News Now Stream Part 1 10/17/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream Part 1 10/17/19 (FNN)


  1. See they have been harassing and harassing and harassing knowing he has never had a job in politics. Pelosi and Biden are so in together with this plan they use the same words

  2. We need to get back to the real justice system back when our founding fathers were setting the bar, and the People were in control of justice ! The truth !

  3. But the way congress is going on about impeachment is all wrong. Shows a big cover up to most peoples eyes. The people in America see that. The ones that don't, don't want to see anything. It is hard to open the eyes of the brain dead.

  4. Maybe we should have a vote from the people as to where the G7 should be held jus t to see what these clowns would suggest ? ?

  5. Shadow policy is Obama sending money to Iran. Shadow policy is the Steele Dossier by the Obama admin. Shadow policy is Obama screwing us on trade and getting a Pulitzer. Shadow policy is the Biden's in Ukraine and China.

  6. Not necessarily agreeing with this lawyer. But the ahole, Judge Brown grinning on the right was a straight up douche. Unprofessional ahole. Same ahole that argues the point. Must have been that ahole that oversaw the case. Which would explain his aggression. Unprofessional!

  7. I love the way Mulvaney handles the press and answers only the valid questions. He doesn't have to answer the STUPID questions or the thinly disguised attacks.

  8. Hey Nancy what the hell do you know about the truth? The only thing you democRATs have been doing is lying!!!! This will be the final term all of you crazy socialist will see!!! Thank God the American people have seen your lies and heard your crazy ideas, and we are sick of how much time you have been wasting!!!! Pelosi you have been in office for about 15 yrs to long!!! Not one of the democRATs running for president would be a good fit . You all tore apart the constitution the laws of our country and you made fools of yourselves!!!!

  9. Pelosi let’s see all of your tax returns! We want to see how much theft the democRATs have been doing for the past 30-40 years!!!

  10. If the teachers walk out tell them to keep walking!!! They say it takes a village what about the rest of us? The truck driver the welders the garbage man the carpenter the nurses the rest of the village!!!! What makes just the teachers so much more important than the rest of us!!!!

  11. Nancy pelosy, please help the homeless people in California, I beg you too help them please, those pearls you're wearing can feed 10 thousand American homeless in california, bless all humans.

  12. Trump has been harassed so much the last 3 years he might have Stockholm syndrome so the media better beware if Trump sings to them "Hey now,,hey now i am all around you" like the Manson girls for as much crap Trump has to take. Hey I just made that up too because I don't get an approved script wrote by Biden and Peliosi lol. I've heard unhinged has just been trademarked….

  13. Skeletor just lies lies lies and lies and lies some more and lies lies lies about this lie about that well I lie lie lie lie and she's lying about that lying about over here she's lying about over there and this and that lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lying lying lying lying lying about this she's a liar

    And she will lie lie lie lie lie her pants off like a liar liar liar liar she is no truth at all none absolutely none just lies lies lies and More Lies lots of Lies too many lies lies all the day well the night

  14. Hey Nancy, we all know that all you were doing was diverting attention off all the lies you, Adam, Chuck and the rest of you un-american cronies.

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