Jarrett: McConnell shouldn’t subject himself to Pelosi’s extortion

Jarrett: McConnell shouldn’t subject himself to Pelosi’s extortion


  1. History will not be kind to Nancy Pelosi Adam shift Jerry Nadler Chuck Schumer and the rest. And she will go back to tending bar. Omar will go back to Somalia write a book. Talib will go fight with the Palestinians and hopefully get killed. No history won't be kind of these people. And Trump? He will go down as one of the greatest presidents America has ever had.

  2. Same thing has been happening in the uk… the labour party is equivalent to the demonrats and they've just had a big wake up call at the elections .. they've been wiped out lol .. hope the same happens with the demonrats and hope jail time comes soon for them

  3. even if you are a brain-dead Democrat, aren't you sick of the amount of money that has flown out the window over the past 3 and a half years? This has to stop.

  4. Pelosi, Nadler… need to be censured and removed from office in shame. Schiff should be tired for crimes against the American People and executed.

  5. Put some decent false teeth in McConnell's mouth!! No one has to look like that. It looks like he has no teeth at all and that his lips are being sucked into the empty maw.

  6. Pelosi is worried about Trump being able to subpoena witnesses like Schiff and the Biden's. All of the House Democrats are guilty of far worse than they have tried to pin on Trump. All of them were extorting money from the Ukraine since 2014. She is worried that it would all come out in a trial if Trump can call on any witnesses he wants. Nadler is trying to get out ahead of this by changing the rules.
    By the way, the Deep State Cabal has a surprise they plan on bringing out in the 11th hour, that they think will be the one person who can beat Trump, with the help of 60 million illegal alien votes, and that person is…….drum roll please…….that's right, you guessed it …………………..Michael Obama.

  7. Please enquire as to, Why key public servants who were involved and responsible for oversight over the Ukraine affair have not come forward to testify in house hearings? Having not done so suggests guilt by omission, wanting/needing to hide because of guilt. Why has the president not encouraged openness & transparency from his senior executive and his personal emissary Mr Guiliani? A president swears to uphold the law. If these key players put themselves in the position of being unaccountable to the elected house you no longer have a democracy, you have an autocracy. Having gathered & revealed sufficient evident of corruption ie from open hearings & testimony under oath from senior public servants directly involved in the withholding of congress-approved funds for the president’s political purposes, and the politically motivated sacking of a career ambassador, installation of the 3 amigos to ask for foreign help to investigate Biden, senior & junior, the House was able to reach a decision to impeach. Do you agree evidence showed the president directed Giuliani & others to oust the ambassador – if yes, in a democracy that’s not a legitimate action – it’s an high crime & misdemeanour which is an impeachable act. We’re actions taken to enable presidential appointees to attempt to get a foreign country to investigate an America citizen for the president’s political benefit- yes or no? If yes that’s an impeachable act. Frivolously besmirching an opponent by using derogatory names in reference to them is not only childish but vacuous nevertheless it is also an often used & effective diversionary tactic when facts & evidence are weak or non-existent. Be wary of those who do this. They’re using manipulation. Don’t fall for it. Stick with and demand facts relating to the issues are uncovered and evaluated in the light of day, not behind doors or in the shadows. Apply cognitive effort to gather, compare, & evaluate the facts & separate facts from opinion. While people are welcome to their opinion, the facts should stand on their own merit and be fully laid out. Once the facts are established & made available to all … then each side can argue their view of those facts. While doctors might have different opinions regarding what a patients’ symptoms might mean, a strong diagnosis depends on having established all the symptoms & all the patient history. These facts have to be rigorously established and fully shared in order to come up with the best /most accurate diagnosis. If facts are missing or held back… the ability to decide the best course of action is comprised. The patient’s health, & indeed, life might likewise be compromised. Treat the impeachment as if it were your child suffering a medical emergency of some kind. As I understand it…. the house wanted key principles including the president, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton, etc to come testify. As yet they haven’t. These are incontestable facts. In a democracy leaders & public servants must be accountable to the public through the parliamentary & legal systems for actions taken. In between elections politicians & their administration have to uphold the law. Getting into office doesn’t allow you to do whatever you want. There are boundaries. Have these boundaries been crossed? Yes elections are coming. But while elections provide direct accountability to voters they are not in themselves sufficient to protect a democracy. Unfortunately vote stacking, rigging, redistricting, purging, and foreign manipulation of the American voting system appears to have occurred & continues to manifest itself, thereby corrupting this core tenet of democracy. If an administration is corrupt it may use its power to corrupt the elections. That is what various lawsuits and judges have found across multiple jurisdictions. Pay attention America. The patient, your democracy, is sick & potentially dying. What are you going to do? The leader of the senate announced he was working hand in glove with the accused. Is this the right way to find the truth? Is it a fair & just approach? What is the speaker to do? Just accept that the senate is corrupt & leave Mitch McConnell to collide with a seemingly corrupt executive branch? Or ought she apply her elected authority & oath to uphold the law and investigate alternative measures? If so, she must justify her actions. It’s your job to ask, Are her justifications credible? Americans need to pay attention & apply critical thinking & analysis if they’re to continue to live in a free & fair democracy. Good luck. The free world is depending on you.

  8. Communism does not belong in America! Stupid Communists n deepstate traitors think they can tell us what to do, n who to hate, disregarding our vote, putting everyone against each other! They invent their own lies, think we're stupid, they should see their face in the mirror! HAHAHA!! See ya at the poles, this is America not Venezuela!

  9. The Senate can handle this without pelosi…..they had their chance in the house and blew it…acquitt….no evidence and he did nothing wrong! Enough already!

  10. The vote was publically taken. Schedule the trial. Either she presents her case or it dies because of their lack of representation.

  11. I thought the average Democrat did not like bullying prosecutors or police. Adam Schiff is the same as the prosecutor in a trial or Grand Jury. However, he’s made himself the judge as well and no one can stop him because the Democrats have control of the House 0f Representatives, they can do whatever they want. Doesn’t this bother the average Democrat? Wouldn’t the average Democrat be horrified if the Republicans were doing this, well, wouldn’t you??

  12. McConnell better stay strong and give the democrat nothing, especially after the scam trial they had in the bunker and no witnesses granted to represent the republicans.

  13. What the Democrats want to do is keep DJT’s feet to the fire till the November election. Then maybe the American public will vote him out of office.

  14. ⚠️Term limits without the principles of rotation will be a reoccurring lobotomy of the People’s government!

    Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson Those who choose to govern after a number of years of governing must be incapable of Reelection or appointment to any government office until they have spent a number of years living as one of the governed‼️Especially those who are responsible for drafting laws and regulations that affect the people‘s freedoms and liberties!

  15. Cry cry cry. Republicans will have the final vote. Tip lines shouldn't exist? How about McConnell actually declaring he does not care to have a fair process. Cry about Pelosi while McConnell admitted to it. I guess Republicans can't fathom someone may not be as dishonest as McConnell.

  16. Is there truth to the rumor that "Facelift" Pelosi wants to open an Italian restaurant and call it "Mama Scumbaggies"?

  17. The impeachment papers do not have to be passed along to the Senate at all. That would be a great advantage to Trump. And the longer Poopoopsie holds on to the papers the more they become stale and gamey like Hillary's used Depends underdrawers. Eventually nobody will want them.

  18. Remember the scene toward the end of Animal House where the college band marches into a dead end alley, crashes into a wall, and all you have left is a pile of band members, instruments, etc? That's the liberals' visual right now in this impeachment fiasco.

  19. I thought the Senate could change the rule about the Congress hand delivering the impeachment articles . They could then go ahead and hold a trail . Acquittal needed ASAP in my opinion.

  20. I think Sara Carter is off base for thinking radical Democrats are pushing impeachment. I think it is the powerful people who fund the politicians in the government who are behind getting rid of the swamp drainer.

  21. Jared must be gaslighting you because everyone knows that the house has to deliver a document to the Senate to activate them they are separate.since it is based on a Case interpreting the Constitution it's a gaslighting claim to say that it's not listed in the Constitution it is none-the-less the law

  22. Why is this lady in pink Sara or whatever such an apologist on Pelosi's behalf? She said that Pelosi didn't want to do this and that Pelosi was held as a political hostage.. That's a bunch of crap! Pelosi wanted this the day Trump was elected and has been salivating like a rabid dog the ever since.

  23. Mitch McConnell should hold a vote in the Senate whether to go ahead with the trial on the articles of impeachment this should never happen to another president make it a house rule give them two weeks to turn the article over the Senate will proceed as schedule. This is the Senate in the Senate can make its own house rules. Not have this type of shady dealings over another president ever

  24. McConnell does not have to put up with this scum bag Pelosi,
    If it is possible the Senate needs to remove Pelosi from either her speaker of the house or remove her from congress.

  25. Mc Connell is a sham and is still being a rhino. There are so many ways he can get rid of this mess and he not looking to do any of it. This needs to be done along with arrests before the elections.

  26. do you people vet the people that you invite to your programming b/s that idiot in the pink has obviously been waterboarded for far too long.

  27. every dem in the house except for gabered who vote present voted for this so all but 1 should be arrested and charged congress should be suspended until elections can be held for replacement say in three week and the new house members can be seated while the tribunals go on the nonsense will stop the blackmail will be neutralized and life will go on.

  28. I Can not believe this Mafia Queen is controlling Congress she is a big time overated criminal. You would not believe the stuff they have on all of them. They are buying time and destroying America on the prosses.

  29. Somebody create a new game like wheres Waldo called where's Nancy Where you at Nanny goat?? come on you got an impeachment. To get done.. Why don't you go look for are morosa maybe she still has that tape that no one ever saw

  30. But no one is talking about the fact that trump is not letting three important people from testifying to Congress as part of the oversight that Congress has a constitutional responsibility to carry out

  31. Why do Democrats keep getting away with so much highly illegal activity? Is there going to be no accountability for the people who really keep abusing their power, making dirty deals and extorting their rivals. It's ridiculous how bad this problem has gotten,are we going to keep letting the democrats do whatever they want no matter what laws they break?

  32. Remember folks; America is the Empire' of propaganda ! M. McConnell has always been a career politician ! unfortunately..he's not the only one !

  33. Hear that. Pelosi is the victim. LOL. No. She went along with this. She is trying to time the Senate trial for the re-election campaigning period.

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