Looking for Alaska: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Looking for Alaska: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

[MUSIC PLAYING] I am fascinated by last words. My favorite last words ever,
“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” [MUSIC PLAYING] You must be the new roommate. Welcome to Culver Creek, Miles. I call him Pudge. Ah, The Colonel and his irony. Who is that? Alaska Young. Alaska? My reputation precedes me. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, scrub? You grow this summer, bud? You’ll have to
excuse them, Pudge. They had everything in
life handed to them. Looks like we’re going to war. There has been an outbreak
of pranks on campus. I hope you two are
staying out of trouble. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ooh, hot damn. I didn’t think
you could look any more handsome. [LAUGHTER] Simón Bolívar. You know
what his last words are? “How will I ever get
out of this labyrinth?” What do they mean? That’s the mystery, isn’t it? And which is he trying to escape,
the world or the end of it? I’m interested in
those things, too. [MUSIC PLAYING] You ever going to ask her out? Hi, Lara. How could I say no? What’d Alaska say about
dressing for a first date? You do realize you’re going on a
date with Lara and not Alaska, right? Maybe the girl I was
supposed to be with was right in front of me. Trust me, Pudge. Hang on to your innocence
as long as you can. [MUSIC PLAYING] How will I ever get
out of this labyrinth? What if Bolívar wasn’t
talking about life or death, but that part in between? What if it’s suffering? Are you suffering? [MUSIC PLAYING] Did you hear about the
students who were kicked out? Going home isn’t an option. Alaska is going to
get what she deserves. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I swear I
never meant for this. We’re the same. We are not the same, because
I would never do what you did. We are lost in a maze. So how do you get through it? She made us accomplices, Pudge. We have to live with that
for the rest of our lives. How are you going to defend her? This ends tonight. Eternal sadness. You guys don’t trust me?
Something terrible has happened. It’s not fair. We don’t have a choice. It’s the human condition. [SCREAMING] Even when your heart
breaks, you have to find a way to keep living. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Was an honest mistake.


  1. for some reason i thought this movie or series was going to be about flat earthers and finding the edge of the world alaska

  2. I pictured someone who looked more like Kaya Scodelario for Alaska, this trailer makes the series look a lot….softer than i expected

  3. I actually think from these clips that she looks just how i pictured in the book. Shes pretty but i bet she will have that edge/sadness. Thwy just didn't show it in these

  4. I always imagined Alaska as short and curvy but still super hot. But this actress looks tall and skinny and like any random model, but like nothing special. idk I had a very specific idea of what Alaska looked like and this is so far from it :/
    and I don't know if I remember this correctly, but isn't Alaska a bit darker? I mean I don't think she was black in the book, but was she white? I think I just imagined a mixed person, maybe someone who looks like zendaya

  5. No disrespect to the actress, but she’s not how I imagined her looking and (based on this trailer) not how I imagined her being portrayed

  6. Alaska should look like a depressed emo that hates everything but she looks just like a white basic teen aND IM NOT HERE FOR IT THEYRE KILLING MY BOOK

  7. Kaya Scodelario and Logan Lerman should be Alaska and Miles. Anyways, I’ve waiting for this for so long, so I’m gonna watch it.

  8. I gasped when I saw the swing that they sit on. I can’t. Its been so long since I read this book. Gotta read it again.

  9. pudge needs to be taller and have a Jewfro
    Alaska more grungy, mysterious, curvier
    colonel I didn't expect the dark skin but im not mad,
    takumi if theres no fox Im suing somebody

  10. Strange casting of Alaska, so nervous to watch this, read the book in my early teens and cannot put into words how much it hit me, in ways I never thought a book could, but now I’m unsure whether to watch this or not 😫😫

  11. Incase anyone is wondering the 1st song in this trailer is Fortress – Pinback & 2nd song is by Mating Ritual – An honest mistake (feat. Lizzy Land) you’re welcome 😇

  12. I'm so happy with this casting and the general fell of this. Its so much better than I ever could have hoped for!!! I love that the girl who plays alaska looks like an actual girl?? like she seems so young and vulnerable. I imagined alaska as a badass woman when i was 13 and first read the book. but the reality is that she's a sad vulnerable girl who is putting on a charming and tough exterior. i think this casting is perfect. i think in the book pudge described her like that because thats how he saw her.

  13. I've seen that some people are unhappy with the way that Alaska is in the trailer – she's not sad enough or not exactly like in the book, but I think maybe that's a good thing. From the trailer, we're not seeing a stereotype or a manic pixie dream girl, but a character we can equate with having real complex feelings and different sides. I'm excited that this has ended up being a miniseries instead of a film because we have a much longer amount of time for the characters to be explored complexly which will hopefully do them justice in a way a film never would have had time to.

  14. 1:16 that's probably closer to how you pictured her. Omg I just realised it's out tomorrow!! 😊

  15. Just watched the trailer and its looks like this Alaska chick dies in the end, someone be a spoiler alert and let me know if I'm wrong or correct lol

  16. As soon as the series dropped last night at midnight I starting watching. After 8.5 hours of much food, drinks, bathroom breaks, and emotions, I completed the whole series. I love how they did it and will most likely rewatch in the future 👍🏼❤️

  17. Lara the romanian girl had dark curly hair in the book, while Alaska had mahogany haircolour.. i just finished reading the book lol i did not expect to see a trailer of the upcoming series

  18. Alaska should not look like a soft lil Instagram girl. She need black hair dark clothes, more edgy in general. None of these characters look right

  19. I was so excited till I see the actress who plays Alaska . don t have anything with her but she definetly doesn't look like Alaska

  20. I absolutely love the book and am excited to watch this series whether or not I agree completely with all the casting/tones. Hoping it isn't cheesy since this book had lots of dark undertones. For some reason I always imagined Alaska to have dyed platinum hair and grungy/messy eyeliner… but I really like this actress outside of this role so I bet she does Alaska justice.

  21. I was listening to music on yt, until I heard “I was drizzle and she was the hurricane” quote from the Hulu ad. Looked it up, and I started to fangirl hard!! I love Looking for Alaska 💙💙

  22. Okay, I'll say it. I liked watching Miles and Lara have more screentime, instead of in the book where Miles just keeps following Alaska around like a little puppy dog

  23. I nevr pictured any of the charactera at all like this, i thought Pudge would be more nerdy not cool, i thought the colonol would be a short muscly white guy, i thought elaska would look more mysterioius and different. I hate it when the movie is completely different to how you pictured it

  24. Also available on (BBC Three) BBC iPlayer for at least 12 months. But from reading comments/spoilers here – I'll stagger my viewing to protect my emotions.

  25. Watched first five minutes of it and then there it was, the car accident scene. It all started coming back to me and I am heartbroken all over again.
    I hope they do justice to Alaska's character ❤️

  26. Any Canadians out there? I'm subscribed to Crave (which is the Canadian version of Hulu with all the Hulu originals etc.) but LFA is not on Crave??? HELP

  27. I love Kristine Froseth! She was Nola Kellergan in The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.
    I can’t wait to see her as Alaska.

  28. A grunge/emo Alaska would have been corny. I like the way they portrayed Alaska here way better imo. She’s beautiful and natural but with dark inner turmoil

  29. The feeling I got while watching the tv adaptation was like the feeling when I read the book for the first time. Good job Hulu! 💔

  30. It's so beautifully crafted, just finished it. Made me tear up, miles and Alaska ❤❤❤.. The friendship is so beautifuly done. So many beautiful dialouges

  31. Just try to watch the series people, it isn't bad. She portray the character so good. I'm even so emotional watching it. It's really what I imagined the story should be. The place, the characters, the soundtrack, it's really beautiful. And I swear, she's the perfect Alaska for me. Just give it a try. You're all wrong judging her.

  32. THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK I have been waiting eons for a movie to come out!!!
    I really hope Alaska seems more depressing than this trailer was

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