Moon pledges to establish prosperous ‘peace economy’

Moon pledges to establish prosperous ‘peace economy’

so let’s stick with the South Korean
leaders wide-ranging National Liberation Day speech president moon also talked
about his vision to establish a new growth engine in South Korea based on
what he has labeled the peace economy the president made the ambitious pledge
of achieving one career by the Year 2045 ‘man Sun reports president won Jane
marking Liberation Day highlighted the importance of toning Ganesh’s
geopolitical position into a strength and using it to uphold peace and
prosperity in Northeast Asia connecting the continent with the ocean and that
can happen by combining the powers of the two Koreas in veneer Yukawa Camacho
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came out from in-law Hamedan era one for Euro suggest ok to be thorough criminal
tan Danny tragic Otago Camilla and before reaching the centennial of
Korea’s liberation the president also pledged to solidify the foundations of
inter-korean cooperation by promising to host the joint 2032 Seoul Italian
Olympics sharing his vision of peace economy to capitalize on a tea
nuclearized Korea and inter-korean partnership the president posted that
the unified Korea can become one of the sixth largest economies in the world and
enjoy a GDP per capita of 70 to 80 thousand US dollars around the year 2050
referring to the Dutch that resurfaced over North Korea’s firing of short-range
projectiles moon said the momentum for dialogue
remains unshaken a significant result of the administration’s work towards peace
on the Korean Peninsula and he said the soon to come
working-level talks between Pyongyang and Washington will probably constitute
the most critical juncture in the peace building process calling for all
possible support to make them a success yo quiero l’amor Zambian ham band o
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really del Cassandra the president said that by achieving prosperity through
peace it is possible to fully accomplish liberation through a unified Korean
Peninsula in in son Arirang news


  1. I don't think Korea realize military practice with US is practice of invasion of North Korea. This naturally makes North Korea move away from South because all they are talking about is economic strong unified nation but actually practicing to invade North Korea with US who put world free trade sanction against North Korea which made them starve angry. If north Korea did not have nuclear weapons, North Korea would have lost their country because so much natural resources concentrated in North Korea. They say it's 4th largest deposits in economic value specially in rare earth metals and gold and high quality uranium. World mainly the US and allies of US and spoilers of peace of Korea had been portraying North Korea as world peace threat treating as dangerous nation which played part in keeping North and South away from each other. Today together North and South Korea can actually protect each other from China and Russia with their combined military powers north having nuclear weapons and South having modern military armaments but those military practices with US really pissed off North Koreans. Now North Korea is going to take side with US, and this was US plan to take North Korea away from South. This way North Korea will make financial deals with US which will provide banking, and South Korea keep paying for military support to US. It's dirty but US did it. Only thing Korea can do now is to convince North Korea situations they are in which will prevent them from becoming global economy and try to come to agreement about security of both nations and economic gains. If US put their bank in North Korea all the officials in North Korea will be corrupted to the max. All of the North Korea's natural resources will be taken advantage of by US and Koreans will be buying everything from US. I don't think Korea realize this because Korea had trusted US for too long. US is going to screw Korea really good, it will remain as world record. Korea will lose so much from this, they will feel dumb forever.

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