Mueller Knocks Down Trump’s ‘No Obstruction’ Claim | The Last Word | MSNBC

Mueller Knocks Down Trump’s ‘No Obstruction’ Claim | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Nice journalism… you include Liu putting words into Mueller’s mouth, but you delay Mueller specifically “Correcting” his earlier response to Liu’s question until a few minutes later.

    What was the basis for Mueller’s conclusions that the Russians tipped the scales on the side of the Trump campaign? The Steele Dossier appears to be Russian misinformation delivered to anti-Trump agents and paid for by Hillary and the DNC through Fusion GPS. Which candidate was Secretary of State when the US did nothing about Putin annexing the Crimea? When the Obama administration utterly failed to enforce the “red line” of Putin’s close ally Assad using nerve gas on his own people? Who negotiated the complete failure of a nuclear agreement with Iran? Who facilitated Russian purchase of a large percentage of North American uranium production? Hint: the answer is NOT Donald Trump. It is Hillary Clinton.

    Finally, the Russians play a very long game. If their goal was not to select a candidate for President but to disrupt the election process and cause the American people to lose faith in our most trusted institutions – the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA and Congress (ok the last one is a joke) – they may have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with the help of the Democrats and their media stooges.

  2. #45 doesn't know the words to the American Pledge of Allegiance. I tried to point out during his inaugural walk the Russian National Anthem was playing in the background! It should never have gotten this far!

  3. Come on now! He's already exclaimed publicly, "As President of the US, I am the bff of netanyahu's regime!" His loyalty is with THEM, not Americans.

    Why is there no investigation into collusion with learsI in their interfering in the presidential election, obstruction of justice by multiple persons via that country, not Russia??

    The hoax is using Russia as the interfering country, while all this time it's been learsI.

  4. Mueller did no such thing. He was completely unwilling to say anything that would do real harm to Trump. The whole point of a hearing was so that he would add substance to the report and provide something actionable. Muller resolutely refused to do that. Mueller is nothing more than a stooge for an establishment whom for whatever nefarious reason seems intent on protecting Trump.

  5. We will loose the house and Whitehouse if we keep this up. Let it go. Muller didn't reach a conclusion for a reason, there was nothing. Or at least couldn't do you think the house will do better? If we fail to impeach Trump will be unbeatable. Think people.

  6. Lawerence says at the start of the video that this summary is for all the people who couldn’t watch the full 7 hours. I can see why because anyone who did watch the full 7 hours would be able to see that this summary is not even close to being accurate. From a non-partisan point of view, I think the most significant thing anyone would have observed is that this hearing made it extremely obvious that Bob Mueller was not very involved in this investigation if at all. He knew very little about the details. And I’m not talking about where he said he wouldn’t or couldn’t answer. He was not familiar with various things that were central to such an investigation. I would give this summary video an F for being 100% biased and trying to make the hearing look a certain way. If anyone wants to know what this hearing was really like, just watch the whole thing. You won’t have to get more than 1 hour in to realize that everything I just stated is completely accurate.

  7. What is OBVIOUS: Trump IS THE WORST U.S. "President", EVER! Judging from past Presidents and extrapolating to the Future. There isn't a future President that can be as Corrupt, Incompetent, Narcissistic & Devilish as Trump. History will show Electing Trump was the Downfall of the U.S. and gave China, Russia, and other autocracies greater prominence/dominance in the World. Instead of Making America Great Again, Trump is doing the exact OPPOSITE. The economy may "appear" fine but Trump is planting the seeds of it's demise (aka Trade Wars, Increasing the Fed. Deficit, Increasing Income Inequality). Trump will leave the U.S. in Shambles. Putin must truly be celebrating.

  8. So I guess from now on no one can be charged with "attempted" murder. If the guy lives, you're home free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess this means we can all throw bricks at Trump's ahead. So long as he lives, no crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Now trump don’t need to be impeached he and his GOPs all need to be eradicated That’s best thing for this country at this point. And that goes for people in WH. A traiter, is a traiter and his friends up holding for him. Trump is a immigrant you go back where your roots come from. Russia. Eunice

  10. People of color want you to know Trump, you can try to stir up racial tension with your gathering remember this. Once it start there will be know turning back.

  11. We just saw here that Mueller was too weak to even question Trump directly. And Congress was too weak to hold him accountable for not doing so. If Mueller's answer was that he thought it would be too long of a delay to subpoena Trump near the end of his investigation, the obvious follow-up question is why on earth didn't he subpoena Trump immediately after he refused to testify.

    Lawrence did an excellent job reporting here. Imagine doing a murder investigation, and the investigator turns in a report without ever talking to the murder suspect. Who in the world would see that report as acceptable?

    Mueller's report is certainly damning. But he only did a partial investigation. Mueller failed at his job. And now it is imperative that Congress do a full investigation, getting answers straight from Trump. It is cases like this which are exactly why the Constitution prescribes for Impeachment. The Senate needs to conduct a trial that digs for full answers.

  12. This goes out to all of you Anti-Trump FOOLS who think Our Champion and Chief is going to lose in 2020….DREAM ON!! He'll go down in history as one of the BEST Presidents EVER:  PS. sorry to make you cry!!…….Not!! More Tears for you:


  14. Trump obstructed an judical investigation and not only openly did it publicly but also instructed subordinates to lie on their actions butl his actions also. So he can face various penalties now or later. It will include cabinet members and WHITE HOUSE staff members.
    They range charges will range from :
    Obstruction of Justice
    Soliciting favors or monetary gain from adversaries to enrich and gain monetary enhancements
    The installation of family members in such a manner to sabotage various security agencies responsibilities and the sharing of intelligence to the disadvantage our nation in its defense.
    Failure to execute all responsibilities in lieu of his oath which he swore to.
    Openly subvert and destroy various laws framed in the constitution to enable criminal activities.
    Tax evasion
    Illegal use of campaign funds for personal litigation settlements.
    Illegal use of tax codes to avoid prosecution
    Illegal uses of tax moneys to property he personal owns.
    Openly encouraging violent crimes against various citizens in a public manner which could cause death to the forementioned
    Openly defaming and verbally attacking. The character of elected officials.
    Plus while this man seats in office we are defenseless against cyberspace attacks from Putin, Xi and Kim because he "LIKES THEM"
    NOW. He openly attacks our high tech industry which is one of our last strengths in the global economy.
    Now just like his previous business activities, he left them bankrupt and in chaos. He will leave our government in the same manner. And he is leaving very soon!!!!!!! But he will leave us heavily in debt to the point we will have difficulty defending ou nation. Our economy will sink—-his trade policies are failures and already international economis indexes are falling. Especially in Asia and areas of Europe.
    Those conservatives that are under his spell, my question is how can you give your grandkids this black future? You will face yourself in the mirror ———- your neighborhood will look at you with distain, mock you for not being honest to yourself.

  15. Trump 2020. Mueller showed all you liberals what lying fascist losers you are. We won't get tired of winning as we watch liberal buffoonery over and over again.

  16. I will wake up tomorrow and Trump will still be President. None of this makes a difference if he is not out by now.

  17. This is about Shillary Hiltary Clinton. Trump is innocent the deep state is afraid they will be all exposed from the swamp.

  18. I just came to down vote….If there was evidence for obstruction, Trump would be in trouble. When you don't have evidence…He's innocent. Muller saying "We can not exonerate the POTUS" wasn't his job. HE was tasked with finding some guilt. Least that's the way it's worked in the U.S.A. till recently….Idiots.

  19. Nah, Democrats are delusional. They're talking crazy. Talk of impeachment began even before Trump took the office starting with the failure of a groundless accusation of his presidency associated with White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism and Hatred, then James Comey hearing failed, Michael Cohen hearing failed TWICE, John Dean hearing failed, Muller report failed, Mueller hearing failed . .  failed, failed, failed . . . TRUMP WINS. Stop being delusional, Dems. Focus on helping Make America Great Again and Keep America Great.  #TRUMP2020

  20. How do you totally exonerate someone?' I'm from the UK and it was obveous that this Russia thing was just made up so the Democrats could hurt Trumps presidency and the 2020 election.
    Liberals seem to think their inteligent and some may be but they are so naive.
    It also seems that most positions of power in the US are held by liberal Jews.

  21. Disloyalty to country?' What's the sentence for that crime because I can't find it. Why do people watch this obveously byiest Democrat program, it's not news, even though is pretends to be.

  22. It's just not fair to expect Trump to know what is legal or illegal. It's like asking a pack of hyenas if it is legal or illegal to take a carcass from some lions.

  23. Thank you for your service sir. You have done your time. Trump is guilty point blank period. I fear he will get away with it. I also fear he will be voted back in. It's up to us We The People. Voting blue 2020

  24. That was disastrous. Mueller doesnt have the power to do anything when it comes to the potus. This investigation was a real circus and if it were a person of no status they would be in jail. There are people in prisons right now who were proven guilty with little to no evidence but you give us this nonsense. America has fallen…. Shame.

  25. All you degenerate lowlifes that watch this excuse for a man & sewer pipe msnbc, are the epitomy of filth.

  26. Mueller may have knocked it down, but will the Democrats shut it down? #2ImpeachOrNotImpeachIsTheQuestion?

  27. Lawrence O'Donnell has major problems stop the hammering stop the hammering he is so biased and corrupt he has gone nuts

  28. For those of us who did watch mr. newscaster…
    I have no Clue what you're selling?
    I saw a guy Who had 'No Clue' what he wrote…would not answer real questions…i.e. origins of Fusion GPS. a simple question!
    Total disaster for Mueller. This guy belongs in Group. Maybe get outdoor time on Wednesday afternoons.

  29. Mueller and the DIMs were exposed as this was NOT Muellers report it was wiseman investigation and his report and mueller was the lipstick on the pig and the republicans did a nice job exposing this Hoax – Still no crime that they want to prosecute ?????

  30. "Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012', Magnitsky Act, why my fellow Americans should look this up. I was made aware of it just this morning because I watched a TED Talks TEDx BERLIN program entitled "How I figuared out the Achilles Heel of Vladimar Putin" / William Browder. I came away with eyes wide open and a relization Trump and Company is more dangerous than I thought.

    Especially pay attention to William at 10:13 here he describes Putin's prison tactics, sounds alot like what Trump's doing to the children in his 'Prison Camps" at the boarder.

  31. All these questions had to do with Trumps crimes but nothing was asked about the whole idea behind it and that is that Russia did infitrate and manipulated the elections. Why is that?

  32. All these questions had to do with Trumps crimes but nothing was asked about the whole idea behind it and that is that Russia did infitrate and manipulated the elections. Why is that?

  33. 3:21 why don't you clearly back up your ludicrous claim the russians worked so hard to get trump elected. You must be smoking something very strong to have had your brains evaporate like they have.

  34. Don't vote Red or Blue, vote Independent and for the people. Thanks to MSNBC for reminding me of their "Michael Moronic" take on video production.

  35. I am totally amazed that if a person has ever done anything really good in their lifetime they are considered a hero for ever. This belief is for imbeciles and those who know nothing about human psychology. Muller is a disastrous failure and an embarrassment to our nation. His coverup of his failed investigation is obvious. Shame!

  36. You got that right spin. If everything was revealed about what the trump has done, government would have to take him out into the rose garden and hang him, he is an embarrassment to the United states of america. He has exposed all of this country little demonic secrets. He hates people all people, even the white you. Man the trump has some serious child hood hang ups. Lol I like my pun.

  37. I hope the viewers of this channel are curious enough and check the question the Republicans ask Mueller. Most of the investigators hated Trump and must tried really hard to find clear reasons to impeach him but not enough. Shame on you.

  38. New reply on "It's not Trump they hate. They hate We the People that elected him, fair n square and our constitution, which is hindering their criminal power grab"

  39. Did YOU watch the Mueller hearing I DID!
    This reporting is utter fabrication as Mueller didn't answer ANY questions, he answered "I'm not going to speak to that", "it's not in my purview", "I wouldn't characterise it like that" and "I'm not aware of that".
    What you are being told by Democrats and MSNBC is said just to get your votes.
    If you don't believe me, GO WATCH THE HEARING FOR YOURSELF, then make your own mind up.
    Don't listen to these poisonous swamp rats, they're panicking cos they are being investigated by AG Barr and his team.
    They are scared if they don't get back in power they will go to jail.

  40. We, The People elect Trump, NOT Nadler! Nedler is embarrassment for human race! Nadler a little advice , don't drop the soap …… We will defend President Trump because we elect him and he is the best president EVER! Dems always accuse others of what they are guilty of…Always. Dems are party of HATE and they DIVIDE our country! MSNBC too!

  41. To larry.

    We Wish you A MAGA Christmas !

    And FOUR MORE GREAT YEAR'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You Big Baby
    How about a Baba ?

  42. First above all
    Thank you for your service
    Mr.Robert Swan Mueller .
    Above and beyond the Call of Duty.
    His. duty as a man
    To him self country
    brother in arms.
    Not even heaven
    Can change his history. Its sealed
    With high respect; great esteem.
    To ask to look at any
    Man or person Who
    Would stand and attack this. Quality in a man . Let google
    Do Trump to search for Honor. For his supporters. Question
    Your self

  43. I LOVE IT! Fake-news corporate media is still running with a conspiracy theory, except truth has flipped their script. The source of the Mueller Report was based on made-up stories to undermine Trump's campaign provided by Fusion GPS, establishing collusion between Russians and Democrats. So who was meddling with the election again? LOL Obstruction is also off the table, as Mueller's evidence was hypothetical in nature, and nothing the president did was legally obstructive (unlike, say, Hillary Clinton's aide deleting 30,000+ e-mails after she was charged). No obstruction, no collusion, and Trump's ratings are better than ever. Thanks for being Trump's raison d'être, fake-news believers and neoliberal shills! #MAGA #KAG2020

  44. Lawrence, stop smoking you're your lunch… even Mueller said there was no Obstruction, and they CANNOT exonerate anyone, we're all innocent until prove guilty in this country.  … you guys lost.. move on and help the country

  45. Hmm could be msm still doesn't research anything did you not hear exonerated is not a legal term it means nothing. So this continues to be a Russian joke on Dems DNC MSM. Hilarious you keep spewing this. Trump 2020

  46. Sorry skippy, there is still no crimes. No collusion, no obstruction. The President had the power per the Constitution to fire Mueller for conflict of interest, and replace him with someone more partisan. It doesnt matter if he talked about it a million times, it still was not a crime. Its sad you listen to people like O'Donnell, who are nothing but conspiracy theorists Do your own research, read the report, read the Constitution, etc etc.. I am independent, so I am on the outside looking in, therefore I dont base my judgment on hate of one party or the other. Its all about black and white evidence, not feelings!!

  47. the deep state is never ending unless draconian methods are deployed .

    munster out all them cronies – clean house – trump must purge the government of this deep state scourge !

  48. There was no collusion there was no obstruction!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all got brainwashed by CNN MSNBC AND ALL LIBERAL MEDIA for 3 Years lol

  49. If they began impeachment hearings, they could go into the next term! DING! That's why they did not pursue the matter further! The LAW has time pertaining to convicting TRUMP!!

  50. Hillary accepted 140 million from the Russians and gave Russia 20% of Americas uranium then Obama loaded up a plane load of our money and sent it to Iran then sent Palestine 250 million as he was leaving the White House it's easy to see who robbed this country and donated tax dollars to terrorists .

  51. Liar

  52. Hey you know your a flaming turd telling the American people that Trump is not at Ground Zero was all lie because funny story is he did an interview on NBC out of New York the day he visited you should check your own archives before telling lies The amount of fake news that comes out of your mouth is hilarious. Nothing like not reporting and just setting there reading the liberals agenda off the teleprompter…. keep up the good work…. miss some in the corner of your mouth after crawling out from under the desk…..

  53. The evidence is OVERWHELMING against the FAT, LYING, ORANGE IMBECILE!!! WHY IS STILL IN OUR WHITE HOUSE????? What else do we need to do????

  54. Oh come now, O'Donnell. I hate Trump just as much as anyone. But he was set up and spied upon. Mueller was back peddling so as not to implicate himself. The Russians Trump was supposedly colluding with had ties to the DNC. The Fisa warrant was based on a report paid for by the DNC.Mueller said he did not exonerate Trump, but provides no details as to what Trump did for him to be able to say that. Quit being so tribal.

  55. I agree that selling uranium to Russia is disloyal. Also, giving 150 billion to Iran is treason! They bought bombs that killed our soldiers! And Obama knew! That's treason! You mean the Russian government that Obama and Clinton sold uranium to? That Russia! That uranium! Are Clinton and Obama in bed with Russians! Or they just greedy!

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