Mary Creagh MP – We’re Stronger IN the EU – BBC Sunday Politics

Mary Creagh MP – We’re Stronger IN the EU – BBC Sunday Politics

In 1940 Churchill urged towns and cities across
the UK to fundraise for the war effort. Two towns just outside Wakefield, Horbury and Ossett,
heeded that call and raised enough money to buy their own Spitfire. Polish Pilot Jozef Bondar flew that plane
in the Royal Airforce, shooting down four German planes before he
lost his life over France. Jozef’s bravery, and that of thousands of other Eastern
European and Commonwealth servicemen, is commemorated at this memorial. In 1000 years of European history, we’ve
had just 70 years of peace, largely down to the European Union. 3 million jobs and £226 billion pounds of
British exports depend on our membership of the European Union. And the pressures on our NHS, schools and
housing is not caused by European immigration but by a hard right Tory Government failing to fund and staff the NHS, cutting budgets
for schools, and overseeing the lowest level of peacetime housebuilding since the 1920s. So when you vote on June 23rd, remember Jozef
Bondar. A Polish immigrant shot down over France for
the freedoms we enjoy today. Remember too, that the people that want us
to leave are not our friends and allies in the United States and Europe, But right-wing politicians Donald Trump, Marine
Le Pen from France’s National Front, and Vladimir Putin. Ask yourself, is that a risk you’re willing to
take with your children’s and grandchildren’s futures in this battle for Britain?

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  1. what a liar, Europe has peace because of NATO and not the EU, if left to the EU, it would have gone to war with Russia and Syria

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