Low President Donald Trump Credibility Necessitates Mueller Report’s Release | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Low President Donald Trump Credibility Necessitates Mueller Report’s Release | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I remember rolling my eyes on January 14th, 2004 when President G.W. Bush tried his own Kennedy moment when he promised a "return to the moon by 2020". These Republicans are always tall on fake promises and VERY short on delivery. The sad thing is their base always eats it up, no matter how many times the promises are proven to be nothing more than lies for cheap 'feels'.

  2. What a great man and an extraordinary speech. Couldn't ever imagine 45 speaking like this. Too bad he wasn't around to see us landing on the moon 😥


  4. We'eve been promised the stars by the GOP, and now we're being given the moon? Someone get them suspenders please!!!

  5. So we can cancel our insurance with Aetna and my family will still have healthcare? lol Yeah right and I hope others don't fall for it because good luck on suing to have your hospital bills paid

  6. Heh that was when i was 8 years old and we learned to find Americans ridiculous in some ways but we knew you had some Value, Trump is the end of that America.

  7. The 10 million dollar actress is acting up every night for all the gullible fake news sponges. Keep paying fools.

  8. Masochistic Senseless “News” Bureau of Crazies cannot bring themselves to realize the demolition-crat party has nothing going for it but strife. Sad. #walkaway

  9. Wait a minute: Didn’t Rachel Madness day Trump and his kids were going to be indicted soon?

    Seems she is the one lying to America…#walkaway

  10. Love you Rachel but I believe you're losing your mind can't you do any other kind of news we're tired of the same old thing and nothing happens tell us some cheerful news if there's any

  11. One also has to ask why would any sane president go to Texas in the first place? (never mind Rice playing Texas)

  12. hahahahahahahahahaha — that — DECORATED REPUBLICAN MARINE — ! ! ! — is still TRYING TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY FROM INVASION — FOREIGN AND D O M E S T I C — was the "DECREE" ! ! ! ! GOOD FOR HIM — B R A V O — B R A V O ! !

  13. rachel, youre losing your mind talking about this old dude on and on , life is greater than this go and find something to do…..

  14. Trying the impossible, Pence trying to do a coup to replace Trump as president? One would have that Trump's lapdog IG Barr would have released the Mueller Report without any hesitation if it fully exonerate that corrupt crooked Trump. Instead they seems to be trying to cover up or keeping it under wraps from public scrutiny. So is Pence suggesting something that Trump can be impeached ?

  15. Trump has been consistently telling the truth all while MSNBC has been repeatedly lying to its viewers day after day for over two years, and now MSNBC has the audacity to question President Trump's credibility?

  16. that's the difference between JFK & Trump. JFK inspired people with hope & ambition . whereas Trump holds his crowd with fear & anger

  17. 2 points:
    1) First of all, just use the existing moon set and fake the moon landing again since the Trump administration is full of conspiracy theorists anyway, and

    2) Trump actually asked NASA if they could get people to Mars in his first term. Yep. I think Trump and Pence have some sad nation that they too can be remembered like JFK… probably explains this idea of "Space Force" Trump throws out. I can't believe I'm in the real world talking about this.

  18. People can't afford rent cause it's so expensive and are homeless living in cars ,tents on streets they need jobs with a living wage ,food health care and they want to go to the moon They are morons

  19. You are only trying to make excuses for ALL YOUR LIES! YOU HAVE LIED TO YOUR AUDIENCE FOR THREE YEARS.
    Only your loss IQ viewers believe a word you say. You guys see this right?
    Your testings Rachel are tanking but Whst are you doing about it? Trying to double down to your iown peril! Will you ever learn? Not at all.
    Reminds me when the dems said the world was ending in ten years in 1970

  20. The GOP wants to go 50 years back in time and doesn't have a plan for how. Shocking.

    They ought to aim much lower, like 2,000 years back in time where they really want to be. Just gotta throw out science and all it's benefits, burn a few witches, draw and quarter a few heretics and then boom, they're there.

  21. And how about the credibility of the fake news media and your dying Trump-Russia collusion theory, Madcow?

  22. This is what happens when you put people who believe that appearances are everything and truth and substance don't matter, and put them in charge of an organization where, really, ONLY results matter.

  23. MSNBC (along with CNN+ MSM) talking about "credibility" after they lied to America and divided us by spreading misinformation that Trump colluded with Russia…?….This is insanity

  24. Hi Rachel, Donald J. Trump here. Just wanted to thank you so
    much for all the incredible help you’ve given me over the past 2.5 years. If it
    wasn’t for your relentless peddling of the most asinine and outrageous conspiracy
    theory, the manifest and obvious crimes and abuses I’ve committed (most of the
    them in plain view), would have been SO much more a problem. I really thought I’d
    be facing electoral obliteration in 2020, but you, cable news, establishment
    Dems and #theresistance have turned that right around! And, best of all, you’re
    still going! Of course, I worry about what you’ll do when the penny does eventually
    drop for all your gullible followers, but, hey you’ve been reeling in $10 million
    per year for quite a while now, so I figure you’ll be okay! Btw, just glad
    people instead didn’t listen to people like the guy below! Your pal, DJT.


  25. Someone else wrote:
    Trump claims he's very rich..but won't show us his taxes!!

    That he is so smart calls himself a genius..but won't show us his school records!!!

    That he has been exonerated…but won't show us the Mueller report!!

    To Trump's base…. H E L L O!!! NOT HARD TO FIGURE OUT!!!!!!

  26. JFK's speech: Inspiring, intelligent, uniting
    Any speech from DJT (especially "off script"): Accusatory, stupid, dividing

  27. The disturbing thing about Maddow is how she shifts from foot to foot: now claiming to talk ABOUT Trump's "low credibility," as if it were something outside her construction; and then talking dirt — much of it lies of one form or another (distortion, cherry-picking, or outright falsehoods) — about Trump to GIVE him the "low credibility" she otherwise comments on.

    This is not honorable journalism, but is typical of the Radical Leftists, who do not seem to share the values of America in general: honesty, decency, fairness. People like Maddow are so earnest about their point-of-view that they subvert actual factual reality in service to their "cause." But NO cause that subverts values can in the end be positive. Maddow's mendacity makes only evil.

  28. Whatever Rachael says the sheep will follow. She just made millions on her slack jawed followers by selling them the Brooklyn Bridge for two years (RUSSIA!!!) and is still beating the dead horse because the saps keep watching. Do her viewers have an ounce of self respect?

  29. China will have a man on the moon years before America goes back. China has no ethical intent in landing on the moon, they simply want to exploit any natural resources. Pence tries to be presidential with talk of a space force and men on the moon and yet all he will be remembered for is as a homophobic evangelical store mannequin.

  30. It's the info wars Rachel Maddow said way back in 2009 .By the turn of the century Americans will no longer be capable of thinking for themselves… they will let MSNBC do their "thinking"

  31. Trump and his team of attorneys in Mara-Lago "helped" Barr write his letter. No doubt about it. They are going to hold that full report at bay as long as possible because they have the bully pulpit and the rest of the political world, the rest of the country deserves to see every word.

  32. You bludgeon Trump, now moving on to the news. How about Jussie Smollet? How about the non crisis at the border? How about North Korea? Fake news is always the same, talking points or I should say useless, rhetoric and gossip. You are an embarrassment to any kind of news coverage period.

  33. Rachel is a fake, phony, and only puts fuel on flames. There is no substance and not a shred of evidence for everything she claims. She is not a reporter, she is a puppet of handlers. She is trolling for things to say, never reports on real news and always makes sure she sticks it to the president. She cannot be objective as she clearly hates Donald Trump and his supporters. Which is now over 50 percent of the population.

  34. Bunch of losers who chased a fake news story for two years and comes up entry and this is the best story they can find? Please bring on a journalist and not an opinion personality.

  35. 鸽子在找王宫内簽己致友族,S0,有簽出必有得,有功,,,SO,,,。

  36. I can assure you there is no man on the 🌒 moon that is this man writing this alphabets called the Authority..

  37. JFK notwithstanding, Rachel Maddow, is not a journalist, not a comedian, and certainly not a reason why NEO-CONS have ammunition to say "See, we're becoming a land of LBGT rights, while ignoring the whitemans plight.

  38. 🤔Hmmm, I’m verrrry interested in possible connections between Barr & these “peripheral characters” Barr seems so intent in helping out via these “proposed redactions”🤔🤔🤔
    Is Barr afraid they’ll be called to testify before congress?

  39. Rachel, my advice to you is give up, you lost you embarrassed yourself enough and you have embarrassed all the people that support your political ideas (liberals). You have embarrassed humanity as a whole. The only difference between you and flat earthers is that you are mainstream!
    The longer you push your agenda the worst it will be at the end, so submit defeat the soonest for your own good. If you keep this up, the left will have a huge weak point which Trump will exploit massively in his next presidential campaign and you might be responsible for another victory of his.
    Just shut up, accept you lost, go home and cry the shame away

  40. Maddcow and MSNBC lost all credibility long ago, they are terminally ill with Trump derangement syndrome.

  41. Speaking of low credibility… How are your ratings Madcow? I think people that bought all your bullsh-t figured out that is what you were feeding them. Time to jump on another bandwagon. How about Women's rights? You can tell everyone that women should be able to murder their unborn children until it's convenient to have them. Yea, that is what Liberal's "women's rights" comes down to… being able to murder whenever they want.

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