1. Lmfao on Corrupt msm/ DemonRats circus clowns playing kangaroo court spinning disinformation… are on the dumb or totally stupid …a bunch of Bad Actors and they want the power to run the country

  2. And no u will not see the Cornell any more, for he was caught up in a lie. Nuneze caught him in it and if you listen closely u will hear it. Shifty shift should have kept his mouth shut, and they might had pulled it off, but the deal about hiding the whistle blower which is starting to look like vindman him self. Funny how things get revealed. Believe me this vindman has gone in to hiding you won,t see hide nor hair of him again and I,'ll be surprised if his name is ever mention again by a demacrat, for they let the cat out of the bag.

  3. Don Lemon studied Broadcast Journalism in college. He graduated from Brooklyn College and Louisiana State University. He is registered Independent

  4. "Remember folks, its illegal to watch the hearings yourself. Its different for the media. So all the info you're getting, you're getting through us."

    -Fredo Cuomo

  5. Mr Stinky fingers fails to report that there are no Republican witnesses. It was stated that Schiff gave the Republicans a list of people that the democrats had approved. Some of the witnesses may claim to be Republican, yet are never Trumpers and neocons.

  6. Lemon, Smollett and Schiff are close friends.. not surprised.. what do they havve in common besides acting a three dollar bill !.? they are also never Trumpers with #TrumpDerangementSyndrome

  7. Your right it was just exposed. Burisma’ s chief just indicted, Biden named in corruption and many others! Boom! By the way, you need to find Jesus and learn to speak truthfully.

  8. Youre show sucks because youre blind! Wow, buckle up buckaroo..in the name of Jesus because he offends you…you are going down! God is working in America!!!!!

  9. What the f:uck has Trump done for this country ? Oh I almost forgot it's tax cut for the one percenters and corporations

  10. Seriously these witnesses did NOT choose to be on TV to be interviewed just for fame and fortune….they are trying to defend this country and the American people from this JERK corrupt Donald Trump aka Troublemaker Liar Pervert!!!

  11. Nice haircut.Don Lemmon got himself a "penis fade" which makes his head look just the penis that plowed his asshole last night.

  12. Isn't lemon still being sued for sexual assault? His supposed victim says Lemon grabbed the mans penis at a bar without consent.

  13. they are all covering their asses, the GOP will be next, trump failed in virginia he failed in louisiana he failed in kentucky and now this, anyone halfway smart has retired or become an independent, trump's crowning anti achievement will be the destruction of the GOP, ironic because they are morally bankrupt, again everything trump touches fucking dies, mitch is up for re election next year if he acquits trump in the senate that's his ass in a sling he doesn't want that him and his corrupt bitch wife

  14. they are all covering their asses, the GOP will be next, trump failed in virginia he failed in louisiana he failed in kentucky and now this, anyone halfway smart has retired or become an independent, trump's crowning anti achievement will be the destruction of the GOP, ironic because they are morally bankrupt, again everything trump touches fucking dies, mitch is up for re election next year if he acquits trump in the senate that's his ass in a sling he doesn't want that him and his corrupt bitch wife

  15. Trump has at least been smart about how to give orders while not appearing to do so. It is a talent that the mob fosters. Volker is similar to many others in that he expects people to act appropriately.

  16. I haven't watch Don lemon for a long time. I see I haven't missed a thing. Still dumb, still an idiot, still a liar. No surprise. The truth is there is zero evidence of a crime. Vindman wasn't trusted by his peers. They reported his judgement and behavior disturbing. Vindman was caught lying about knowing the whistle-blower and so was Schifty schiff. Don lemon is disturbing.

  17. Vindman ridiculed the US in front of Russian officers. Also, those who served with him, detested him. https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2019/11/02/officer-recalls-how-ltc-vindman-ridiculed-americans-in-front-of-russian-officers/

  18. Liberal fatboy Vindman is a traitor and liar. He should receive a traitors reward. He's connected with Soros as is Yovanovitch. You liberals are such gullible fools. You hatred for Trump is juvenile with hints of mental illness. How did Obama get $100,000,000 and a $15,000,000 beach front mansion ? The Biden way ?

  19. I'm a US Citizen and I'm buying what the Democrats are doing because they are trying to protect this country and the American people from the EVIL Trump who happens to defend PUTIN and other dictators at all times!!! I despise Complicit people!!!! Those who does NOT protect the people shall lose theyre jobs and should never be hired by another in this country!!

  20. Cnn you are complete failures. Spin it anyway you want but we the American people are not buying it. I'm voting republican in 2020. I can't stand being a Democrat anymore.

  21. Lemon indee is what you are a LEMON worse then a Monday morning or Friday afternoon Car….Yes Joe Biden must be investigated for it is a bad example of ethics as a leader or VP….
    Now I hear Vindman saying he devoted his life to serve the country, Trump employed thousands of people and paid millions of dollars in taxes….Vindman never provide anything but just promoting himself and held for most of the time administrative jobs, as all those leftist doing… and Lemon as usual twist thing around… so Lemon hangout with the other gay boy in the CNN the Corrupt News Network…. so Lemon stop your bulshit……

  22. Sticky fingers are you smoking crack or are you just getting your marching orders from the Zucker 9am editorial call
    Did you watch the hearings today?
    The democrats got hammered badly

  23. Trump has no honor or courage .trump could never be in the service cuz he's a draft Dodger con artist treasonous piece of s*** in the stupid ass Republicans voted this stupid ass stupid ass gets stupid ass this is my opinion

  24. Lieutenant Colonel Vindman is having a hissy fit because he found out that he is not as important as he thought it was.

  25. Republicans going out of their way to unlike this video lol. Probably hired Cambridge analytica to do their dirty work lolz

  26. Now that I read the comments, I don't see much of these Libetards calling for Trump's impeachment. Ha ha ha….I knew it all along

  27. Hey CNN p, what’s next???? That your president kicked is mom wile he was in her womb? You guys are nothing but a bunch of zombies!
    God bless the greatest country in the world USA ??, the citizens including the legal immigrants and the president!!!!

  28. Impeachment…each and every one of you should be ashamed and pray that this doesn’t happen…and, I’ll tell you why. For 8 years, we sat silent, while Obama divided our nation. He used identity politics, race warfare, and class warfare to divide us all. Obama thrust universal healthcare upon us and we sat silent. In the meantime, Hillary and Obama let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, while they watched on closed circuit tv. Again, we were silent. We watched Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazil rig a primary against Bernie Sanders. We saw Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Attorney General at the time) sit on a flight line, only to find that Hilary was exonerated for any crime; regarding her acid washed / bleach bit server and 33,000 deleted emails. Again, we were silent…We have watched our duly elected president harassed each and every day, for 3 years; even though he has put millions back to work, brought jobs back to America, stood up to our adversaries, and fought like hell to protect our borders. Now, we see Joe Biden leveraging $1 Billion American dollars for his son. However, the Democrats and the media only care about impeaching Trump! So, I can tell you with the utmost certainty…if you are successful in your witch-hunt, we will NOT be silent!!! You will see a revolution you cannot even fathom! Tread lightly…??
    Borrowed. GOD please protect your chosen.

    PUT THIS POST ON YOUR FACEBOOK!!! copy and paste to share

  29. This american "hero" committed purgery he is the whistle blowers source… therefore he lied when he said he did not know the blower… and his testimony is to essentially corroborate his own story. told via the wistleblower. circular nonsense. HE wanted the aid for Ukraine and Ukraine offered him ministry of defense job "for securing it" WOW
    prision for this dude

  30. Wow..Jimmy Jockstrap Jordan is really puffing up his feathers defending Trump's "Revolving Door Administration". He's a regular patriot , heh ? Pathetic.

  31. fucking RAT Vindman fool of hope to get more cookies from his Dem-handlers. Deep state own his balls since the age of 3 when he got out from "horrible" Ukraine.
    Now he is serving like a fucking slave to pay off his lottery win and he is not afraid to go to Ukraine and be a guy since America is behind his back. That faggot is lucky to be out of Ukraine and he is so happy to say that. USSR was a real tough place to grow up and people like Vindman cunt would not make it. Country is tough and corrupt but general people are not that bad actually, the same people as anywhere else in a different living conditions. The same people would not treat him as a hero, they are not mistaken about leaking snitches. But he is a hero in the USA tho. His ass is protected strongly, no wonder his fucking bro is a layer. POS vile minion rotten snitch made up the ladder with within alike democrats in the pool-swamp.

  32. Who the fuck is this vindman as if Democrats sold him to us like a new soda pop and I've never heard of him in my 45 years of life and military! Honor my ass and those medals we're as fake as his testimony

  33. ? TRUMP train is on the move and picking up speed fast, Jump ABOARD or get run over standing on the tracks……………TRUMP 2020………………ALL ABOARD?

  34. WOW!! Adam Schit really fucked up today!! I would love to listen in on the phone call tonight when Hillary Clinton calls him up and chews him out for not nailing POTUS TRUMP!! Hillary is going to tear Adam a New Ass. Adam is in DEEP SCHIT. I hope the stress of this gives this swamp parasite a massive heart attack and he drops dead. That won't matter I think Schit is going to get "Epstein-ed"

  35. I BELIEVE DUSTIN HICE!! I BELEIVE HIM!! donny Le-mon is a sexual assaulter, a rapist and a child molester. Clinton news network needs to fire le-mon for being a sexual predator. cnn protects sexual predators.

  36. If you actually watched his testimony you would see that this version that is being shown here isn't the way this transpired . They cut out what really matters. Watch the hearing in it's entirety and you will see, like Paul Harvey always said….. " And now, heres the rest of the story."

  37. Hey Lemon head you right you are not a liberal Democrat you are a disgusting liturd demonic rat. I can only hope if god really exist that his judgement upon you will be horrific and you will feel great suffering. How I dispise you and you communist narcissistic colleagues.

  38. Hey, Lemon! Vindman stated his father is very much alive. Please be more and the absolutely-most accurate as humanly possible in order to not provide the Republican and Religious extremists more fodder for their damaged logic brain centers' fantasies. Thank you.

  39. Donny, you wouldn’t know duty or honor if it bit you in the ass. As far as your hero! He has been reprimanded twice and is a liberal moron who hates America. But don’t worry, you got him again. He will be out of office in a couple of days. God your stupid.

  40. Democrats failed miserably trying to get Trump on Russia, now they are doing the same with Ukraine. BIG FAILURES AGAIN! Odd, they are not concerned about how Joe Biden's son, Hunter, ended up working in Ukraine making $50,000 PER MONTH. What does he know about the gas industry?

  41. Self proclaimed Advisor of US PRESIDENT ON UKRAINE EXPOSED HIMSELF OF HIS INCOMPETENCE, he can't differentiate between order and request.
    Democrats and their paid-fake medias EXPOSED themselves and now it backfires them. They exposed themselves as defender of corruption. If they are serious about corruption, why they don't allow Hunter Biden to present himself before impeachment as he was BOARD MEMBER OF WELL-KNOWN CORRUPT COMPANY. They shift the goal post from quadproco to bribery…. Democrats defending quodproco, corruption and bribery of Joe Biden in the name of impeachment

    If they are serious about quodproco, corruption and bribery they must first investigate Joe Biden and Haliary Clinton. Because charity begins at home

  42. I just popped in to see the biased filth spewing from the Controlled News network. That fat ass pog ass officer is no hero.

  43. Just wait next year Joe Biden will be the President and Hunter will have big dealings with China. Trade war will end and more cheap China goods will be delivered in US. Manufacturers in USA will close and a lot will be unemployed. I think the border will also be opened for thousands of immigrants. America will have more homeless and unemployed. Good luck to USA with your Democrat president !!

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