Jeremy Corbyn apologises for antisemitism in Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn apologises for antisemitism in Labour party

Our party, can I make it clear. Just say sorry, – Wait a minute, I and our party
– No, just say sorry. Let me say, can I say something? – Our party …
– I want you to say sorry. Our party and me
– Yeah do not accept antisemitism in any form. – So are you sorry for anything that’s happened
– Obviously. Obviously I’m very sorry for everything that’s
happened but I want to make this clear: I am dealing with it. I have dealt with it. Other parties are also affected by antisemitism. Candidates have been withdrawn by
the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives and by us because of it. we just do not accept
it in any form, whatsoever. And I think the Chief Rabbi’s comments
really ought to be taken for what they are. He hasn’t contacted me about it. I’m very happy to meet him, very happy
to talk to him, very happy to talk to any representatives of any part of the
jewish community in our society because I recognise that antisemitism
is a poison and it’s very dangerous. And if it’s allowed to run on, you know
what happens. You know the history of Europe
in the 20th century. But any other form of racism is equally unacceptable;
islamophobia or anything else.


  1. Having to apologise when you sympathise with the Palestinian cause. The "chief" rabbi is friends with Boris and unwilling to meet or speak to Jeremy Corbyn. Meanwhile the Tories continue with their 1slamaphobia, and their decision not to investigate it.

  2. My word, JC looks so thin and frail, I can’t see him lasting much longer. He should get himself to one of those food banks that he’s always banging on about.

  3. That Rabbi is a Tory.
    Why is it only the extreme right wing judaics and the extreme right wing non judaics who are accusing Labour of antisemitism?
    I think the answer is very obvious. They are LIARS.

  4. Corbyn 2019 VOTE LABOUR
    Green new deal. Anti racism.Anti war.For NHS.For public services.For lifting children + people out of poverty.And so much more.Labour manifesto 2019 HAVE A READ. Let's lead with a progressive ethical PM and vision for our future !!

  5. Looking through all these momentum thugs comments on here, I will say this. If you ever get in power I will be prepared to fight. Make no mistake about that. I can see you people for exactly what you are. And I will lay down my life wiping as many of you as I can out. You can attempt to have your little "revolution". But know this, when you eventually start knocking on doors in the dead of night. Pray I'm not on the other side.

  6. At the end of the day the reality is that the United kingdom is made up of many different kinds of ethnic groups and religions and in general it's always been known to accept everyone into its society that's what has kept it going as a great nation so let's keep it that way.

  7. So now he said sorry again, will the demand for him to apologise stop?
    I wait to see, but will not hold my breath.
    I predict next line of questioning will be, "why did he take so long to do it?" "is he sincere? Is it too little too late? Etc.

  8. That was like pulling teeth. Why can't Corbyn do the basics right? Under him Labour have messed up big time on this issue. Even Paul Mason, on The Daily Politics, conceded that they have been cack-handed in their response. Amongst other examples, he cited the how the party sought to create its own definition of antisemitism, rather than adopt the internationally accepted definition.

  9. what more can corbyn do that he hasn't done already..
    this is an intentional witch hunt that I'm sure the public can see through

  10. Corbyn and Momentum are racists.
    We know this because of their actions.
    One of their actions is to believe they've done nothing wrong.
    Well, if you can't see the racism, then guess what, you're the racist.

    For every racist truly believes they are righteous and have done nothing wrong.

    They are fighting the just cause.
    It's the clearest sign of a racist, that they believe they are pure at heart, they have done nothing wrong, and should never apologise.

    Because here's the truth. We are ALL a little bit racist. We are ALL a little bit evil. We are ALL a little bit petty and spiteful. Because we are all human, and we are all imperfect.

    How you can avoid being something, if you believe you're immune to it. That you can never be like that, because it's not in you.

    That's a serious lack of insight into the human condition.

  11. Sorry not sorry.
    Because immediately after he apologised, he started pointing fingers.
    Like the little child he is.

  12. As important as it undoubtedly is, the anti-semitism issue is nevertheless, being used to dominate Corbyn's media appearances so as to stifle his opportunity to argue for Labour's policies.

  13. Barely apologises!
    And the first thing he does in the next breath is try to highlight "potential" antisemitism in other Parties.

    Corbyn is a dangerous, vile, cretin of a human being.

  14. Something very important to note here: Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism. Anyone who says otherwise has no argument whatsoever. No one can bring up anything Corbin has said or done that is anti-Semitic. Because there is none.

  15. He hasn't said anything antisemitic and yet he is called antisamite. He is attacked because he speaks about the suffering being carried out on Palestinians.

  16. When speaking out against repression makes you a racist because religious groups are doing the repression 🤷🏻‍♂️
    UK politics

  17. So done with This Morning, clearly a smear campaign. How about getting the PM on the seat for literal racism, not on his party, not on anyone else BUT HIMSELF in his book!?!??!

  18. I guess he could scourge himself on the steps of a synagogue, live on national TV, whilst denouncing the oppressed and downtrodden he has previously championed. That might do it…!

  19. Lets put this nonsense to bed now and start holding the prime minister to account for his endless lies, racism and sexism.

  20. Jeremy corbyn have to give oscar award !
    Keep on changing statement
    Big liar 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  21. Not a political guy but I have to say… No parent who had their children's best interest at heart would vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

  22. So after watching and letting anti-semitism flourish in the Labour Party and doing nothing about it Comrade Corbyn feels the need to apologize 10 days before a general election . Why now ? Does he feels the gains are banked ? Nod and a wink vote harvest time ?

  23. There is no anti-Semitism problem in the Labour Party. There is an anti-Labour smear problem in the media, including the supposedly leftist media.

  24. From 15 June 2015 to 31 March 2019 there were 5497 articles
    written on JC, the Labour Party and anti-semitism by eight newspapers
    collectively. This is a mean average of 3.7 articles per day, consecutively,
    for just under four years. Polling revealed that public perception estimates
    anti-semitism to be at an average of 34% in the Labour Party. The number of
    cases of anti-semitism investigated over the same period applied to 0.1% (still
    too many mind) of the Labour Party. Source for dates, articles and polling:
    BNL, Philo, Berry.

  25. Labour are a disgrace and deserve to be punished at this election. They do not represent the working man/woman of this country. Fact

  26. So an old-Etonian toff intent on selling off the crown jewels, and the NHS, to Trump is the friend of the working class? Pure fiction, no?

  27. When are the papers going to apologise for smearing both Assange and Corbyn in order to preserve Conservative hegemonic thinking in the world?

  28. Corbyn has nothing to apologise for because it’s all made up nonsense.. Schofield, you sad, annoying, Establishment lackey… I want an honest man in number 10… JC4PM

  29. Schofield trying to do his Poundland Paxman act again. It's pathetic can't we just have proper calm interviews anymore.

  30. This morning is watched mostly by the elderly with dementia and stoned students so no one would have noticed this interview.

  31. Why is it always antisemitism that is being shoved in front of child poverty, homelessness and the REAL issues that are facing the BRITISH public. This aint ISRAEL, this is ENGLAND.

  32. The NHS is at stake. Insulin costs 1,000 in the US, families get bankrupt for basic healthcare there, and the ESTABLISHMENT has launched a smear campaign against the only leader who stood up for minorities and the less well-to-do. SHAME ON YOU ITV

  33. A labour voting pub landlord in an attempt to boost his dwindling customer base, tweeted that "people aught to stop being so miserable and get out more".
    This has caused a great backlash from the Tory agoraphobic community, who feel compelled to stay indoors for long periods.
    Jeremy Corbyn refused to apologise for the "anti hermitic" comment, leading to repeated and fabricated and headlines in the gutter rags.

  34. There's a great book called The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell. Was published in 1914. Just read the first chapter (available on the internet for free at Gutenberg Press). It will teach you a lot. Nothing among the consciousness of the working class has changed.
    In 1914 foreigners were the problem and the Tory party was for the working class, even though such a class lived in poverty (and today 4.1m out of 11m children in the UK live in poverty – but this doesn't seem to bother "Holly and Phil"). If you can't see this for the smear campaign to get you to vote against your own interests that it is then try out this book, despite being over a 100 years old it is all very, depressingly, familiar.

  35. He is a terrorist sympathiser, an abominable excuse for a man. He will destroy the U.K. as Hitler destroyed Germany.!!!


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