Jeremy Corbyn reveals ‘confidential’ Northern Ireland Brexit report

Jeremy Corbyn reveals ‘confidential’ Northern Ireland Brexit report

And today, I can reveal further hard
evidence that Johnson is deliberately misleading the people about this
Northern Ireland protocol: Unfettered access to the UK internal market. What we have here is a confidential report
by Johnson’s own government marked official sensitive that exposes the falsehoods
that Boris Johnson has been putting forward. This is cold, hard evidence that categorically
shows the impact a damaging Brexit deal would have on large parts of our country. Johnson has said definitively and I quote, ‘There will be no checks between Northern
Ireland and Great Britain under his deal’. In private, the government is saying something
very, very different. It says there will be customs declarations
and security checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. It’s there in black and white. The report spells it out. High street goods are likely to increase in
price, which is likely to affect business profitability. If that’s how Johnson defines a great deal
for Northern Ireland, what’s he got in store for the rest of us? In fact, it isn’t just about Northern Ireland. Page 9 of the confidential report reveals
that Johnson’s damaging deal may have, quote, again, ‘a significant effect on the
economies of Scotland and Wales’. Ask yourself if they hid this report and
the ones that I revealed last week, what else are they hiding?


  1. Proof lol, may or likely mmm another load of civil servants scaremongering, add to this the lies Corbyn has spread about the NHS and it is clear this man is really clutching at straws.

  2. بسم اللّه الرحمــٰن الرّحيم..والسلام عليكم ورحمة اللّه وبركاته..اللّهم صلّ وسلم على رسولنا محمّد وآله ومن تبعه بإحسان الى يوم الدّين عدد خلقك ورضا نفسك ..النصر والخلود?? ??للجزائر الحبيبة والحرة المستقلة والنصر للمسلمين فى كل مكان وأي زمان والحمد للّه? كثيراً بكرةً وأصيلاً ..وشكرأً

  3. With the revelation of all this ‘confidential’ material it is a surprise he can be trusted with any information at all.

    James Abbott-Thompson’s surprise getting out of jail party is going to be a flop for sure… ?

  4. Does Britain have a functioning media anymore or do they just fucntion as stenographers for Johnson and the Conservatives?

  5. Can you hear the rush of shuffling feet towards the phone to inform their brokers to pull their investments in brexit crashing the pound?
    It wont just be the 'faces' who are pulled it will be all those who were knowingly complicit with investing in brexit crashing of the pound.

  6. Half a million Labour Party members would suggest that Labour is flourishing under Corbyn. Another Blair-style government would benefit a few middle class careerists only.

  7. More lies uncovered. The fat charlatan Bonzo just can't stop lying, but the sheep still want to vote for this clown!

  8. General election: Corbyn reveals 'confidential' Northern Ireland Brexit report – live news ►

  9. Steptoe prints one front page ‘ Tory Confidential Document ‘ , then waves it about , look what I’ve got !!!
    I’m reading Labours Document at the moment , front page ‘ Hate Uk ‘ inside pages say Spend what we haven’t got = bankrupt the country

  10. Start packing your bags Arlene foster

    The brits sold yas out
    Used yas to do there dirty work then dropped yas
    U should be ashamed

  11. I take it Abbott has finished her advanced maths course and worked out the cost of your manifesto, and your free Unicorn for everybody give away. There was an earth tremor in Somerset today, you forgot to blame Boris for that! Keep up Corbyn.

  12. Out of all the MPs even my own, Corbin replied! I have to say I that he has at least made and attempt and asked me what he can do to help. Boris Johnston could not even be bothered to reply, nor did Swinson! hats off to this guy for being honest

  13. Why is it every time Corbyn gets a "document" in a wind up email that confirms all his precious delusions, instead of having someone else give it a glance over and maybe point out its a nonsense, he takes it straight to a podium and dares the world to call him out?

  14. Any one who supports Boris and his "support the rich and belittle the less fortunate" policies are a disgrace to this nation.

  15. We better this "bin man" doesn't end up in No10!! This country will end up back in 1979!! Clearly he is a REMAINER toooo!!!!

  16. Corbyn could show a video of Boris in blackface calling all poor people peasants and dumb fucks would still clap and vote him into power.

  17. "I have here in my hand a piece of paper that guarantees peace in our time". We all know where that led us. It is true that what can't speak can't lie however in today's febrile political scene unless it is verified about 10 times it cannot be construed as true. These power hungry mobsters will stop at nothing to win!

  18. guardian journo creed …… anything they WANT to believe is instantly THE TRUTH and anything they DONT WANT to believe is instantly RUSSIAN BOTS.
    pretty sad

  19. It's shocking how little attention this video has had. Just shows how successfully misleading the Tory smear campaign has been.

  20. I know what I'm gonna do – vote for the psychopathic, clueless weasels who're bent on dismantling our society for the benefit of the corporate class. I know they didn't mean to kill all those disabled people, push all those families onto food banks and racially abuse the Windrush generation. Just accidents of sustained rhetoric and policy

  21. Again, let's just exaggerate and lie about other parties, all the while cant even be honest about ur own policies. Anyone that believes anything this man has to offer should study some history. Not just of him and the things and people he has stood by, but also what has come of previous attempts to implement his ideologies!

  22. Democracy comes at a price, ask those who fought in WWII. At least I know what side I’m on, not the IRA, not the Palestinian terrorist or indeed the side who approved and voted through the automatic release of terrorists from our prisons with such tragic results last week. No, the side of democracy for our great nation, nothing more, nothing less.

  23. Jeremy Corbyn holds up document that doesn’t say anything of substance, and everyone blindly believes it instead of reading it.

  24. Complains about Russian interference in UK elections then comes out waving documents leaked by Russians? awkward.

  25. I saw too many homeless people this xmas & the government enforcing laws like "No begging for food OR money in public areas" as if that's making a positive change most times the homeless get moved the nearest homeless shelter with rows of beds & told by staff "You get 1 meal a shower & wash the clothes u wore in & bed for the night" soon after they have to wait in line again in order to have some safe to stay. Worse in UK homeless hostels charge huge rates for a room & if u can't afford a room u have to wait in the hallway & then get moved on either way this is a long issue & most times even if u get a room there is no lock so forget privacy

  26. If they are "confidential" as you say you are handling stolen property.Would you,Mr.Perfect Corbyn ,like your documents stolen, or Dianne Abbotts calculations checked?

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