Is Vladimir Putin Winning?

Is Vladimir Putin Winning?

President Barack Obama controversially expelled
35 Russian diplomats from American soil in December 2016. Russian President Vladimir
Putin said he would not do the same in return. Putin says he does not need to retaliate to
Obama because of President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-Russian attitudes. Put simply, Putin has
the upper hand. A few months earlier, Russian Lt Gen Evgeny
Buzhinksky claimed the U.S.A. and Russia are now in a new Cold War. And it looks like Russia
is winning. Obama expelled the diplomats because of a
series of hacks on the Democrat and Republican parties. U.S. Intelligence services blame
Russia for the hacks, and Obama accuses Putin of deliberately undermining the democratic
process in America. A few weeks before the 2016 presidential election, Putin withdrew
from a major nuclear disarmament pact with America. Russia says America is trying to
undermine its global influence, and ultimately depose Putin. But U.S.-Russian relations have been fraught
for the past decade. Washington accuses Moscow of supporting and supplying insurgents in
the Ukraine. The two nations are also opposed over the war in Syria. Though Putin claims
he is fighting terrorism, the Obama administration says he is deliberately targeting rebels who
oppose Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Russia is also accused of war crimes like attacking
aid convoys, civilian hospitals and passenger jets, as well as violating ceasefire agreements. When asked by a reporter why relations between
the Kremlin and the White House collapsed over Syria, Putin said: “It is not because
of Syria. This is about one nation’s attempt to enforce its decisions on the whole world.” Molly McKew, an advisor on foreign policy
and strategic communications, says America needs to enter a new Cold War in order to
curb Putin’s aggression. Journalist Jeet Heer says McKew is mistaken – Russia is already
at war with America, and has been for years. However, McKew may have accurately outlined
Putin’s complex strategy. She argues he is destabilising the balance of power, so
that nations are no longer aligned with the USA against the former Communist bloc in the
east, but against each other – and especially against the USA. She says the key to this strategy is information
control. It’s not propaganda in the traditional sense – instead, the emphasis is on sowing
mistrust in western governments. State-sponsored internet trolls conduct online campaigns to
shut down criticism of Russia and to point out mistakes and crimes western leaders have
committed. In this regard, analyst Eric Garland notes
that America has unwittingly payed into this scheme. In the 1980s, the U.S. armed and trained
the Taliban to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, leading to the creation of al Qaeda and the
War on Terror. By invading Iraq in 2003 without a plan for peace, NATO and U.S.-led coalition
forces destabilised the region and triggered a civil war. Obama himself accused Britain
of doing the same in Libya in 2011. The result has been the rise of Daesh and the ongoing
war in Syria. Consequently, Putin can claim he is trying
to clean up the West’s mess. Thanks to the openly anti-Russian statements of politicians
like John McCain and Presidents Bush and Obama, Putin is able to present himself as the victim
of U.S. aggression. The point is that whether or not you believe him, many people in the
West don’t know who to trust. To this end, Putin has been immeasurably aided
by huge security breaches in recent years. Leaks from Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden
have exposed illegal activities by western surveillance. Wikileaks continues to damage
the reputations of politicians and intelligence agencies. Even the President-elect publicly
disdains the intelligence community. Meanwhile, crusading journalists like Glenn Greenwald
inadvertently do a lot of Putin’s work for him by challenging policies and exposing secrets;
and the right-wing press fosters hatred for various subgroups of society. The result is
that governments look incompetent and criminal, and society is divided over whether leakers
are heroes or traitors. Deep divisions like these legitimately express themselves in the
democratic process, with controversial outcomes like Brexit and Trump. The EU’s borders
are shrinking alongside its economy, while Trump openly undermines NATO’s power. These happen to be Russia’s publicly stated
goals. Putin invaded the Crimea when the Ukraine’s new government moved to join the EU. Russia
invaded Georgia in 2008 explicitly to prevent it joining NATO. Then there is Syria, where
Putin has successfully stopped the Assad regime being overthrown and replaced with a leadership
more friendly to the West. In December 2016, he arranged the most successful Syrian ceasefire
yet, began withdrawing Russian forces and initiated peace talks. This makes him appear
the most effective statesman in the war. This strategy exploits the West’s open reluctance
to commit ground troops, harm civilians or violate ceasefires – something Putin has no
problem doing. Yet according to Moscow, Putin’s ultimate
aim is not to be dragged into prolonged proxy wars or an ever-escalating military stand-off
with the West. He wants to renegotiate the world order; to set Russia back on equal footing
with western powers after two-and-a-half decades of being ignored. So far, his only demands
are for NATO and western economic sanctions to be scaled back. However, there may be an ulterior motive at
work. Scholars like Kathryn Stoner and Michael McFaul say Putin is trying to distract his
own citizens from domestic problems. As the Panama Papers revealed, Putin’s government
is corrupt. Its electoral is system so rigged in his favour that many accuse him of running
a dictatorship. He has an appalling record for repressing gay rights and the freedom
of the press, and for assassinating opponents. This is not to mention the flagging economy,
which is dependent on natural resources like oil, whose value is volatile. Since the Russian
economy crashed in 1998, economic sanctions imposed by the West have worsened the situation. Yuval Weber, Assistant Professor at Harvard
University, says the future rests upon Donald Trump. The USA’s new President has consistently
praised Putin and appointed Cabinet several members who are friendly towards Russia. What’s
more, a leaked intelligence report says Russia not only helped Trump win the presidency,
but may even hold compromising material on Trump with which they can control him. These
claims may be untrue, but they nonetheless divide Western society and weaken faith in
Russia’s strongest opponent: the U.S. government. In the best case scenario, Russian aggression
really is a defence against American foreign policy, and Trump’s friendliness will stop
the new cold war. But what if Putin is trying to re-establish Russian superpower or distract
from his own domestic problems? Well, Weber says Trump’s pro-Russian attitude will simply
give Putin free reign to challenge NATO and Europe. Russia could expand even further. Trump has yet to announce his policy on Russia.
He may take a more hardline approach than we expect. Evidence suggests his presidency
will be isolationist, shunning foreign wars and free trade. Journalist Jeet Heer warns that a new cold
war is the worst possible idea for America. It provides the opportunity for emerging superpowers
like India and China to fill the void left by economically isolationist and cold-warring
Russia and USA. Either way, it looks like Putin is in control.


  1. This was so bad even CNN wont send you a job application.. Thank you Alltime Conspiracies for showing what a joke you are 🙂


  3. why do people always foget the things russia had to go through due to its weaker leaders.whether putin is a good guy or a bad guy at least he is trying to build his country from the shame it had to go through in the 80s and 90s

  4. Found a few intelligent comments at the top (including the ones about memes). Then scrolled down, my brain progressively getting filled with more and more benign tumors of ignorant fucks.

    Trump isn't a "puppet." Putin is not trying to "destabilize" America. If anything, America themselves did that by electing Obummer. Since Trump got elected, the American economy has only gotten better. Trump wanting to improve America's nukes isn't a call to war, but simply bolstering a country's defense. Anyone who frowns upon their own country become stronger economically and militarily should be frowned upon themselves.

  5. I like how almost all Western media outlets portray Vladdie as a loonie,a narcissistic maniac,a power loving psycho that wants to eradicate humanity off this earth,then I come back to this video and think:Man,this guy really is without a shout of a doubt the biggest genius in the world when it comes to geopolitical strategy.

  6. I want Russia to win. The West ruined everything, including the West itself, in this world. Wherever there is a terrorist, be sure it's because of the West. Have a look at terrorist organizations and where they are located. Boko Haram is located in those countries mainly where is former French colonies. Who is fighting against Boko Haram mainly? France? When? When there is a need to overthrow a government that is against being exploited insidiously. ISIS? It is Anglo-American colony army to overthrow those gov'ts that are going against neo-colonization. I'm not saying Russia is an angel. However, this world, our planet, people of this plant need to truly get rid of colonization, I meant, neo-colonization. all the people must be free! In the real sense of word! Free! Have a look at Gaddafi, Saddam, etc.

  7. Us "Accidentally" Drops bombs on a hospital "oh yeah, its fine, everyone makes mistakes Russia ACTUALLY Accidentally drops bombs on a hospital, OR Russia thinks there are weapons, terrorists etc. in there, and they decide to drop a bomb, if they're sure. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT RUSSIA, WTF ARE YOU DOING, THAT'S A WAR CRIME YOU FUCKING IDIOT DOGS, FUCK OFF, YOU FUCKING SHIT NATION"

    Tf is this?

  8. well russians i hope you are happy you got what you wanted trump won but later you found out that this guy is worse than Obama and is ready to attack kim joung shit and brainwashed North korea

  9. US lost when they decided to print their toilet paper currency with no limitation, all the Russians did was push the yanks over the edge.

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  11. It's a good reflection overall, but I wanted to add two corrections:
    1. Russia invaded Georgia because the Government attacked ethnic Russians in Georgia. (according to Russia)
    2. Crimea was never invaded, Russia had a military base there since ages, so they were already there. (fact)

  12. Trump and Putin's interests contradict each other. Thus Trump can leak secrets to the Russians whatsoever, but the US and Russia will (luckily) not get a good relationship

  13. Now take a second , One realize the world was more stable during the cold war , Two look at the history of the area , In much the same was we must look at the Geo-political state when General Mao took power with the British forcing opium into china until they literally broke the dynastic system that had been China to judge the communist party and Mao, we do need to look at what came before Putin to have a proper contextual view of Putin and his policies , Three Wars will always kill innocent people and it is foolish to think anyone but for real superman can just go kill only the bad guys , not with U.S airstrikes , not with Russian ground troops , War will reap that is what it does . Four it really does not matter who is winning and who is lying , We are loosing , and we need to start winning , by slow disconnection from the grid to reliance on renewable sources and community supplementary food growth problems to hopefully stop the need for energy wars and stop the hunger that leads people to the dark side .

  14. What a lot of unadulterated bullshit.
    Have these idiots seen the IMF and OECD figures on the Russian economy ?
    I guess you can tell how aggressive the Russians are being by them establishing 900 military bases around the world.
    What ? They've only got 2.?
    Who has the 900 bases then ?
    Oh, the non-aggressive Americans. Really ?

  15. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT ELITE NWO PROPAGANDA AND A PUTIN BASHER. Putin and Trump are forming an alliance and the elites cannot stop it. People sick to death of war.

  16. Putin is the best. Smart person which is fighting aganist neoliberalism and demcracy! Democracy and neoliberalism are totalitarism!

  17. Havent you seen the improvement in russiam gdp and the new arsenal of russian armored and air vehicles? They aint built on propaganda like the USA

  18. So in the end the man's a genius and he's outsmarted everything and everyone. Fitting for a an ex-KGB agent.

  19. lol thats bullshit. people have so much resentment towards the US. There isnt anything Russia has done to create that resentment.

  20. Im sorry but the people of the united states do a pretty good job of dividing themselves – no need to blame any particular person for that.

  21. Propaganda is getting lower and lower. Americans need better people behind their fake news to make them a little believable.

  22. Thisbis very well done. Giving credit to you enemy’s success and than Putying on the shit on him with well spun rhetoric. CONGRATS. ?

  23. Russia's GDP dropped from 2.3 to 1.3 trillion in the last 3 years while Putin's is a billionaire from jazz dancing. Winning? BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!! It would be better if Dr. Doom ran the country.

  24. Im Scottish and I love vladimir Putin hes so handsome and I agree with him and if he did leak emails well done about time everyone new what these countries are doing to others stop war and people are scared to speak up were not getting told the truth why should other people pay for our government mess only God can take a life what about the innocent civilians stop fighting start loving if he's corrupt why is he the only one telling us the truth about things everyone should be too puttin

  25. Well it looks like the same good ol' news we get every year. Oh you better run and hide because mainstream media is loosing money, look out they're shooting us with scare tactics and the big bad country is coming. Gotta love YouChewb

  26. We have enough issues with our own failed crooked ass government.We should focus on that first ,Trump is a great start!!
    We must protect him.GOD BLESS AMERICA?

  27. Can someone please explain why South Africa is pink, South America is green, England and Northern Ireland and Turkey are purple, Western Europe is Yellow and are the greyed out counties neutral?

  28. Heavily biased BS, the US bombs more hospitals and innocents everywhere, just shows how the American propaganda machine gets its nasty little tendrils in everything now, even conspiracies.

    InB4 "Russian hacker dur dur dur"
    fuck the usa and russia

  29. it amazes me how we have managed to establish a society on the principles of competition and power rather than cooperation and teamwork. nevertheless, changing this dominating global policy seems impossible as this would require a collective will to change, something which has yet to come. it really is sad…

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