Kamala Harris On President Donald Trump Impeachment Investigation | The Last Word | MSNBC

Kamala Harris On President Donald Trump Impeachment Investigation | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. If Trump would allow ME not a genious, but a person looking at his mess he has gotten himself into. Not Evangelical, but a servant of God. He might be forgiven

  2. Hey Ms Harris can u please ask trump one question? I would like for the Senate to ask him by his recollection what are the first five amendments of the constitution

  3. Donald Trump should look at enlisting in Nigeria where there is virtually no law and what ever law is left is twisted how ever they want.

  4. When this " Investigation' fails, Mueller fraud 2.0, This Nation shall have to have these lying Democratic politicians arrested, trial by Military tribunal, Conviction for sedition & Treason, & PUBLIC HANGING ,or it will keep happening & keeping the legiteemate govenrment of the United States from doing it's job.

  5. All you progressives who are suspicious of Dem DAs, where wld we be, rn, without prosecutors on the Senate Judiciary committee, which is being run by Spanky's lapdog, Hissy Fit Graham? As we saw in the Lewandowski Hearing, prosecutors actually know how to question a witness, and Graham isn't abt to let a prosecutor have a half hour w Giuliani. Thankfully Harris and Blumenthal are there. I just hope that when Graham has his inevitable hissy fit, the Dems will actually stand up to him, rather than just mutely letting him have a temper tantrum to drum up the GOP cult & give Fox "News" a soundbite to air. Call Hissy Fit on his BS, tell him he's being too emotional, that he's an adult now and he shldnt be screaming and crying like a baby during a hearing, ask if he's getting hormonal, or going thru male menopause, suggest it's time for a break so the older Senators can take their meds…as it seems to be about that time. Something!

  6. It's a letter from Russian oligarchs who gave Trump loans wasn't it Lawrence?
    Kamala was having trouble speaking because she had a Willy in her mouth.

  7. Kamala Harris our next legal attorney general for we the people. Impeach Indict Imprison, the lying Putin installed fraud traitor Trump; my Independent vote since I never see polls!

  8. TRUMP 2020🏁🏁🏁 TRUMP 2020🏁🏁🏁 TRUMP 2020🏁🏁🏁 TRUMP 2020🏁🏁🏁 another 4 years with your help…

  9. I hope the Dems have something more than a letter bc we’re facing people who are corrupt to the core. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

  10. Senator Harris is a principled woman who believes in exposing an immoral, a pinhead, gangster, and white nationalist as Mr. trump.

  11. this woman is as bad as trump is.. to put this woman in the leadership position of America would be as bad a mistake as Trump…this woman is a witch in human form…look closely people and you'll see the evil behind that devious smile

  12. Isn't Kamala Harris the one that set up that hoax with Jussie Smollet so she can pass her LYNCH LAW????? WAKE UP IDIOTS – DO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO VIEW U ALL AS DUMB?

  13. No one said the Constitution is unconstitutional. They were referring to the way the Dems are attempting to do an impeachment inquiry. They need to take a vote and have it happen in the judiciary committee and have it open to the public not the intelligence committee behind doors. Also without having the votes t enter a true inquiry where both get to partake and where the President is represented at the hearings. There is no precedence for the way they are going about it. Which technically makes it unconstitutional and the letters sent to have people respond or participate are not in fact subpoenas but merely letters of request . The Dems are attempting to block out citizens from learning the whole truth. They are denying the minorities right to participate call witness;s enter evidence etc. and are denying The President of his right to defend himself. All Republicans have asked for is for them to take a vote and make it an official inquiry, instead of a kangaroo court run by shifty Schiff who has also behaved badly and should not have any parts of the inquiry as we have now learned he is a fact witness to the supposed whistleblower. He also mislead the public by completely misrepresenting the conversation of POTUS and the President of the Ukraine when he read a completely fraudulent version of the conversation in which he was later questioned about, in his response was that it was a parody. Mind you at the time of him reading it he did not make that clear. It was a clear attempt to deceive anyone listening. Had that been the only part of the discussion anyone heard, they would now have a negative opinion of the conversation not a legitimate one that was not in any way shape or form similar to the disgusting parody Schiff read off. . Schiff needs to step down the chairman of the intelligence committee for his abhorrent behavior. And t's becoming quite clear that he and others are attempting a coup by purposely misrepresenting facts and using dirty tactics in a fraudulent impeachment hearing!

  14. We will stand against any tyranny.. this is sickening to watch this squawk box to talk about defending the constitution while wanting to violate it and every Americans rights…

  15. Kamala is a highly skilled investigator, very sharp when it comes to questioning. The country could use more senators like her.

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