Mulvaney Tries To Walks Back That Trump Held Up Ukraine Aid For Political Reasons | Hardball | MSNBC

Mulvaney Tries To Walks Back That Trump Held Up Ukraine Aid For Political Reasons | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. What is Moscow Mitch afraid of? Could it be that his wife works for Trump? Or is he afraid of the tinfoil hat crowd that makes up Trump's base? It is time for Mitch to put our nation first and impeach Trump before any more damage is done.

  2. The absolute worst mouth piece for the White House is this Mick Mulvaney.His facial expressions plus delivery.His wicked little eyes with his soft little frame. He was the kid in college that narced out the'' pot smokers with the smuggled girls ''to the residence advisor.

  3. how can you doubt the words or our president, his chief of staff the State Department or the state department (unofficial)? What they have told us is as clear as Chrystal, and their assurance as certain as their word to the Kurds.

  4. The president believes conspiracy theories. He held up congressionally appropriated funds for investigations into Biden and the conspiracy theory. It's odd to say you're fighting corruption when you fight it with more corruption

  5. Pelosi was correct in saying all roads with Trump lead to Putin. The president spreads Russian propaganda all the time.

  6. Not 50 years ago, any high school student could have told you immediately that all these illegal shenanigans on the part of the 45 regime were just that, illegal and also unconstitutional. Now, after purposeful dumbing down of our system of public education, we have to debate it ad nauseum and discuss it as if it were worthy of discussion. 45 and all his cohorts are nothing but a gang of career criminals. Parsing their crimes is a waste of time and an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Enough talk. Round them up and lock them up.

  7. If I supported trump, I would say, " Is he with the Democrats"? " He's making the president looks like he lied to me and making me look like a fool all this time"! It's okay, he told me to, "Get over it"!

  8. " Don't believe what you heard me say. You heard it wrong and now let me tell you why." The sad thing is, Trump's Made in China hat wearing mouth breathers will believe every lying word. It's " 1984." folks.

  9. Unstable Buffoon's small ego unable to accept he was illegitimately elected, assisted by the Russians as investigated & reported in the Mueller report. Now desperately trying his stupid best to show that it was Ukraine & not his puppet master Vladimir Russkie Putin! Congress – namely the Trumpet GOP… time to put a stop to all this misdeeds…

  10. When Trump surrounds himself with sycophants, they will all be as deranged, deluded and stupid like the Orange Punpkinhead himself. HELP!

  11. this is high drama for sure … it is like watching a movie … and like Rachael said it feels like the wheels are comin' off the bus … probably cause they are …

  12. To many people in America are getting away with murder. Quit literally and letting our president off just encourages other criminals to do what they want. Not the role model we need with all the young impressionable people who are easily misguided


  14. That's a lie and the Ukrainian Government also said it was not true. so you guys making this up just to cause trouble. Biden is the guy that did this and that is why you are blaming Trump. So we are suppose to vote for Biden? lmao. wow I see that MSNBC is unreliable. It is not discredited. Biden and Hunter made big bucks from Ukraine and black mailed them to fire the man going after the corruption in Ukraine. You don't want any one investigating Democratic corruption then pin it on Trump. lame. It is not only Biden doing business with Ukraine, this is the place George Soros disrupted the same way he is trying to disrupt America and Soros said on camera , that this is how he has fun. Hillary also got big bucks for her campaign from Ukraine. This should be investigated. So don't go after any bad guys because MSNBC and CNN will protect them. ok Birds of a feather….

  15. Mulvaney you have a family stop telling lies for Donald Stop Standing your family tell the truth look what happened to Michael Donald lawyer he is in prison I don't think your family want see to you in prison to stop lying

  16. Don’t be worried about the mortgage program – y’all are going to end up broke and poor like me and opposite situations then we currently are ! Don’t worry it’s a lock !

  17. If the US fails to convict Trump and his cohorts for high crimes, then she loses the right to call any future offender to justice.

  18. But isn't it the case that there didn't need to be a quid pro quo? To solicit the thing of value is the crime.

  19. GOP or Dem ALL should respect and support this impeachment. We need to know the facts and as Americans we need to know if our leader is a crook

  20. So Hillary's using her get out of jail free card AGAIN. Hopefully Trump
    wipes out most of the corruption in Washington by 2024 the Deep state
    lefty Demonrats mainly

  21. So Hillary's using her get out of jail free card AGAIN. Hopefully Trump
    wipes out most of the corruption in Washington by 2024 the Deep state
    lefty Demonrats mainly

  22. Trump aka Putin's Choice has maneuvered Republicans into favoring a president coercing a foreign country into giving him support on his political campaign. This is the latest Republican "core value" and they now want to make it a normal, acceptable feature of our elections.
    Had enough, Republicans? Are you sure you want to die on that hill?

  23. When trump says ( We) America. They are not offending me. He is not my attorney he is nothing to me. They are threatening him. Good he deserves it. Not me. I claim none of his idiocy.

  24. Is this idiocy or not? Didn't Trump say" I did nothing to help RUSSIA to get me elected. " he admitted it. Russia helped him get elected. Why couldn't he let dead dogs lay? And now coming election. He literally is doing a self fullfilling prophecy

  25. The US is a failed, dying empire. We exported Mafia capitalism across the world after the end of the Cold War calling it "free markets" and in 2016 the chickens came home to roost – the Russia-backed Trump. As you sow, so you reap. Both major parties should fall because of this, not just the GOP or just Trump.

  26. The worst thing about this whole situation is that trump’s supporters don’t have the attention span to listen to the facts

  27. "Where there's smoke, there's fire."
    There was no bomb. There was no explosion of any kind.
    Only tweetstorm.
    Boom. Boom. BOOM…
    What was that?
    🤐 nothing. You didn't see it. You didn't hear that. It was fake news. 😕

  28. Biden is a crook. Hillary is another one. Bill we know is crooked. MSNBC. CNN, are also crooks. Time America's best president for decades drained this swamp. What are Schiff, Hillary, Biden, the bosses of these fake news channels afraid of coming out about them? Eh?

  29. Trump is still butthurt because he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. It's sad that almost everything the Trump administration has done is in relation to Obama or Hillary, meaning the past instead of looking forward. I think it's the Trump administration that should "get over it", not the press.

  30. It’s not that Mulvaney is just stupid. It’s the fact that he doesn’t see anything wrong with Trump’s activity.

    He doesn’t get that extortion is illegal and immoral.

  31. Here's an idea. For all press questions all White House staff and Trump are first sworn in so as all answers to questions are under oath.

    You'd never have another White House press briefing and Trump racing in golf cart to the helicopter.

  32. There was no quid pro quo… we just held up the military aid because we do this all of the time… we needed a favor, and Favors are always needed by the Drumpf administration… but not quid pro quo's…

  33. The Trump impeachment inquiry strategy is to create corruption faster than it can be investigated, as if Andy and Barney from Mayberry are doing the investigating.

  34. Given what Mulvaney said and what White House wrote for him to sign afterward, it would be great to hear what Trump actually said to the President of Ukraine as opposed to the “reconstructed transcript” that the White House released for public consumption.

  35. Trump breaks the law and whines about being in trouble. Trump is the perpetrator, but claims to be the victim.
    Once Don Jr's emails were made public, this should have been over. Trump should have been disqualified.

  36. I am so happy that Mulvaney will spend time in a prison. He was the one who signed off on the military support. The arrogance of these characters in the White House is digusting. In order for the Republic to continue, trump and his minions must be tried and, if found guilty, be put in prison and left there until they are forgotten.

  37. you really need to stop spinning this.. its damming enough as said verbatim, when you spin it, it loses all credibility. Nothing was ever said about political favors=pro quo, though thats the spin of the day. STOP

  38. Being a roman-catholic Mulvaney shouldn't lie. I wonder what he thinks about his boss lying over 13K times and paying hush money to prostitutes? Is this covered by his christian beliefs? Are these the "values" under which he wants his children to grow up?

  39. Play the whole interview. I saw the whole thing and once again you misrepresent the facts! You will not hurt our President that we the people voted in and will do again. Get your tissue ready because you will have a repeat of 2016.

  40. Now is the time to rush your resume to the White House for the Chief of Staff position. The iron couldn't be any hotter. Great opportunity for exposure. Pack a lawyer.

  41. In my experience I have found not that
    many individuals, that looks, sound, act and express themselves without any
    effort to conceal it as  just plain
    nonsensical, idiots. This guy Mulvaney…for pete’s sake,  is one of them. Nothing any thing unusual in Trump’s

  42. Hollywood has made us love gangsters and crime. If we can't do it we can live vicariously through them. Ie, 2019s JOKER. Hollywood does it again!

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