Latest News – McDonalds, Syria and Eating Bear Genitals

Latest News – McDonalds, Syria and Eating Bear Genitals

[inaudible]. All right. Still on the news we have the three ring
circus that is impeachment proceedings. Ehhh, we’re not even going
to talk about that today. Your headlines for the week we begin with
an Indian man was arrested for eating the genitals of a sloth bear, claiming that he did it to
increase his male performance. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure there’s safer ways
to get an erection than cutting the genitals off of a bear and eating them. A McDonald’s customer was beaten with a
blender by the manager of a McDonald’s. I guess this time the ice cream
machine was really broken. Alright, real quick, let’s cut
to our news correspondent. Fred, who’s on the ground in Syria. [inaudible] Fred, Fred, can you tell us what’s going
on on the ground in Syria right now? I’m uh out here across the street. Zack,
Great, Great, we can hear you, Fred. Uh, what is the situation there? What’s the climate with the people there
in Syria? I have absolutely no clue. Zach, I’m standing here in the forest. I’m absolutely no where near
Syria right now. Sorry. Fantastic. Good to hear your say. Fred, um, have
you dealt with anything with the, with the rebels or the, uh, what’s the
situation there on the ground in Syria? Oh, not a whole lot. I mean, I’m just standing out here
just kind of hanging out, uh, not really trying to do anything. I
really just want to go back to my job. I’ve got to do well, Fred, we did send you out there to report
on the situation and Syria. So, uh, it’d be helpful if you could provide
us with some more details. Uh, I could do absolutely nothing…. Fred. Fred Seeming to have
technical difficulties. Um, but what, what about Syria? Huh? [inaudible] the NBA’s tallest player
standing at seven foot five. Mr Tacko Fall has entered
the NBAs concussion protocol
after hitting his head on the ceiling. This isn’t
meant to be humorous. I just find it amusing that the world’s
tallest NBA player hit his head on a ceiling so hard that he’s
in the concussion protocol. A circus bear, mauls it’s trainer in front of a
horrifying crowd and his circus. Why are we shocked about this? This is
a giant bear. What else did you go to? The circus for, don’t tell me you actually went there to
watch the bear kind of like stand in a ball and roll around a little
bit or anything. Let’s be real. You went there to see something go
wrong. I see this man mauled by a bear. Joe Biden has come out and apologized for 20 years
ago using the term lynching to describe the impeachment proceedings
involving bill Clinton. Here’s what’s wrong with the world’s, we’re expecting a man to apologize for
something he said 20 years ago and let’s be real about it. He didn’t
say it in a racist way. [inaudible] A woman recently, uh, ran into
several cars with her vehicle, eventually stopped by the police and
when he confronts her, he’s very cordial, very nice. He was like, Oh ma’am, you
know, it looks like you hit a few cars. Like, no, no, I don’t. It look
like some damage to your car. No, no, it’s fine. It’s fine. At this moment she turns to the side of
some more canned air and then continues to deny that anything went wrong. And then that’s the punchline with all
this is the lady was huffing canned air in front of the police officer while
defending herself in front of her beat to *BLEEP* car. Let’s go to the tape. What happened? You hit a few cars, huh? [inaudible] are you okay? What’s wrong? Did you hit a few cars? Did you hit a few cars? You sure
your car looks pretty banged up. You need an ambulance. [inaudible] [inaudible] I don’t
think that’s, that’s little. That might not be safe to use. [inaudible] guys, thanks for watching. Be
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