Jacinda Ardern urges world leaders to act on climate change: ‘Nothing to fear’

Jacinda Ardern urges world leaders to act on climate change: ‘Nothing to fear’

You don’t have to cede power
by acting on climate change. There’s nothing to fear about
your individual political status. Actually, this is about being
on the right side of history. Do you want to be a leader
that you look back in time and say that you were
on the wrong side of the argument when world
was crying out for a solution? And it’s as simple
as that, I think. – Yeah, well said.
Well said. [Applause] – David, I’m going to
ask you the same question – I asked the prime minister. – If you could have
a heart-to-heart – with a head of state
who is not yet doing anything – on this, what would
you say? Think of the children. – Think of the children. Think of your children
and your children’s children and what we are doing
to the planet at the moment. And could you look them
in the eye and say: “I knew what could be done
to stop the degradation of the environment and
of the climate but it was too difficult
and rather boring.” – Yeah. “And I failed to do it
and you are now going to take
the consequences.”


  1. Oh wow so it’s just as simple as that, what side of the political spectrum will you be on and think of the children guilt trip again…

  2. There is no debate on whether global warming is real, man made, and a threat to civilization and much of life on Earth. Just what is to be done about it. My message to politicians worldwide:

  3. Nothing to fear then why the talk? Lying asses nazi trying to look impressionable. Sad. Yea it is that simple wasnt the nazi on the wrong side begore they got destroyed? So yea your political choice does matter. Damn liars

  4. [toggle title=”97% of scientists say manmade climate change is real. How can you go against them?”]

    The claim that “97% of scientists agree” is based on 77 anonymous scientists who responded to a an online survey. The survey started by seeking opinions from 10,257 scientists. However, the survey authors selectively whittled down the responses to just 77 scientists. So the 97% “consensus” claim is not based on thousands of scientists or even hundreds of scientists – but 75 out of only 77 scientists. Thus, the oft repeated 97 percent “consensus’ is based on only 75 anonymous scientists.

  5. this is liberal centrist cosy nonsense – the powerful will need to change, there will need to be a radical upheaval for us to live within our means …. or exploit asteroids instead

  6. They are killing us, they are killing trees around the world, they are killing animals, fish and insects. And they want us to pay them for doing that. Tens of billions of dollars. How much was it again for the next five years? There is no such thing as global warming. It is the biggest scam the world has ever seen. New Zealand is being drowned in chemicals and smoke by the artificial weather making as she is speaking about this. And she knows that.

  7. He is another one, her nation is in chaos, 80% of doctors are on strike, teachers have been striking, the economy is in free fall, but she wants to preach to the world that her S%&* doesn't stink

  8. Taxinda doesn't even listen to her own country and hasn't followed through on her what she campaigned on, the woman is purely lip service.

  9. Climate change is a Marxist con…9100 years out of last 10000 warmer than today. All predictions were wrong. The UN Al Gore etc just want to deindustrialize the West, then destroy it with Marxism to enslave the West.

  10. UK has biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU, finds commission ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/23/uk-has-biggest-fossil-fuel-subsidies-in-the-eu-finds-commission

  11. WHY did you disable chat on the Prince William livestream? WHY are you censoring your subscribers? Is it b/c you hold them in utter contempt? So much for the goody two shoes 'left wing radical' DEMOCRATIC Guardian LOL. Pathetic

  12. My original comment keeps changing! It is being displayed as STOP the tax then changing Celtic revivals comment written in bold. The commies have hacked into my comment….or something. Anthropogenic GW is a Marxist con to destroy the West

  13. This conference is a fraud … the participants would have you believe the entire economies of the western world ought to be turned upside down based on highly suspect computer models … AND with China and India paying no attention whatsoever to this hoax … no, the single biggest tax grab in history is being disguised to look like a heroic effort to save the planet … sorry, the riots will continue in France (serves Macron right!), and you can count me OUT!!!

  14. instead of lamenting over who doubts definitions of politicized 'debate' or failing to attach 'shame' onto regurgitated stereotypical targets like another bad snl skit or miserably ignoring the highest pollution carbon emission contribution parameters, clinton catastrophe crew media rackets should specifically focus on securing ocean aquatic system health as their climate change fanaticism. then they can move onto thawing out antarctica and cooling australia.

  15. She is lying. TO stop total catastrophe then the economy will have to in effect disappear. She is trivial, and knows almost nothing. The time is LONG past to avoid catastrophe whilst being able to sustain the global economy and not see billions die.

  16. give me your money or your grand children will die.( 20 years earlier they said give me your money
    or your computer will die)

  17. (Climate poo* 2π + climate moo √x) = climate change

    X is the rate of hydrogenated cosmic pulse.

    Presented to you by the best mind of climate science .🎅

  18. Very interested to know what health safeguards Jacinda is putting in place to protect baby Neave against the nasty, and very real effects 5g has on the human body.
    Or is she just going to take the chance that the damage won't be too bad?


  20. wow … When David talks, I keep expecting him to produce a light saber from his back pocket … "your father wanted you to have this, it's up to you now."

  21. She would. She is merely a mouthpiece for liberal dogma. I could write speeches for this dreadful creature. New Zealamd I'd fucked. Next, she'll demand the All Blacks change their name as it's racist.

  22. "Think of the Children" meanwhile David met with the elites in Sicily and agreed that we need to remove 2/3 of the worlds population. lol

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