Johnson and Corbyn shake hands as they pledge to improve politics

Johnson and Corbyn shake hands as they pledge to improve politics

Could you make a pledge and promise
that whoever becomes prime minister improves the nature of debate in this country? The debate in parliament, before parliament
was dissolved … was vicious and horrible and some terrible
remarks were made, particularly to and about, women MPs. I ask the speaker to convene a meeting
of all party leaders. Mr Johnson sent a representative there
and we agreed … – Thank you.
– this was unacceptable conduct. and I absolutely agree with that.
– Thank you. [applause] Will you both make a pledge to improve
this and perhaps gentlemen, will you shake hands to make a pledge
to improve politics? [applause] Thank you very much indeed, thank you.
Thank you. I strongly agree with what Jeremy … – Thank you.
– Then you might need to make some other statements as well. – OK, we’ve got a pledge from you both there.


  1. Do they have women chairing such debates with the express purpose of giving the impression that men are childish? That was a rhetorical question. Do you put a question mark after a rhetorical question?

  2. "shake hands" was definitely fixed. As soon as Julie uttered the words "perhaps gentlemen…", Boris jumped to do that before hesitating to let Julie finish the full sentence. Watch again. Its all fixed!

  3. Dear "The Guardian" angel, 👼
    Thank you for posting.
    I love you're Prime Minister, he chose to shake Mr. Corbin's hand.
    Wait.. 🙄
    Could it be they are going to agree ?! 🤯
    Blasphemy !! 😡
    That doesn't happen. 😳
    Joining forces as one United Kingdom ! 🇬🇧
    About bloody time!!
    (I think I just shat myself!) 😮
    🚽🏚🏃‍♀️… 💩🌲🌳
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  4. Johnson moved the entire distance and Corbyn didn’t move an inch lol. He clearly wanted to carry it out which is decent

  5. Corbyn's specs wonky. Or is that his head? Fascinating. State of politics today, I suppose. Remind me why I will never, ever vote again.

  6. Tories are manipulating exploiting blackmailing intimidating bullies who are not fit to be called human let alone politicians.

  7. A hand shake comes from the heart and mind these pair were coerced into doing this by the host an absolute shambles of a debate with regards to Johnson but Corbyn was 👍

  8. Tories have nothing to offer accept food banks, 0 hours contracts, unsecured employments ,cuts on schools ,NHS, high fees on universities. This is 4th election and Tories still fail to deliver Brexit .
    No more Tories enough is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash in ITV election debate over 'NHS for sale' claim – live news ►

  10. Am I psychic or what I just knew how this would be portrayed in our media today suggesting Boris won when in fact he looked a complete typical old Etonian waffling twit. Our right wing media relying on the fact that most people didn't watch ,too busy defriending people on Facebook. When did the British people become so brain dead.

  11. Boris is easy going, not a bitter personality. Boris is a forgiving person. He forgave Michael Gove even appointed him the highest position in government, forgave Niki Morgan, Amber Ruud but she screwed him over.

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