N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un celebrates completion of Township of Samjiyon County

N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un celebrates completion of Township of Samjiyon County

North Korean leader Kim jong-un visited
the north some GM County for the third time this year and this time to
celebrate the partial completion of a Township there the regime has once again
emphasized on self-reliance despite tough sanctions and pressure against the
regime our own sung-hee has more north korea has finished constructing the
township of sam giancana and it held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on
Monday attended by the regime’s leader Kim jong-un the north Iran Korea Central
News Agency reported Tuesday that the township of sam giancana has transformed
and to quote the epitome of a socialist modern city several top North Korean
officials joined Kim jong-un at the ceremony trade oh hey viewed as the
regime’s second-in-command gave a speech stressing the completion of the Township
shows the regime’s potential for independent development and proves its
self-reliance capability the event was to celebrate the North’s completion of
the second stage of sungeun county construction process
Pyongyang aims to complete the third and final stage next year when it celebrates
the 75th anniversary of the establishment of its ruling party kim’s
visits in a town in sam’s young count is his third so far this year the North
Korean leader has put great emphasis on building the county not only as he means
to modernize the north rural economy but to also to show off the regime’s ability
to survive despite the weight of crushing international sanctions sam
giancana is also home to mount peg do the mountain that kim jonghwan visits
whatever he has to mall / grand policy changes or make big political and
economic decisions this latest visit comes as the year and the deadline north
korea has set on nuclear negotiations with the u.s. is drawing near Oh
jung-hee Arirang news


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