Lilly Singh Had the Most L.A. Reaction to Meeting Barack Obama

-We have to get
talking about everything. We’ve got some big news tonight.
-I know. Now that I made the walk and
didn’t trip, I’m chilling now. -Now we’re here.
We’re all settled. When you were first here,
it was three years ago. So much has happened to you
in your life. But I remember
just three years ago, you had 7.6 million subscribers
on YouTube. One billion views. We talked about that.
-Yeah. -And that’s amazing. Now you have 14.5 million
subscribers and almost 3 billion views
on YouTube. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wow! Oh, my gosh. That’s crazy. -That is crazy.
-Wild. -Yeah.
-Thank you for that. -Let me tell you
some other things you did. -Okay, please.
[ Laughter ] -Past year, you were on
the cover of “Cosmo” India. -Right. -You started
a production company. -Mm-hmm.
-You spoke at the U.N. with BTS. I love them.
-I love them. -How was that?
-They’re incredible. If you don’t — if you’re living
under a rock for some reason and you don’t know who they are,
you need to get on it. -Yes! BTS. Jimmy says hi. Love those guys. And you met President Obama.
-I did. -Where did you meet
President Obama? -So, I had the honor of
speaking on a panel for the Global Girls Alliance. It was an event that
the Obama Foundation put on. And it was incredible. It was super incredible. -And you got to meet him.
-Yes. -What did you say to him? -You know, so, in hindsight, I might have been a little —
what’s the word? Dumb.
[ Laughter ] Because what happened was I was
in line waiting to meet him. And everyone around me
was so nervous. They’re like, “Oh, my God. We’re
gonna meet President Obama.” And I was like,
“I think it’s gonna be fine.” Like, “I think
it’s gonna be fine.” -So cool. -And I tried — It’s fronting.
Gets you far. So then, I am interrupted
in my conversation, and they’re like,
“Lilly, President Obama would like to meet you now,”
and I was like, “Okay, cool.” So I walk in and the first thing
I say is, “Hello, my friend.” [ Laughter ] -That’s something he would say
probably. -I mean, right off the bat,
I’m like — -“Hello, my friend.”
-“Hello, my friend.” PBO. Whatever, me and PBO,
we chillin’. It’s cool. [ Laughter ]
-PBO, oh, my gosh. -We chill. So then, I literally said
the following two sentences. Said, “Hello, my friend. Congrats on all your success. And I love your energy.” [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my gosh. -And he’s like, “Same.” I’m like, “Great.”
[ Laughter ] But I was like,
“Congrats on all your success.” It’s, like, the understatement
of the year. -Well, yeah,
it’s President Barack Obama. -It’s like going up to
Serena Williams and being like, “You’re good at tennis.”
You know? [ Laughter ] I’m just like —
And “I love your energy” is, like, the most L.A. thing
I could’ve said. -“I love your energy.”
-You know, people in L.A., they don’t mention
your hair or anything. They’re just like,
“I love your energy.” -I love it. -But he was so nice and lovely.

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