Latest News: The Queen Just Announced Who Will Be Next King Of England

Latest News: The Queen Just Announced Who Will Be Next King Of England

According to Buckingham palace sources Queen Elizabeth the second truly wished Prince William to become a king this means that prince Charles will be Sidestepped for the role by the Queen and surely made a conflict between the duchess of Cambridge Kate, Middleton and Camilla parker-bowles The same sources claimed the Queen believes that Prince William and Kate Middleton were prepared for the role unlike prince Charles she pointed out to the several scandal surrounding him and to the affair with camilla saying that they influenced her decision She also said that she believed the young couple is more prepared to take the role in this Modern age This whole situation has apparently angered Camilla parker-bowles As she thinks it is Kate middleton that is pushing for the position things are happening very fast here And we need to be ready for a change at a moment’s notice The queen is preparing them for everything that they will need to know This change will happen soon as there have been reports saying the palace communications staff are under order to follow the 1937 Regency Act this Act gives power to the Air and Also one information emerged that the queen rehearsed a coronation of Prince William and Kate, Middleton Just one week ago this whole situation has infuriated bowles who believes that they sidestepped her husband and Others believe that the queen is revenge anon her son for his many mistakes Most importantly the way he mistreated diana by cheating on her has hurt the whole royal family and


  1. Believe me…This would be huge news over every network and on every front page…There has been NO OFFICIAL announcement from the Queen…Until then, we just wait and see.

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