1. me: oh yay a friends related video
    clicks the video
    me: already love it (cuz yes mathew parry😍)
    me: wait what
    starts to laugh

  2. 2:57. It's actually Miss Chanandaler Bong. Not Mrs. So Matthew Perry was wrong. I'm surprised Nortron didn't correct him. 😉

  3. OMG, what is wrong with Mathew Perry? He sounds awful. Keeps doing something with his lip. Sounds drunk or high or something. That’s a shame.

  4. WHY just WHY nobody laughed when this guy said "transponster"? This audience didn't deserve to be there, they didn't even know one of the best quotes from Friends!

  5. Interesting fact about the black out episode. Lots of other shows that aired or were set in New York also had a black out episode on the same night it was shown. And so there was a black out on all TV programme based in New York at the same time

  6. Oh ! Chandler is so my favourite character. Sarcastic jokes and so handsome even playing fool. I love youuu !!!!!

  7. Was Friends a hit in the UK? So sad no one got the transponster reference… I was waiting for someone to shout "that's not even a word!"

  8. I never got why friends was so big, found it so dull boring and terribly written. No offence to any friends fans out there I just think the tv show if terrible

  9. I also agree to Matth, that blackout episode is still my fav of all. I got invested into this series after that episode..

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