New Poll Proves Republicans Are Living In Trump’s Alternate Reality

New Poll Proves Republicans Are Living In Trump’s Alternate Reality

There is no question that Donald Trump spoke
with the Ukrainian president about Joe Biden. Donald Trump has admitted that the summary
of the phone call that they released confirmed that there is no question that Donald Trump
at the very least discussed Joe Biden with the Ukrainian president, and I prefaced this
video with that because a new poll came out and according to this new poll from Monmouth
University, only 40% of Republicans think Donald Trump may have mentioned Joe Biden
during that phone call. Only 40% 30% say he definitely did not mention
Joe Biden, the other 30% they’re not sure whether or not he mentioned Joe Biden at all. He admitted that he did the official summary
from the white house from the Trump administration admitted he spoke about Joe Biden. Now here’s the thing. This poll was not looking to see if people
thought he broke the law with this. No, it was just, do you think he talked about
Joe Biden the thing he literally said that he did do, he confirmed it himself and only
40% of them were willing to say, I think he may have. That’s nuts, folks. That’s absolute insanity and it proves that
much like Donald Trump himself, his followers, the Republican voters in this poll are living
in the same alternative reality than he is. And that’s what drove me crazy about these
poll numbers is because it’s not like it’s something that we’re still trying to figure
out here. We’re trying to figure out if what he did
broke the law. Sure, but we’re not trying to figure out if
he talked about Biden at all. We know that he did because he said that he
did. The whistleblower said that he did. Rudy Giuliani has confirmed this. Bill Barr’s entangled in it. Mike Pompeo has said he did. There’s no question about it. These numbers should be 100% and for some
reason they’re not. But this also goes to show you just how deeply
embedded conservative media is in the minds of these Republican voters because they’ve
been doing nothing for the last week. Other than trying to downplay what Donald
Trump did create some kind of question about whether or not he did it at all, even though
he admitted it and it’s affecting the minds of Republican voters. So the big question is how do we counter that,
right? What do we do when you have 60% at least of
the Republican party living in Donald Trump’s alternative reality? Sure. The honest answer is I don’t know that you
can do very much. We can go out there, we can talk about it,
we can deliver the truth. But the thing is, we already all knew the
truth. The truth was released. He did mention Biden, and these people still
refuse to accept the reality in front of them. The reality that actually in this instance
did come from the white house itself, and they still look at that and say, Nope. Or they’re not following the news at all,
which is probably just as bad because you have to be informed. You have to reach these people. I know a lot of folks want to say like, Oh,
I’m not too interested in politics. I’m just a Republican or I’m just a Democrat
and I just vote with my party. No, that’s not good enough anymore either. Folks, this is your country. Your country’s in trouble right now, and your
country needs you to actually start paying attention to what’s happening.


  1. It's all true. Trump is innocent, the world is flat, there was no moon landing and the moon is made out of cheese.
    Now stop picking on Donny or Santa won't come to your house any more.

  2. You can show a Trump supporter the truth but you can't make them accept the truth of it conflicts with their reality.

  3. It is up to the democrat to united in 2020. As a life time republican I can tell you guys that 25 percent of republican voters will switch party or stay home.

  4. The alternative reality like the Trump Casino and his multiple personal bankruptcies does not end well.Godspeed to change by the mercy and grace of God in the manifestation of visibility in the blessed Light of Jesus Christ

  5. To be honest he only said Biden. To Republicans that gives him an out as he did not come out and just say Joe Biden. It's the hair they love to split. Everyone else knows he is doing this to force world leaders to do his bidding to damage Biden's campaign. Trump has not only turned the Republican party into the cult of trump. He has turned once thinking human beings into mindless followers willing to support his every whim or lie.

  6. So now the cult can't read or understand words. They are now just like Trump. Build a wall and a moat in close them in. We will be happy and they will be happy.

  7. It's almost impossible to change ignorance. That's why they love the uneducated like I keep saying. They can tell them anything and they will believe it

  8. The only possible conclusion is that at least 60% of Republicans are stupid, illiterate or both – and only watch Fox News or similar.

    Bearing in mind that Republicans do constitute a large proportion of US citizens it does suggest that the film "Idiocracy" was not a work of fiction but a prophesy

  9. I have always thought he lived in an alternate universe, but it pretty sad that a lot of Republicans buy his crap! this deranged man is dangerous for humanity! he a would be dictator! Germans fell for hitler, and now some Americans are falling for treacherous, evil trump! May God have mercy on you all

  10. Like Ruth Ginsberg said yesterday. This period of American history will be looked at as an aberration. The pendulum will eventually swing back toward the center once we get rid of these neo-nazi right wing brainwashed supporters of Trump. "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

  11. Drumpfists: "The great God Drumpf hath said it; I have bought what he sold me; and that settles the matter irrevocably. Hail Victory! Hail Drumpf!"

  12. I can already picture some trumptards buying that Impeach game for the sake of burning it just to “own the libs”

  13. Let, The People, be the judge in this case. Let us, the people, get this racist-corrupt clown out of The White House…We, The People, Did Not voted for him anyway!


  14. Of course they are… They are children who prefer to live in a make belief world rather than live in the real world… The ultimate drugs, denial and gullibility…

  15. It’s becoming apparent nothing will take him down but a bullet or a fatal heart attack. Or nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Because that will take us all out.

  16. These people are dangerous. I really feel they need to be put away because they are beyond insane.

    Trump could shit in their mouths and they would go "hmmmm, Hersey's chocolate."

  17. Trump rules by excutive order, not by legislation for the benefit of most of the country, those poor devils that eat the yesterday leftovers from a Tupperware containers think Trump is going to help them out somehow !

  18. Donald Trump said that he could get away with shooting someone on 5th Ave.

    Seeing this poll, Donald Trump is right, at least among Republicans.

    The people, blinded by ignorance and fealty, never saw the fall of their own nation

  19. Daaaamn, if his own "supporters" don't even believe him anymore…

    Shouldn't there be a limit to allow people to vote, drive, own ball point pens and stuff like that ?
    I knew many people were just plain stupid, but the internet allowing that to be seen is just scary… wouldn't have thought it was that many.

  20. Donnie's cultists are dug in, just like the followers of Jim Jones and David Koresh. Reality doesn't matter to them. They could watch him having sex with Ivanka and they would still support him. They are beyond help.

  21. Trump followers are slaves. They don't have a brain if their own. Like the majority of the Chinese minority people they don't know what to do unless someone tells them to do it.

  22. It's called tribalism and the alt right-wing extremists will listen to the orange ? ? hitler wannabe and grifter. They are afraid of being left behind and are just like minded with individual #1.

  23. Ok so this is the reason why narcissistic tactics work, because what he has installed in them is that in order to be loved, validated and not threatened they should always believe in him as a person and be loyal to him, the truth really doesn’t matter ( it’s like a very dysfunctional family) I should know my late father was a narcissist of the same ilk as Trump. Thankfully I got out though I lived many years under accute death threat whilst first seeking aid and later helping out in woman’s shelters, becoming a lay judge and now doing politics. The first time the nazis threatened me again I was like… really …. nothing is as bad as when the threat is coming from someone who is supposed to love you and keep you safe and to tie back to the trumpists I think that’s at the heart of it.

  24. Let’s continue with the impeachment proceedings quietly! And go back to government business, as the children are still in cages and no one is paying attention anymore!

  25. This just tells me anybody willing to admit this needs to loose their right to vote based on the inability to make sound judgment calls.
    You can't make life or death choices if you can't recognize a(potential) threat – and this guy, his party ; these supporters are a threat to the rest of us.

  26. "The call was perfect!" WHAT is a "perfect" phone call? One that the connection wasn't dropped? Maybe he was on such a rant that the listener on the other end just shut up and let him spew his guts out? Maybe he was jacking off the whole time and finally dribbled out a bit of parent paste? So what constitutes a "perfect" Call?

  27. Who are these people that think he didn’t do this?! Surprise America! A lot of us in our country are completely freakin’ insane.

  28. Trump, Conservative Republicans, & Trump Supporters Are Thinking & Living In Reality Television Land Stuck In The 1950's

  29. Donald J Trump Should Be Impeached And Locked In Federal Prison For 25 Years For Treason And Illegal Immoral Criminal Activities That He Openly Talks About And Tweets About Not To Mention Being A Liar And Con Artist

  30. More Fake News & Lies!!! Real News is found on FOX, Sinclair Broadcasting, America One, Russian and North Korean State TV, where Trump is loved by ALL. 45 is really smart and a Super Genius. He knows words, many words which can be found in any children's books.Trump is the Most Dedicated President, ever to exist, evident by his Excellent Golf Prowess. Starting really with nothing at all & only $14 million, borrowed from his father, he became "A Self Made Billionaire" who is very generous and donates tens of thousands of dollars to many charities, benefiting several clubs, his golf clubs. He never lies to his supporters and tells them what they want to believe; self righteous indignation, smothered in a heavy dose of blissful ignorance. Imaginarily, a selfless, brave and a courageous war hero, a Superior Military strategist who "knows more than the Generals", deserving of a great military parade where he can receive the Stolen Valor he so desperately desires & deserves. Those who thinks he is a sniveling coward are wrong. Bone Spurs are dangerous, contagious and can kill you. He is my hero and a "Stable Genius" with a very very large "a-brain". His speeches are even more awe inspiring than those made by the late great Jim Jones or Marshall Applewhite. I shall build a great temple in the shape & color of The Great Pumpkin in his honor, filled with oranges. nuts & bananas, to Worship Him. This temple, paid for by Mexico, shall rival those built for Kim Jong-un in North Korea. The Temple Garden will be surrounded by beautiful naked statues of Trump's virile & manly likeness, outshining the Statue of David sculpted by the amateur painter, architect and poet, Michelangelo. Once we join forces with our true friends & Allies; Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un & Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, America will be Great Again. I look forward to the day when my "Dear Leader" thanks me with a warm embrace with his great big giant hands, as appreciation for my blind love, devoted loyalty & unshakable bias. Followed by the blissful temple chant: Bing Bong Bong Bing Bong……… Those who are convinced it's OK to put children in cages, no doubt can be easily convinced it's equally OK to put people in ovens……….. They can always say "Just follow Mein Fuhrer's orders".

  31. It's time to bury Trump and get him out of the White House. It has gone too far. Such animosity can only be conjoured up by a guy with a real talent for it.

  32. Who gives a rat's ass about anything the trump supporters believe anymore. Just tell them he moved to Russia and he now needs their support there and if you pack your shit now we will pay for the airline flight or cruise ship to get you all reunited with him. Thanks for playing you all won. Now hurry up and get to Russia trump is waiting for you

  33. They want to live under a dictator so bad they should take him and go to a country that has a dictatorship already. This country was formed on getting away from that. Remember??

  34. Trump will not be impeached, the Senate will not have the votes to do so. This trump crazy train is staying . It is just awful.

  35. There are Republicans who have gone out on a limb for a pat on the head from Trump.
    – McCarthy tried re-writing the summary of the call by trying to convince everyone that the word
    “though” wasn’t there. A crucial “though” – an adverb added to imply leverage.
    – Lying Gym Jordan leaves the Kurt Volker testimony before the end to be the first to get to a mic to
    announce “there’s nothing there.” A view not shared by others who were there.
    – Gaetz shouts any garbage that comes into his head. Usually a load of nonsense but which he thinks
    makes him sound clever. One day someone will tell him it doesn’t.
    – A selection bleat that they’ve been excluded from the process and haven’t been granted subpoena
    powers. The fact that the very first witness testimony was bi-partisan, as proven by Jordan’s dash to
    a mic, blows that out of the water. And, as every Republican knows, subpoena powers rest with the
    majority – a fact Nunes played to their advantage during his sham “investigation.”
    – Others have shown how worried they are about the calm, prosecutorial experience and ability of
    Adam Schiff by screaming that they demand his removal because of a perfectly normal procedure in
    a. whistleblower process and a totally unfounded & unsubstantiated claim by Trump that Schiff wrote
    the whistleblower’s complaint.
    – And let’s just ignore Rubio’s lack of moral fibre and courage.

    But going out on a limb can make you sound complicit as more evidence emerges and the limb gets thinner. And, ironically, most of the evidence is coming straight from the guy they’re trying to protect.

    Others have gone for the crickets approach and scramble for the nearest elevator if they see anyone with a mic approaching.

    But both approaches can be problematic for Republicans. They are trying to claim that enlisting the aid of a foreign country in an attempt to trash a political opponent – despite the federal law prohibiting such a move – is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. Once that precedent has been set then it undermines the principles on which our democratic republic is based and they can hardly then complain should a Democrat decide to do the same – which would be equally as illegal. But Republicans have put Trump before party & party before country from day one – and now it’s beginning to show more than ever.

    Every talking head is out there repeating long since debunked conspiracy theories but none can explain why State Department taxpayer dollars were used to fund Giuliani’s election campaign strategy for Trump.

    And now, cos Elizabeth Warren is leading in many polls Trump wants her “investigated” too. Odd that he only seems remotely concerned about so called corruption when he wants to try to eliminate a political opponent. If he was, in any way, concerned about corruption he’s no need to look abroad – there’s plenty in his own administration to root out. He could start by looking in a mirror then at Pence, Kushner, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Mulvanny & Ross and work his way down. He could ask McConnell why he’s refusing to bring on anti-corruption bill to the floor for a vote. But McConnell himself answered that one – no votes unless Trump approves and, evidently, Trump doesn’t approve of eliminating corruption. Trump’s sudden concern about corruption sounds like a cracked bell, it rings hollow. Corruption is his default mode and has been all of his life.

    I’m beginning to wonder if it’s finally dawned on Trump that the polls are showing how unpopular he is – and the base he’s cultivated is only a minority. He’s tried threatening civil war if he’s removed or doesn’t win in 2020. Maybe someone told him that threats to spill American blood for his own personal gain would do nothing to increase his popularity. Trump is a malignant narcissist and couldn’t possibly accept the concept of losing so maybe he welcomes impeachment and removal to avoid that. Then he can go on Fox State TV every day shouting that he would have won if it weren’t for those pesky Democrats – if they’d have him that is.

  36. Racism, corruption, greed drives TRUMPS administration . Imagine if TRUMP was President during the Hitler era. Who do you think he would have sided with. Don't say America!

  37. True enough. There is no more stupid person in the world than a Trump voter, unless it's a black Trump voter. Even Brexit supporters and Jews who voted for Hitler are more clever.

  38. With the Trumpites, it's not a matter if what he did is moral or immoral, right or wrong, true or false. What matters is whether he'll win or lose.

  39. "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."


  41. It's like deprogramming someone from a religious cult. You can show them all the instruments of torture and they will still try to speak "Swedish*" to you.

    * Swedish references "Stockholm Syndrome"

  42. I can’t say this enough. Remind your Republican friends what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for. Fiscal responsibility, rule of law and morality.

  43. Republicans complain they have no media like liberals yet the radio is a powerful tool day to day working class Republicans listen to daily radio shows and do not see actual facts just spin and conspiracy theories its why we are where we are!! This is the reason Fox presents the real news before these people finish work that way their opinion hosts keep pushing agenda of the day completely saturating their minds with propaganda its really sad.

  44. Its not about them living in his alternative reality its all about them serving the same master. That would also include Trump. Trump is probably the worst thing to happen to Republicans because if Trump goes down he will be the biggest whistleblower.

  45. Everything you gents are saying about Republicans. Is exactly what they think of you. Except they can actually back it up.

  46. Now let's dig a little deeper. The poll was carried out between September 23rd to 29th. Trump released the phone transcripts September 22nd. So considering that most people don't follow the news every day it stands to reason that many, if not most of them weren't aware of the specifics in the transcript. The only information they likely had at that point was the media saying so. Since the media isn't trustworthy when it comes to Trump republicans were likely to dismiss it. This isn't surprising. This bald man didn't bother thinking this through, or purposefully didn't. Then there's the question of the legitimacy of the poll itself. I've found it best to take polls like these with a huge grain of salt.

  47. That wasn’t a “joke”? According to my senator mark Rubio he was just making a joke to rattle the newspaper so if I take to the streets robbing and stealing from local banks, admit I did it to rattle the tellers and it surely did rattle them, but say well the whole thing was a “joke”, I get to go free? My senator is so progressive. I never knew this about him. Thank you senator Rubio!
    Now we all know how to stay out of prison.
    And I know Epstein’s dead now but what was the joke he was going to use to defend his child trafficking charges?

  48. They also, say he didn't have an affair with Stormy Danial, that he is a good, godly family man. No need to waste time trying to reach these people, work on getting our people out in 2020.

  49. This independent says wake up people the republicans criminals. They are right and everyone else is wrong and if you don't believe their lies you are the enemy. So the motto of the republicans criminals do as I say not as I do. They have divided this nation, that's they way the Nazis Party took over Germany. That's what the goal of the republican criminals and the special interests groups and individuals and big corporations who own them. Say hello to the American Nazis party the Republican Party.

  50. there is something wrong with their brains…..I think they are brain-damaged ..maybe from drugs or chemicals ingested years ago

  51. Trump's people only watch Fox news, what do you expect. Beside the Republican's have lost their way, I question whether Trump followers are even Republicans anymore. They should be classified as a Third Political Party not sure what their values are nor their principles (but communists comes to mind).


  53. I can't wait for the day trumptards will go back into hiding and will be ashamed to admit they supported the orange dotard.

  54. So what, who cares, they are all criminals: Biden, trump. Pelosi, Bush, et al. Why not admit that Biden is a crook?

  55. Hey, don't be so critical of the fact that there are so many brainwashed imbeciles in the USA , that is the crowning glory of Republicanism, Corporatism and fake free market economics

  56. Trump spoke about the corrupt 2016 Biden, not the corrupt 2020 Biden. So by your hairless logic Dems are living in Pelosi's false reality. Doesn't Pelosi's son also on a Ukrainian energy board? Wasn't he in legal trouble I'm 2014 too? What is up with actual corruption not being reported by the media?

  57. Some people my brother included think he is the greatest president ever . He thinks because the unemployment is low that proves he is doing a good job. but look at the jobs; they are not high paying jobs most of them. In addition people like me that have 2 jobs to survive count twice.

  58. STOP THE STUPID BULLSHIT… Trump obviously has something on them. We all know how he is. HE HAS DIRT ON ALL OF THEM.. Stop the bs. Trump has dirt on all of the republicans and that is why this is happening.. He was prepared and set them all up. In case of emergency break open glass. That is what Trump did. Smart guy. I’ll give him that.

  59. How did we aloud are government to lose its respect for the people and itself. This Republican party should be tarred and feather and ran out of this country, for allowing trump to act so unamerican and as treasonable as he and the Republican party have been behaving…

  60. I have a suggestion on what to do!!!! We have to make note and spread the word on these Republicans that have made it clear they put party in front of country. So, when it's time to elect officials again, we can remind the voters who the corrupt ones are, and make sure they are replaced. We must take control of our country and that starts by holding the elected officials accountable for there actions!!! Like Cocaine Mitch for example!!!! That's one thing we could do.

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