Manitoba election results 2019

Manitoba election results 2019


  1. What the hell was the first minute about? Good job pushing the Liberal agenda CBC….but anyway…it's a good day because Manitoba voted in a majority Conservative Government and the Federal Election was called today. It's time for us to stop being distracted (like the first minute of this video) from the real issues this country is facing. We need jobs, we need secure borders, we need common sense and self-determination.

  2. Why did brian have an election a year too early. Imagine brian leaving for good for his beloved Costa Rica and his cell phone. Cant wait for the NDP to get in again and things return to normal.

  3. God Bless Manitoba! The Liberals win 3 seats.
    In the Alberta Provincial election, the Liberals received 0.97 % of the popular vote. That's ZERO.97 percent. Call them the defunct Liberal Party!

  4. Manitoba is screwed just like the rest of Canada. You vote PC then you get a state that will have a lot of poor people.

  5. Sick of the media painting out politicians who are willing to forcibly remove half of my paycheque and give it to others and pocket some for themselves and call that the "moral position" and the politician who isn't willing to rob me of more and more of my labour is the bad guy. Sick of savior politicians and virtue signaling media heads. Roll back the size of government the size of the welfare state. Re address our constitution and make freedom of speech an absolute basic right. Deregulate the entire economy especially the home building market. Role back over protective parenting laws.

  6. RED ALERT >>>>>>>> Do "NOT" believe any news coverage from CBC or CTV when it comes to any candidate running for election, especially Polls, Graph's and percentages.
    The Liberals have got them in their back pocket by giving them bribes and favors.

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