1. could trigger a world war with out influnces iran syria russia vs the usa saudi arabia so on vs isis the sides that seem to be emergring
    wisedom from history ww1 was caused by one gun because sides polarized

  2. News = """" promises kept . com " ..Jeff Zucker who runs these bobble heads doesn't seem to want them  to talk about any of that ! … By the way .have you heard CNN talk much about Obama who endorsed Justin Trudeau for re election in Canada …he's the one that wore  black face so many times he can't remember the # ..Just think BO wont endorse Biden but instead endorses someone that makes fun of black people ….You leftists are total bias hypocrites who  have been trying to hang Trump from day one because you lost in 2O16 !

  3. CNN Where is coverage about the PERMANENT CEASE FIRE that was announced this morning? Too busy eating crow?

  4. Putin and Erdogan are playing USA for fools. And what is US to gain by abandoning their ally to death by Turkish or Russian hand? Furthermore, it will give ISIS or a subsidiary to bounce back.

  5. God bless President Donald J Trump. A man of peace. The greatest President of my lifetime. Promises made… Promises kept. No more needless wars caused by the last 4 failed and corrupt Presidents.

  6. Best move Trump has made. Libtard Warmongers cannot profit anymore from this debacle. We aren’t the worlds police!

  7. Remember back in the day when the Republicans were the hawks and the Dems the doves? Now it is just the opposite. That is because Trump, a multi-billionaire, can't be bought by the military-industrial complex. And that is why they and their puppets in Congress continue to try to oust the president.

  8. Putin has won. He kept Assad in power. Got for free an effective US-trained Kurds fighting force that been betrayed by the US. As the the most powerful person in the area, he got Turkey to the negotiation table

  9. Why is everybody up in arms about this? There's several regional powers, Russia and dozens if not hundreds of different Islamic terrorist cells involved in this conflict and they all have their own agenda's that are most likely going to cause them to fight and kill each other. I don't want to be involved in this melee. We have nothing to gain out of this so lets get the hell out. Let the stupid Russian's have their pyrrhic victory, they will be the ones surrounded by people who hate them and getting killed to keep their little foreign base in Syria.

  10. In the history books for students who belong to the top 1%, Trump will be a Hero.

    Of the remaining 99% 50% of those people will see a White Knight.

    The remaining 49% will march on with feelings of helplessness.

  11. The more I watch CNN the more I think Trump is right about them being " fake news". Come on, prove me wrong. Just tell the truth. When this channel say's one thing, the other say's something else. So regardless, somebody's lying.

  12. USA government fights for Israel with American citizens' taxes. Wake up Americans. USA is trying to help Israel and empty that land for Israel. Your media is owned by Israel. You are their cheap puppets.When will you understand? Do you still think USA brings peace? If so you are really out of your mind. Trump has just told that the oil wells are under control, no problem. Who cares for human beings killed for the last 10 years in that area? USA fırst feeds some terrorrists, than invades the land with other terrorrists. Krep your own land safe. In some years USA will have a civil war between States. Take precautions.

  13. Once again "The Trojan Horse" trick worked, Watching those al queda fools jump on equipment left behind by our military gave our solders intel to kill there leader, al Baghdadi. Obama, Omar and Tlaib have just lost their cookies over this trick.

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