1. every time i watched megan vdeos being crowned new miss world and the first filipina bring home the for miss world, it h encourage me a lot for being a filipino, im so proud of her , ….. im proud to be a filipino , wala ng sasarap pa sa pagiging pilipino. saan mang dako ng mundo.

  2. if you said that i would not care. there are some stink people over here in England just like any other place. the reason i said that most Filipino people dont look like her because Filipinos are mongoloid and she dont look mongoloid she has Caucasian looking facial feature.

  3. This is how you spell Ignorance. Filipinos are not Mongoloid they are under Malay or Malayan Race. Megan Young got a mix looking facial features of white American and Asian or what we normally called Amerasian. Get a brain mate.

  4. Filipino people are mongoloid most Filipino people i saw just looked like a tanner version of Chinese or. some of them look like they were half Indian because they had wider eyes and a slimmer face but most i saw just look Chinese with tanner skin.

  5. MOST Filipino you saw were tanner version of Chinese? You said "MOST"? Are serious? You gotta be kidding me. Please don't make a fact out of your personal opinion because it only shows how narrow minded you are. For the last time, Filipinos are not Mongoloid, they are under Malay or Malayan Race. Geography 101 … maybe you were sleeping during the class.

  6. oops my bad i just typed Filipino people up and alot of them look like her. i guess Filipino people are mixed race then they like a cross between mongoloid and Hispanic or kinda native american.

  7. com' on…be a man!!! Look at your photo here…i guess you look more mongoloid minded individual i've ever seen and if Filipinos look mongoloid as you have said..then i believe we are the most beautiful mongoloid you're ever seen…hahaha!!!

  8. you're right!!! Filipinos are mix of Malays,Chinese, Hispanic,Japanese,Hindu, and Caucasian and even Arabs. She look like latina?! Why what happened to Miss brazil…?

  9. we are mostly a mix of malay, indo , and other ethnicity in the south east asia. some hispanic. you dont see a lot of hindu, japanese,arabs mixed here the Islamic part of the Philippines are all Philippine born and not a mix from the Arab world..

  10. Yes, she is truly gorgeous & very articulate, a (rare) jewel with a purpose. Without real charity of the heart- all is vanity; a graceless duty, just another ersatz plastic doll painted with an abstract smile. 

    MISS WORLD 2013 – Philippines, MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2013 – Philippines, MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013 – Philippines, MISS UNIVERSE 2013 – Venezuela, MISS EARTH 2013 – Venezuela.

  12. Miss megan hindi ka lang maganda hindi ka lang matalino may magandang puso kapa and Iloveyousomuch We are so proud of you.. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS 🙂 <3

  13. spontaneous Miss world Maegan Young!So proud of you…show to the world how great Filipinos are…Best Miss World indeed!

  14. spontaneous Miss world Maegan Young!So proud of you…show to the world how great Filipinos are…Best Miss World indeed!

  15. In my point of view, she did a great job as miss world 2013. You're not only beautiful, you're also intellectual. Don't stop doing what you have started in miss world. Keep helping and inspiring others. You've passed the crown aof responsibility but your responsibility to help others remains. God bless.

  16. I thought her Father is British because her Last name sounds British didn't know her Father is an American.Wish this Year's Binibining Pilipinas Winners will bring home those three major Beauty Titles(dream Big)

  17. Along with it's rivals miss universe,miss world,miss international & miss earth pageant beauties for a cause is one of the starting since year 2001 the runner up or the "elemental titles" fire,water, air, earth & miss earth pageant beauties for a cause is part of the big 4 international beauty pageant's & miss earth pageant beauties for a cause is own by the carousel productions in the Philippines.

  18. The conservatives think the pageant is immoral and pornographic? lol And yet look how they oppress women, men having multiple wives, gender bias, etc.

  19. When it comes to Real Beauty, I personally believe that Modern Filipinas(Native and Foreign Mixture), really stands among the Bests of the World. Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Speaking.
    But I kinda have a crush with Korean Girls sometimes. I don't know why. Hehe

  20. Miss World is the hardest pageant to win out of the Big Four. Sure Miss Universe is the most popular, but World still stays true to its roots and the charities Julia Morley represent and support. Megan Young will be marked in Philipine history for years to come.

  21. why I used a reason about society because if we couldn't knew the stated country as the family origin and take apart of need to the people who are already extend their mine as take as one opportunity acquired in certain but not taken each it's totally forget who made the world complete .

  22. Hey, what does the host ask Miss World at 4:30? When they both speak at the same time and Miss World tries to suppress the host's opinion about "you have to young and beatiful to help"? They moves on to the next quiz really fast!

  23. This girl has pure substance. All answers are definitely one of a kind. No wonder why she was crowned. This beautiful lady from the Philippines inspires my sister. My sister liked her eversince <3

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