1. In canada there are muslims (not all muslims) training their people military style behind closed doors and walls but the government gives them freedom of religion and speech so they exercise it how they please.

  2. Shame on China. Free Uighur people.I stand with Xinjiang a sovereign country. China government is becoming another Nazi. Stop the Chinese government and free Xinjiang and Uighur people.

    If you have instagram or Twitter , please search @nadimalmk his recent instagram/Twitter video, swipe right and you can find a light blue colour which you can screenshot. PLEASE DO NOT TURN A BLIND EYE! WE DO NOT WANT IT TO BE ANOTHER CONCENTRATION CAMP, SO WE SHOULDNT KEEP A BLIND EYE TO THIS ONE PLEASE!

  4. China is doing a good job…even the peace loving budhist were fed up with those Muslims in Myanmar and srilanka…👍👍👍😄😄😄😄

  5. China is not a country its a jail for muslim one day china allha gave you punishment for your work allha plz help all the muslim in china

  6. If this doesnt show you all how the money flows in the fake media here in america i dint know what does.
    Alex jones shut down…nbc? Send it!

  7. China have simply seen the Islamic invasion of Europe gathered the correct opinion that Muslims cannot integrate with any other culture other than their own I seriously do not blame them having witnessed the invasion first hand they are ruining my country in Wales and the whole of the UK.

  8. he said you can’t just lock up a group of people and call them terrorist… wtf do they call what they are doing to illegal immigrants in the us locking them up in cages and predetermining that they are criminals?

  9. Man screw trump. How could he do this to all those Chinese Muslims. Oh wait it was China? Man screw trump. -The media

    China has been doing this stuff forever. Just a different population this time.

  10. I have voice to skull and remote neural monitor and it operates these human trafficking crimes, as a matter of fact My Rnm and V2k operatives are worth a CIA investigation and very much a source in operating these human trafficking atrocities! If you are from a journalist or higher intelligence power system and can do investigations on those operating invisible energy weaponries like voice to skull and remote neural monitor in my Northern California, Bay Area! I don’t mind testifying to an investigation group and government officials! [email protected]

  11. Seems much more humane than the Mexican detention camps in the United States (BUT YES A LACK OF RELIGOUS FREEDOM IS DISGUSTING DUH)

  12. Wait wait wait, that girl off tik tok got banned for speaking about this, but now it’s coming to the light? VERY WEIRD. So once they get caught, they come out about it, BUT they come out showing a perspective they want you to see. This is beyond crazy.

  13. Now you care about muslims since its china that will soon replace you as a superpower . But you are ready to attack Islamic republic of iran. With over $100million

  14. China is a growing threat , just look what they are doing in the pacific with all those man made islands. If only we would’ve of listened to general MacArthur and nuked the Chinese we wouldn’t have this problem now .

  15. Looks like westerners are meddling with Asian affairs again.. want to talk about international problems like this? How about what’s going on with America’s homelessness? The terrorists mind set are being reformed.

  16. I've just watched the video "IMPRESSIVE! Mongolia Rolls Out Genghis Khan-Style Mounted Guard Of Honor For Russia's Putin" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFWlsOA-Cks )

    Congratulations to the peoples of Mongolia and Russia for the beautiful and mutually helpful friendship between the 2 countries which are also neighbors.

    While congratulating the Mongolian people, I also feel very sad and sorry for the Uyghur people next door, and wish they would receive similar friendship and help from their next-door Russian neighbors.

    In fact, I believe Russian help is the most important (in fact, the essential) factor to save the Ughurs from their present dire straits, from their imminent extermination at the hands of China's expansionist Rulers.


    Fact is a most barbaric, cruel, blatant genocide is being waged on the hapless Uyghur people by China's ruthless Rulers, physically and culturally; and the World is just watching.

    The Uyghur people and their beautiful culture would soon be wiped out, unless the World helps, urgently, because by themselves the Uyghurs are now just like fish on a chopping block, helpless.

    The most capable help at present to save the Uyghurs and their culture must come from the Russians nearby. The World must work with the Russians to help the Uyghur people.

  17. Why don't you also show the American detention camps, aka the prisons where prisoners are paid next to nothing to make products? Or how ICE breaks up migrants' families?

  18. Main stream media is being forced to report on Chinese concentration camps because Alex Jones exposed it a victory for this great Patriot

  19. After the Americans made Guantanamo bay this is looking like Disneyland. No one was in chains here. No water boarding. With western media how can you know a lie from the truth?

  20. ABC news protects pedophiles they killed the epstien story Alex Jones and infowars.com exposed that this was another victory for the Patriots

  21. While Europe is starting to fall to hand of Arabic culture and destroyed by terrorism while China re educate their people to preserve it's culture and power.

  22. Hey NBC try to become activists to thwart against the CCP. I know! How about calling the officers bigots and islamphobic authorities. Hey wait a second, how come you guys got permission TO WALK inside a REEDUCATION FACILITY? Makes me wonder??? 🤷😵🤔🕵️

  23. God will not put hardships more than anyone could bear, we pray to God almighty to ease their suffering. And god will take care of the brutal Chinese regime.

  24. To be honest I really don't care. It's a stupid religion and there is no place for it in the modern world. Women having to cover their face? Get real.
    It's easy to say the china government is wrong but wait until we have a population like them and then talk.

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