Johnson claims newly elected parliament ‘vast improvement on its predecessor’

Johnson claims newly elected parliament ‘vast improvement on its predecessor’

But I mean, absolutely no disrespect
to those who are no longer with us, Mr Speaker, but I think that this parliament
is a vast improvement on its predecessor. [cheering] Mr Speaker, I would say is one of the
best parliaments this country has ever produced with more
female members than ever before, with more black and minority ethnic
members than ever before. And it is also, Mr Speaker, incarnated in
your person, Mr Speaker, a vastly more democratic parliament,
because this parliament is not going to waste the time of the nation
in deadlock and division and delay. On Friday of this week, this parliament
is going to put the withdrawal agreement, – Friday? – in the the popty ping,
as we say, in Wales, and then this new democratic parliament,
this people’s parliament, is going to do something, Mr Speaker. I wonder if you can guess what it is,
what this parliament is going to do. What are they going to do? Is Mr Speaker not paying attention? Mr Speaker, I wonder if you can guess
what this parliament is going to do once we put the withdrawal agreement back?
We’re going to get Brexit done. I think that even your even your parrot,
Mr Speaker, would have been able to cite that one by now.


  1. I kinda hope Scotland does get dragged out of the EU before indyref2 just to light the fire under people when they see what a no deal will do.

  2. They're cheering for all the money they'll be raking in from hard working people, while doing less than the bare minimum themselves.
    First order of business – let's give ourselves a raise hear hear bravo

  3. Now let's hope this is true! I think a lot of people have high expectations for this government, please deliver
    edit: I thought this was a pretty neutral statement… oops people seem to be quite angry. Just saying I hope they deliver jheez haha

  4. anything would be a vast improvement over the last
    a lot of the backstabbers have been kicked out or have less power
    Its a win win for anyone who voted Brexit

  5. Johnson will go down as the worst decision ever made by the uk. Exiting Europe will kill the Uk, it’s no question this is a terrible choice.

  6. i mean like yeah call me salty or whatver but why is johnson being so trumpian and cringey? "one of the best parliaments.." "Get Brexit Done" tagline is cringe, etc. its just strange

  7. What is a 'vast improvement' to Boris and the large majority of electoral wards in England must at the same time be a vast disappointment to the Guardian and cohorts.

  8. What a difference a few weeks can do, not long ago it was a remoan parliament versus the people, now it truly serves the fantastic British public. Watch us fly,?

  9. Meanwhile.. the number of homelessness in the UK increases and has done since the Torys took over.. 5 more years and this country will be a 3rd world country. Rip UK.

  10. The tories are your parrots Norris, chirping away and sniffing up your bum. Cheering here here to your own parties success is like liking your own post about how you bought the sickest pair of Nike trainers with your dads credit card. Numpties

  11. Circus act ?
    Never in the history of politics has Britain or USA been this poor or thick.
    It’s a parody.. surely . Certainly a clown fest !

  12. Why do we want to leave again? Sorry, I forgot the reason from 3 years ago.

    BTW, no one has ever given a proper GENUINE answer to that question. Because Brexit is pretty damn stupid.

  13. In fairness, let’s give him a shot. This is the first substantial parliamentary majority we have had since Blair, and governments with stable majorities tend to get way more done. I’m feeling optimistic about the next five years. If it’s a train wreck – we can vote him out in 2024

  14. Like it or not, people voted for a Conservative government.. fact.. they are not stupid, thick or intimidated.. they just did not like Labour

  15. Free comedy show like he’s doing stand-up talk show ???‍♂️ funny I thought government serious about what they doing ?

  16. Get your boxing gloves on Boris. Great Britain; grease up and part your cheeks.

    Boris is a free market capitalist. He considers job security, public services, pensions, schools, housing and state assistants for the disabled, as wasteful, inefficient, incompetent and morally reprehensible, even if the only alternative is death. His aim is to turn the UK into a deregulated slave labour camp where your only option will be work for Uber or die regardless. But thats not the best part, the best part is; You voted for it.

  17. What preposterous dystopia is this?
    The power-giddy, patronising Prime Minister is getting audiences, the cabinet, even MPs in Parliament to chant his silly little lying catchphrases back at him as if they were stupid children or a low-brow game show audience.

  18. By what metric exactly? All this unmeasured, unquantifiable guff that sounds positive but has no real meaning or value… I see nothing but doom ahead for anyone on a 4 figure income and likely many on a 5

  19. The Tory didn't win the majority vote. Their twisted mandate came from the first past the post system. Given it is a proportional representation the outcome will be totally opposite.

  20. Boris Johnson says new parliament is 'vast improvement' as MPs sworn in – live news ►–live-news

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