London stabbings: why I made a DIY knife amnesty bin

London stabbings: why I made a DIY knife amnesty bin

One, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight … 21, 22, 23, 24. That’s 25 knives, yeah,
from Leytonstone today. Hello my darling, how are you?
Thank you so much. Very kind of you, ta. Binning knives saves lives!
Come and bin all your excess knives people and make your family safer. It’s like every single day this
stuff is happening. You talk to your friends
You go in the group chat and be like. Yeah someone else got chef’d. On this road, in this
place, I’m just tired of it. Exactly, that’s
why we come out get into people’s
faces and talk to people. That’s why I’m talking to you now. These knives here are
knives that these people’s sons, or grandsons, could
come in their house, because they are scared,
and take them out of their drawer. So that’s why these good people
are making themselves safe, making their kids safe. They check their
kids’ bags every day and that’s what you
all need to start doing. We’re going to stick up posters
to make everyone know that we’ve got a knife amnesty bin at Leytonstone station tomorrow. We got 19 knives from Leytonstone last time. – 19?
Yeah. They was all naughty looking knives as well. We were really glad to
have got them off the streets. Hopefully we’ll make the
place a safer place, you know? Hiya. We’re having an
event at Leytonstone tomorrow can we get that in your
window just until tomorrow? Afternoon young lady. – Am I getting my picture taken?
Yeah. I’m glad I got my hair done then.
Haha you look beautiful. You take care. – So why are you doing this?
Cos someone has to start doing it. It was just apparent that
someone has to do something. This is my area man, you know? And all this is going on, and people are scared
to even let their kids out. – I’ve seen you on Facebook.
How you doing my friend? – Keep doing what you’re doing, yeah?
Yeah man, give me a shout brother. Nice one. See the public just come up to me and always thank me
for what I’m doing. which keeps me going man. It’s good to see people notice. When we’ve got our
knife amnesty bin, we stop youths on the streets,
ask them if they’ve been in trouble. And we refer them
to ongoing activities such as boxing, martial arts, dance therapy,
MCing, DJing, football. – I respect what you’re
doing man. Carry on, carry on. We’re trying man. We’re trying. – Keep going we need
less knives on the streets. Enough love.
Thanks for the support. Take care.
– Take care. Man’s looking sharp in his suit. – Is this something new,
what you guys are doing here? I believe this is something new
that’s never been done before. Obviously we all
know of knife amnesty bins. that are in police stations
at certain designated areas. But I don’t think anyone’s
ever brought one out onto the streets in
the faces of the public. The people that are
dropping knives the in our bins? You get some
youths and gang members as everyone expects, but you’ve got to remember that most knife crime is committed
by using kitchen knives, What’s happening
at the moment is that all the kids are
arming themselves from their kitchen drawers. So what we’re doing
is getting all the parents to bin their excess knives, know how many knives
you’ve got in your drawer. – Taking knives off the
streets should be the police’s job? Yes. It should be the police’s job. Listen, everyone is saying
‘the police aren’t doing this’, and blaming the police,
but there’s only a few of them now. It’s not the police’s fault.
They’re doing brilliantly considering there’s so few police. It’s the government. They are just
sitting there watching everyone die and they don’t care. For the amount of crime
and the stuff that’s going on they are doing an
absolutely amazing job for the few of them there are. So I keep them in my safe now
but the safe is running out of room. Hopefully we can get
them melted down soon. I’ve got a big machete
in here somewhere as well. I want to count them but
I can’t be bothered. There’s too many. That’s the knives
we’ve got off the streets. That’s probably in about five events. So that’s in less than 20
hours, we’ve got all these knives. I hope we’ve saved
a life with the knives I’m sure we’ve
saved one life at least. Make sure you
check your kids’ bags. Make sure you talk with your kids. And make sure you’ve only got a
few knives in your kitchen drawers. Enough love everyone.
Stay safe. Wicked. Supporting the ting
all the time. Big up my man. You dun’ know. We’ll try and do our best.
We’ll bin as many knives as we can. We’ll refer as many kids as we can. We’ll change as many
kids’ mindsets as we can. That’s all we can do. [rapping] – … murder the boy?
Who killed my son right there? In a year who knows? Hopefully we will have
cracked the whole of London. And knife crime will be
reduced by then, hopefully. [rapping] – Dun’ know.
Bless up. [clapping]


  1. Eh. He's got the right idea just wrong execution. Fix the people not the weapons. When people realize its a tool and not weapon to take their anger out on others with then things will change.

  2. Wtf are people supposed to cut things with? How do they cut their veggies or meat? Serious question. And why can't people be trusted with knives? Don't they realize people will resort to whatever they can get if they want to hurt somebody. Anything can be a weapon if your mad enough

  3. For fuck's sake, just legalise firearms and every healthy person will be able to defend him/herself from criminals. The police cannot be everywhere and they can't help you when somebody is trying to murder you. Criminals are afraid of people with guns. According to the statistics, it works in the USA, in Czech Republic and other countries with legal weapon carrying.

  4. Stop.

    Completely worked in Scotland and the Guardian didn't write articles about how youth were marginalised or stigmatised.
    I wonder why? What's the difference?

  5. Pack a 5" Milwaukee blade i feel safe at night in the Ghetto neighborhood dude understand and logically analyze everones perspective.

  6. I carry a pocket knife everyday. Sometimes two because I need a back up of a different size. You'll never catch me without my knife. Every man should carry a pocket knife. Always be prepared.

  7. Every responsible man should carry a gun and a pocket knife where it's legal. Unfortunately, I live in California so my gun stays at home.

  8. When someone does their part, there is always someone who does nothing, who comes to criticize. Great job Barrett🔝

  9. Hey maybe if you let the people have the right to own a firearm you wouldn't have to worry about knifes. You realize it's the people doing these things not the objects

  10. Looks like you mean well… maybe you can bring some awareness to the stabbing problems in London…
    But to actually fix it I believe that you will need some immigration reform honestly…. ya know… attack the reason the kids are having to grab knives from the kitchen to start with ya know.

  11. It’s one particular demographic behind all the stabbings except we can’t mention that as it would be waaaaaaaaaacist

  12. Strange- no knife laws at least one US state, and no one gets stabbed.
    Lower murder rate than UK overall, too, nevermind Croydon, Glasgow and Leeds.
    And violent crime is far lower.

    And the most lax gun laws, and Constitutional Carry on top of it.

    No one shot to speak of, no one stabbed to speak of, and flush with the highest percentage of legal registered actual machine guns/DDs, on top of that.

    Liberty and resistance is the best.


  13. I don't know what your problem is. You guys don't have as much gun violence. It should make you feel better that defenseless people are dying with knives. That was your objective right?

  14. I don't know what site this video has been shared on but the comments are full of nutty yanks….smells like infowars in here.

  15. Hang on I'm having it rammed down my throat everyday it isn't just black men that do this and yet all I ever see in these short docs/ films is black people.everytime on the news, black men, Google images stabbing London, blank men, why do the media say one thing but the facts and truth show another?

  16. Change the rotten culture and values of those communities, otherwise this will only grow.

    Everything else is secondary.

  17. You would have to be the stupidest person still stealing oxygen if you think for an instant that the kind of people who would knife some stranger would be likely to actually surrender their weapons.

  18. Maybe if the media didn't keep telling people that everybody's armed to the teeth in London.. kids wouldn't tool up..
    I hope a journalist dosent come to my town and tell everybody the kids are armed to the teeth..

  19. So many stabbings, funny how it corresponded to the demographics of London. Oh well can't state the obvious, could be considered a crime.

  20. All the knives he's getting was never going to stab any one because the PEOPLE giving the knives were never going to stabe no one

  21. To all the people criticising this man, at least he is trying to do something. He is seeing a problem in his community and he is using the resources he has to try and change his neighbourhood.

  22. First your firearms. Why not your knives? What the hell, might as well, right? You already lost your dignity when you gave up your guns.

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