on drugs, then look at the guys waving the British flag, they understand what the EU is, they understand why they voted leave, they have all clearly worked, and worked hard! A lot of them even serving in the British military (I think I saw a help for heroes flag there actually)
    When remoaners try and claim that brexiteers don't know what they voted for, and basically try to insult our intelligence, as well as calling us all racist, homophobics and whatever else they can think of, I don't think they realise we know exactly what we voted for!!
    Were not racist, we're not homophobics, we know exactly why we voted leave….
    We don't like immigrants coming here, ILLEGALLY! then under EU law we have to accept them, house them ect, because "they're asylum seekers" despite the fact asylum seekers are supposed to stop in the first safe country they come across, WHICH IS NOT THE UK!
    Not to mention the fact we don't have room for them, or the money to fund them, or the houses to house them, we don't have the houses to house our own ffs.
    It's also about freedom, freedom to make our own laws, at the moment laws are made in Brussels, by the EU and we have to abide by them, yes we make our own laws, but laws made outside the UK still have to be followed, laws created by people WE did not vote for.
    We want to be free, free to trade World wide, not just with the EU, want to trade with the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, wherever else you can think of, that's not an EU member.
    We also don't want to continue to be the EUs piggy bank, we want our money to be given to British people, to help fund schools, defence, NHS, Police, fire and rescue.
    We want less EU businesses taking advantage of great Britain, and to create job opportunities for British businesses, to create Jobs for self employed British men and women.
    We want to create jobs in the fishing industry in the UK.
    We want to control our boarders, I get the argument "but you already have control of your boarders" but while we have freedom of movement between Britain and the EU, we don't have control of our boarders.
    Migrants are more than welcome to the UK in my opinion, BUT, only if they have something to offer the UK, and are both willing too and able to work (we have enough British people here who just want to sponge of the government as it is, we don't need more)

  14. Global elites now the law enforcement works against the people till u get them on the people's side public hangings will get the elitist back in the dark take them while they are in the light .Nothing but lawless criminals parading their superiority.

  15. ALL globalists are the enemies of the people…. in the end it will be either us or them… we the people can not take much more corruption & interference of globalists all over the world…… sick of it……………. remember V

  16. Boris is on the right side of history. He's the one that wants to give the people what they voted for. He needs to go to Brussels and refuse to ask for another extension, since many of the MP's in parliament lied to the people to get elected, by saying they would take the country out of the EU. They voted for article 50, which takes them out, but are now saying they won't leave unless there is a deal first. That just tells the EU, which doesn't want the UK to leave, that all they have to do is refuse to give them a deal and the UK will stay. So they need a general election to get rid of these traitorous liars, and elect people that will deliver what the people voted for.

  17. Liberals taking Liberty away. You couldn't make this up! Reverse psychiatry in plain view. The coup is the Government versus the people. It's war!!

  18. If what is happening in the UK was in Pakistan (or another nuclear armed state) the US would be applying diplomatic pressure, bombing or invading by now. Our Brexit vote was to Leave, but the Remainer Parliament led by a virtual Communist, are using every trick in the book to defy this order. If democracy continues to fail, people will make other choices.

  19. Sadly our British trend to follow what the USA does has spread to the core of politics. Our scumbag spunkbucket politicians are behaving like the Democrat party and would rather see the country crash and burn to grab power than win through with democratic means.

  20. Nigel is a good man..the leftards dont like him, but they will not win, if we vote again we will win…AGAIN. deal with it leftards.

  21. Even the deranged leftists in Britain want communism and slavery under EU. Imagine fighting to be tax slaves and not having a sovereign nation.

  22. Why would the UK vote again on something that they already voted on? That doesn't even make sense! The people have spoken! Either they LEAVE like the people voted f or the UK is no longer a democracy, but a dictatorship.

  23. These left wing nazi's need hunting down and stripped of all assets, branded traitors and deported to Sweden or Germany.

  24. It appears as though half of Brits either have no inkling of what the EU is really about, or they are perfectly happy with being ruled by Communist dictators, forget democracy or any form of sovereignty.

  25. The traitors in parliament should be hanged go watch what they said today in parlament they want to talk about obeying the law and payting themselves on the back saying the pm is this and that and they are defenders of democracy

  26. Nigel sees things so clearly. These renegades in the Conservative Party know that if the UK leaves the EU those juicy jobs in the EU bureaucracy will be closed to them.

  27. Brainless Europhiles carrying EU flags! It’s easy for them just to cross the channel and go and live in any of the multitude of countries at their disposal. The idiots probably don’t even know they are supporting their enemies who intend the worst for them and are taking a billion pounds per month from the local tax payers to feather their own nests that could be going in to improving the uk social system AND THE NHS. If the Europhiles win this wave good buy to the freebie NHS and the best social benefits in the EU at the moment! 🙂

  28. Do you think there was a Democracy in UK? I don't think so
    A democracy can't be any where ruling one family

    That's not democracy for me

  29. BLA – British Liberation Army! This will be the future if we don't leave the EU October 31st. Americans take note, look what happens when the people have no power, no guns, no say..

  30. Totalitarianism in UK and the USA. UK Politicians disregard election results. The Dnc is rigging polls. Trump is doing as he please. Much better off with Russia… Eh..

  31. What democracy??? the UK is a Monarchy… What fake democracy are these people talking about? They don't have but a "commoners democracy" for the bureaucratic ?implementations? of their Matriarch's laws.

  32. We will never forget. They can refuse a general election now but in the not too distant future there has to be one and that will be the end of the Tories and Labour. The Brexit Party will win by a landslide and then all the undemocratic and underhanded actions of the past three years will be overturned. We will 'drain the swamp'.and then leave the modern day communist federation that is the EU.


  34. Farage is an idiot who is doing nothing in life and having a lot of money..Fascist must blame someone for personal unability to leed COUNTRY..This Mafia is blaming EU..for they made problems long agooooo

  35. I hope these arrogant remainer MP's, and your teeny tiny, Napoleon like speaker, realize that their actions this week have made the UK look like an authoritarian state. Can't they see that denying the PEOPLE what they voted for is blatantly undemocratic? It's the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a country like Russia. Not a western democracy. These same MP''s would be acting outraged if another country did to it's own people, what they have now done to the citizens of the UK.

  36. It's Parliament vs The People.

    Politicians who agreed to honour Brexit have lied to and betrayed the people. They are simply traitors…there is no other word for them. They are shifting the narrative to 'you voted for Brexit, BUT YOU DIDN'T VOTE FOR A NO DEAL BREXIT'.

    We believed our politicians would attempt, in good faith to negotiate the best deal for Britain…all the politicians REJECTED the AWFUL deal that the EU offered us. AND THEN THEY LEGISLATE TO PREVENT US FROM LEAVING WITHOUT A DEAL???!!!

    How does that even make sense? Only if they have the objective to keep Britain in the EU…


  37. The British people voted leave. A.certain international group and others in parliament want to thwart the will of the British people . those people have influence on the trade unions and the media, especially the bbc. They are Fascist to the core. They have influence on the labour party. and the snp the greens and other opposition groups.they are opposing Brexit with their nonsense about deals and no deals. Boris wants the decent and rightful thing ,that is to get us out. And when we do get out there should be a reckoning with these people.and especially the bbc.

  38. WHY WHY WHY? is it that every time the BBC do a Live report from Westminster do they choose a background FULL of E.U. flags?……………Its high time that this organization of parasite traitors, who command HUGE salaries.. but produce heavily left wing reporting…, Paid for by the Taxpayer!!!was broken up.!! It should be abolished completely…The output of the bbc in general is mediocre and not worth the license fee that they steal off the people.

  39. Charge them with sedition, lock them up and seize every bit of property they own. BREXIT means BREXIT. There is no legitimacy to a second election. Parliament is defunct.

  40. Glad we have a good mind on the stage – I must admit Nigel's instant recall of pertinent facts and responses that completely correct and kindly trash the lying opposition babbling their sick spews is absolutely astounding. A very impressive explainer and teacher and up front moral voice with a good and jolly sense of humor and lightness in the mix too. One of very few men I'd like to shake the hand of. He deserves more than knighthood, they need to make a special higher category bracket to bestow upon this person. We'd have much nicer lives if all the politicians (dear even a few would be a welcome relief) had these enormously wonderful qualities. Yes we listen, yes we yearn for the real facts and the real odds and possible outcomes, yes we like someone who knows and can say, yes we love it when the liars and ninnies get corrected, and we should, as their deceptions are dangerous and disgusting. Across the pond here in the USA, three cheers for Union Jack and Nigel and his supporters.

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