Is There an Alternative to Political Correctness?

Is There an Alternative to Political Correctness?

Political Correctness is, in many ways, an
extraordinary and admirable achievement of our age. It involves an acute sensitivity
to the suffering of minority groups traditionally overlooked by the dominant forces in society
– and a commitment to teasing out examples of adversity in the large but also the small
moments of daily life. Its aim is to spread empathy, justice and fairness. For a movement
with such admirable aims, it is surprising how many people it appears to have upset.
The reason may lie not so much with its noble underlying ambitions as with the manner of
their execution. When we receive lessons in political correctness, some of the following
may occur: – We’ll be invited to see ourselves as rather nastier than we had ever imagined
we might be and much more closely involved in oppressing others. We can – at points
– feel unbearably guilty. – A generous path to redemption won’t necessarily be
on offer: the oppression to which we discover we are party is so large and widespread, it
appears it won’t be in any one person’s remit to solve it. We’ll just need to keep
feeling guilty. – We realise that the target of our re-education isn’t just our manners
and what we outwardly say or do. It is also our thoughts. Our guilt spreads to a new area:
the very recesses of our minds. – We learn that we are, comparatively, extremely privileged.
What’s tricky is that we may not feel ourselves to be so, though this is precisely – we
are informed – the leading symptom of our inbuilt advantages. We are so privileged as
to be unaware of our privilege. But inside us, it may seem as if we were being taxed
on a legacy we had never actually received; as if four generations back, we’d had a
wealthy great-aunt we’d never met and from whom we’d never received any money, but
on whose estate we now learnt we were expected to pay an enormous tax bill. We seem to be
faced with an unfortunate choice. Either we embrace the goals of kindness as defined by
political correctness, but face a high degree of non-redemptive guilt and humiliation along
the way. Or, in a bid to regain our peace of mind, we give up on all attempts to be
sensitive and generous under the terms proffered, and feel ourselves implicitly pushed into
the camp of the boorish, the insensitive and the crude – to which we don’t actually
want to belong, but to which there seem few alternatives. There is, however, an important
way out of this dichotomy, a philosophy of social concern and interaction that flies
under a deceptively simple and traditional name: politeness. Politeness shares some of
the major objectives of political correctness: it too wants a world of sensitivity, kindness
and grace. It too seeks to avoid causing suffering to strangers. But it has some decisive – and
very helpful – differences. Political correctness
zeroes in on the distress of particular groups in society; it is selective in its emphasis
on where respect needs to be directed. The ambition of politeness, however is more expansive:
it commands that one should be deeply courteous to everyone, whatever creed, colour and background
they might be. No one is left out and therefore no one can feel embittered. Politeness recognises we will naturally and inevitably
sometimes have mean or dark thoughts about other social groups. The philosophy of politeness
doesn’t panic, because it accepts that our brains are in many ways primitive. It doesn’t
believe that such thoughts can ever be entirely removed. Instead, the effort is concentrated
in the one area where it matters above all: how people actually behave towards one another
day to day. This is where politeness directs all its attention – and gets strict. Our
manners must be beyond reproach; our thoughts can be left to themselves. Political correctness is highly tied to politics, and specifically, to a left-leaning
agenda. The big risk is that if one disagrees with the politics, one might then ignore the
overall command for sensitivity and kindness. This is where Politeness has an enormous advantage,
for it is prior to and larger than politics. It starts in childhood, in the way we treat
our little sister, the bus driver or our awkward uncle. Politeness teaches us tenderness to
the vulnerabilities of others irrespective of what’s happening in the economy and without
reference to a particular interpretation of history. Politeness doesn’t belong to any
one political group; it’s simply a basic requirement of being human. The polite person is polite in a crucial area: the business of teaching
politeness to others. They never make anyone feel guilty for not already being polite.
They take it for granted that no one ever starts off that way. They see rudeness as
a consequence of not having been sufficiently helped or of being in pain, not a sign of
evil. They make the attractions of courtesy appealing through their own gentle behaviour. Political correctness can
seem as if it is laying down principles we have to follow. Politeness suggests it is
giving us aspirations it would be beautiful if we managed to follow. The difference is
key. When you have to do something, you no longer feel any pride or virtue in doing so.
But if an action is voluntary, we come away with a glowing sense of our own decency in
having chosen the right path. It is the difference between charity and taxation: the former feels
noble and kindly, the latter, an oppressive chore we’d love to wriggle out of. It is
a tragedy of the age that some of the goals of politeness have been undermined by the
more forbidding aspects of political correctness. We need to rediscover politeness as a route
back to building more civil, less mean-spirited societies and to giving proper expression
to what is always a fundamental force in us: the desire to be kind and respectful to others.


  1. PC is a pillar of Cultural Marxism, the flip side being Critical Theory. The object is the destruction of Western values and the White race. It is total manipulation and evil in origin.

  2. Polical Correctness ignorances the the individuals truth. Their are no "groups" IF WE DONT TAKE SIDES. How egotistical is it, in a democracy, that one of us can just declare what is correct and what isn't. Liberals, we aren't noble, we just react to ideas in books without hardly any experience in life! We are mixing societal concepts with individual experience and can't tell the difference. It is never healthy to just cling to ideas that you only understand in the head but not in the heart. Who do we think we are? Practice insight meditation(basically what mindfulness is) and practice Metta AKA loving-kindness, if you want yourself and others around you to to be more happy, at peace and not suffer from your assumptions.IMHO and experience.

  3. An overdose of inter generational non redemptive guilt will almost inevitably cause a backlash, when too much is laid on the guild ridden person will snap and double down on the thing they are being punished for based on the theory that if punishment is inevitable then they may as well do the things that they are getting punished for and derive some benefits from it.

  4. The premise of PC is that someone else gets to decide what you should think, do, and say. People hate it because the concept is something that George Orwell could have written a novel about. It takes freedom from one group and hands it to another, effectively reversing the historical positions of those in power and those who were oppressed. The far better solution to bigotry is an understanding that no one has the right to violate anyone else's rights, because we were all created equally and thus have equal rights with equal importance. If that were taught to every American from a young age, most of our problems would be gone because the majority would finally see that the group is more important than the individual. Freedom is meant to be used for the greater good, not personal gain.

  5. Politeness? Could you explain that to the millions of europeans upset about the refugees entering their countries who hate political correctness because it clashes with their nationalist , racist, bigoted, and islamaphobic views? Politely of course. We wouldn't want them to feel attacked by our suggestion.

  6. People, stop complicating this. Just be nice to each other. Quit complaining about eachother, focus on how you live, and serve other people, dont hist critisize them.

  7. Alternative: don’t push people to feel guilty about things they didn’t do and don’t dictate what people can and can’t say.

  8. Politeness is not allowed anymore. I seriously go out of my way to be polite and I am spurned because there are people who are obsessed with intersectionality and tribalism and cannot get past the color of my skin. If I am who they think I am, something not based in facts and not accurate as to who I really am, my efforts to communicate effectively are shouted down and I am labeled. Everyone has to do politeness for it to be a viable solution. Buy in at this level is impossible. I will continue to treat others as I want to be treated, but even that sentiment is considered to be derived from a phallogocentric patriarchal oppressive hierarchy.

  9. The problem with political correctness, is that when people try to be politically correct they often don't care about what the majority of the population think, just that those few who are a bit different (like with religion or ethnicity) should be pleased in the sense that they feel "comfortable". So simply put, political correctness hinders true democracy because the majority often don't have enough to say compared to those "few" that I mentioned. The "few" who politicians try to please in every way so that they gain favour with the left, who are often more vocal about their "inconveniences" and therefor get more attention. If a pie-chart says that there are 10% against and 90% for why should those 10% get the most attention and get the most done for them. Like how politicians advocate for the unchristianation of Christmas because in the schools there might be 1 or 2 people who follow another religion which doesn't celebrate the birth of Christ.

  10. This video misses the point. The problem is not being or not sensitive or nice to people or promoting justice. Political correctness actually backfires terribly. First because it is a glorified form of censorship. By censoring people, some times some important topics are not explored because people can't talk about them. For example: islam is a supremacist ideology. And it's not okay to believe in supremacy of people over other people. Discussing this issue does not equal prejudice. The second problem with political correctness is that it became a tool for determining offensiveness of otherwise inoffensive words. For example, what's the problem with the word "cripple"? It is a perfectly inoffensive word that political correctness twisted and transformed into a bad thing. Being cripple is not a shameful thing. If someone is cripple, that's no one's fault. Calling a cripple "disabled" will not heal the cripple. A cripple is not less of a person because of his or her condition. It's sad that people can have limitations, but hiding it by calling it something else doesn't do anything. Third, political correctness actually induces injustice. For example, quotas. People who benefit from quotas have a privilege, which is unfair to those who don't. Political correctness doesn't give equal opportunities, it gives the illusion of opportunities. For example, having 50% women in parliament is not necessarily democratic. Members of parliament are people who are interested in working with politics. Women simply are less inclined to do this type of work. It doesn't mean that parliament is a sexist environment. The same way that having most MPs right-handed is not a prejudice against left-handed people. People tend to over-simplify problems and political correctness doesn't help. Actually, it exacerbates problems because people hide behind it and play victims all the time. They point fingers and fight for stupid reasons. Political correctness is authoritarian system of euphemisms. Political correctness is bullshit.

  11. All people needs education about all about the complete and unbiased human history, past philosophy and sciences and its impact to the current world, with tolerance while learning all of them.

    Robert E. Howard is possibly correct in stating that civilization weakens man.

  12. The political correctness format presented in this video seems to contradict the idea of a lower state of consciousness being the dominant force in behavior presented by same author in a different video, I hope I am not cherry picking however do have the modesty to allow a lower state of consciousness derived action as with this precise commentary. My question becomes, and please correct me, why does it seem that political correctness not only brings a great deal of violence but justifiably so when it is supposed to be a component of behavior derived from the activity of the neurocortex or higher consciousness?

  13. Political Correctness is ruining everything, from movies to society and the brains of people. everyone feels so oppressed nowadays, but the truth is that they oppress themselves. feminists, sjw… all of them.

  14. This doesn’t even come off as well researched or understanding of the historic conditions of why we are were we are.

    We’re suddenly just supposed to accept the premise of the video and it’s definitions as if fact. And this isn’t even the first video of this channel that I’ve seen do this.

    It’s almost actually revisionist when it tells you “just be polite!” I think most people know how to be polite.

    But that is entirely different from understanding history and how it has gotten us to a point where people are treated unequally. And being polite doesn’t really fix that. Acknowledging it, does.

    I.E. when you decide help a wheelchair bound person go up a hill by pushing their wheelchair, you’re not just being polite. You acknowledge that the effort they’re gonna put in trying to go up, you can lessen it at little expense to yourself by helping them.

    So you acknowledge the fact that they are at a disadvantage. You acknowledge their differences. And you facilitate their conditions.

    That isn’t just a valid declaration of “be nice to each other!” like the video decides we should do. It’s a conscious effort to understand others and understand the systems of the communities we engage with.

    Moreover, you don’t have to flagellate yourself in an attempt to appease “PC Culture”. Sometimes you’re not ready to bear the brunt of the strong emotions felt by others. And that’s fine. Some things sort of click over time, and it is human nature to protect oneself when accused.

    But if we don’t critically examine the conditions in which we create places were people are unequal, we can never fix them.

    So bringing it back to wheelchairs, we can never accommodate for a wheelchair if we don’t first understand why someone would need it in the first place.

    The same applies to everything else, I would think.

  15. How You Can Talk To Right-Wingers & Just Everyone

  16. Politeness is just that; political correctness is a weapon used by SJWs to intimidate, shame, and coerce. That is the intention of this video, and it didn't work. Masking coercion with the false analogy of polite = PC is reprehensible, and unlikely to succeed with any thinking man. Need an example? Look no further than this comment. It is polite, and it is certainly not PC.

  17. Political correctness is literally a negative word. I doesnt make sense to defend it. It was made relevant with a negative meaning. It is very irrational to defend a negative word.

  18. Unfortunately this is pure fiction.
    A 'lover of Truth' can't possibly accept this assessment of PC nor 'privelege'. PC is used to silence, propagate views and is actually a subtle negative that is blanketing/polluting the non-questioning mind. The 'error' of PC is it is BASED ON PERCEPTION. Covering painful hard realities such as extreme intellectual and physical differences amongst individuals.
    Thus, PC confuses PSEUDO compassion with ACTUAL Compassion. History clearly attests to the fate of The Great Carriers of Truth: Socrates, Christ, Gandi, MLK etc. All killed!!

  19. Political correctness is the steppingstone to totalitarianism. Our last inch of freedom, the freedom of speech is under attack. Wake up ignorant. We all know the agenda. People who has read history book, know this is how Fascism and other dictatorships started. Oh well I could read a book about PC propaganda. Is is 💩 crap. Be yourself and say what you like. Even if you offend. Who cares. Time to reverse this PC madness

  20. Political correctness is enforced kindness so therefore it has become a right not a virtue which ironically contradicts freedom of speech however with freedom comes responsibility that a does not mean SJW may use this as a sword for a man hunt but rather as a shield and dialogue to unpack these bias and if possible find a resolve instead we see one becomes no better than the other!

  21. The left-leaning tendencies of political correctness tend to be taken by the adherents of political correctness as a licence to be impolite to those who are not 110% on their side.

  22. Political correctness is America's newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people's language with strict codes and rigid rules. I'm not sure that's the way to fight discrimination. I'm not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.
    George Carlin, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

  23. Political correctness has nothing to do with politeness. It is good to be polite generally, I'll give you that. Politically correctness is a weaponized tactic, that has been used against the American people to make certain arguments "off the table" and cause division and hatred among the general public. There are certain arguments you simply can't make to most of the population because it immediately offends them, regardless of the facts and reality of the situation. PC is an attack on our freedom of speech, and that was the point of it from the beginning. It has everything to do with controlling the thoughts and words of the population, and using the people themselves to police each other and limit our own free speech. Terrible, despicable thing.

  24. Political correctness has never been about sensitivity and kindness, it is, and always has been, a method of control. Empower victims using the empathy of others and turn yourself into a victim so that you now have leverage over them. This is why political correctness is so heavily politicised. It is a means of attaining social and political power.

    People have done terrible things in the name of "the greater good." Just because you claim your goals are noble, it doesn't actually make them noble in practice.
    I mean, Hitler's goal of empowering the downtrodden and starving German people seemed noble in theory… that is, until he annexed the Sudetenland and murdered 6 million Jews.
    Hitler – Noble in theory, not so noble in practice (you can quote me on that.)

    Let's pick a less extreme example. The "N word." By banning certain people from using it on the grounds that it is hurtful, you are, by necessity, restricting their human right to say whatever they want. This is wrong even if only on principle. Nobody should have a right to dictate what words come out of another's mouth, weather you are black, white, asian or anything in between. The theory is that we ban it because it is hurtful, but the practice is that we restrict the inherent freedoms of others.
    Banning the N word – Noble in theory, not so noble in practice.

    Please note that context matters. There is a difference between simply saying the N word and using it as a means of intimidation. Intimidation is never OK, except in very specific circumstances (e.g. police attempting to control a crowd of rowdy sports fans.) There is absolutely no reason why you should be yelling it in the street at someone you don't know.

    "Oppression" has become subjective and the goalposts are constantly moving. Some people consider "micro-aggressions" (any perceived slight, weather intentional or not) to be oppression and use them as a way of restricting the freedom of others, which is, by definition, oppression in and of itself. As stated above, this is the goal of political correctness. To gain leverage and control through the weaponisation of the concept of victim-hood by using people's own empathy against them.

    TLDR: Political correctness is psychological abuse. By turning other people's inherent empathy into a weapon to use against them you can do horrible things without fear of repercussion. Also "the greater good" is never a good excuse for harming other people.

  25. You mean my mom was right? “Just be nice” is actually a thing? It’s sad that we even have to explain this.

  26. This here is why I regected and denounced Political Correctness, its both unnecessary, and will never solve the problems it hopes to fix. All it gives birth to is hate.

  27. To some, allowing a 'transgender' to compete in woman's sporting events is part of 'correctness'. Yep, totally a women when it suits them! The day is coming when
    every competent will receive a gold medal in the Olympic Games.

  28. PC was never about politeness, it was always about control and it's the most impolite and divisive ideology there is. The Australian Human Rights Commission was criticised for creating more discrimination and more oppression than it claimed to solve and it almost lost its funding over it. It succeeded in dividing neighbour against neighbour and radicalising people that previously had no problem with people from a different background because they were being punished and accused constantly by people who sought to have illegitimate power over them, tyrants about as impolite as you could get policing every aspect of people's lives in places that they had no business being and rabid unchecked character assassination and calls for violence, Antifa didn't just spring up out of nowhere and they have no qualms about crushing people they claim to care about and be fighting for under foot in the Stampede for virtue signalling Glory.

    It's pathologizing to say someone doesn't know their own mind. It's also the first rule in the treatment trauma you don't compare traumas, it's not a competition and it silences those who are encouraged to speak to resolve everyone's trauma. In doing what they are doing they are re-traumatizing people so very much not a safe space to anyone who's genuinely been traumatised. What too about hidden trauma, can you know just by looking? The assumption someone is or isn't and how they cope or thrive is another layer of discrimination. What's especially toxic is the way so much of this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and how others in the group they are bound to identify to whether they like it or not or are called a traitor and vilified by both sides deliberately hold them back when they try and rise above any adversity, assuming they do actually face adversities. It's very difficult to pin down these days because you have multiple levels and multiple intersecting layers, one person could on the surface appear to be the most disadvantage person yet have the most advantage in society and vice versa, it also and carriages people to declare what gets their back up and walk around with a giant great big kick me sign strapped to their back, it's such a blunt tool as to be worse than useless.

    If people are supposed to be polite then they can't be with political correctness, it makes it impossible it's not an alternative to political correctness to be polite it's in direct opposition of it, the two are mortal enemies. Where I've washed up on all of this is having gone from being polite having it thrown back in my face and accused of everything under the sun mean while ticking almost all of the victimhood boxes yet have never made a career out of playing the victim having Stead chosen to find my own path to rise above it instead of expecting other people to fix my problems for me and now it's left me out the other end of been chewed up and spat out for doing the right thing in a position where I now no longer trust anybody from any of these so-called victim groups unless someone is polite to me first and I can get to see where they're coming from I don't have time for them so well done PC you've succeeded spectacularly in creating your own private collection of hells.

  29. The video (and comment section largely) obviously misunderstand the term" political correctness" completely, as (just like for example the term SJW) it has always been a well-poisoning right wing derogatory term for (among other things) people/initiatives trying to correct imbalances of the distribution of aforementioned politeness (and you know… wealth and human rights and stuff like that) towards different social groups. "Oh that Martin Luther King is just a caviar eating elitist socialist welfare king fascist snowflake with his dream about white and black people living in the same life essence sucking cul-de-sacs. What a Political Correct SJW… that dangerous black troublemaker would have been had he not been shot during his non race related (yet very socialist… but don't tell anyone) poor people's campaign. . He's not even a real physician lulz". Nevertheless, if people that at least think that it would be good not to be an asshole towards other people try their best to do so under the banner of politeness instead of following a mirage of a never having existed American Dream wearing a MAGA baseball cap they take off when they put on their ICE uniform for work… then fine, every inch helps. Also, while this is obviously a blatant misrepresentation verging between absolute ignorance and willful misinterpretation, it does reveal a very real and easily exploitable weak spot in the left wing narrative, which is something the left WILL have to work on, whether that's fair or sad or enraging or just one of those sucky truths of the universe or not.

  30. Political Correctness is extremely dangerous, many of the evils (communism, fascism, sexism, slavery, racism, etc) in humanity happened or still happen because of it.

  31. asking alternative to political correctness as well as asking asking child which need health to hooked for eat some vegetables.

    the answer is don't treat ordinary politician like an adult. most of them just smart baby in big size.

    if you strong in justice and science, just go ahead to sit on the politicians seat if you can. then kill the injustice and stupidity as clean and as safe as possible.

    if you're not that strong, but you are a politician, then you have to be so strong on it. or just give it to someone which strong enough in justice and truth of knowledge.

    political correctness not require polite. it's require super strong mentality which enough to kill tyranny and foolish.

  32. All the politically correct people I know are horrible fuckers. They think they are good people because they are politically correct !  Old fashioned values win every time, politeness, courtesy, good manners are free.

  33. I like the idea of politeness, but I promise you, no one wants to be the recipient of "charity" especially pity. People want their rights that are not "optional" for others. We don't want a benevolent monarch, we want an elected ruler no matter how flawed because there are guarantees in the law. This makes life messier but it is worth fighting for. No one in the end ties value to something that is freely given even if they should. That is the story of life. Officers are challenged everyday to show politeness even while enforcing the law, sometimes it is impossible. There are somethings more important than politeness. So I say go ahead and fight for what you believe in whether politely or not because the fight is what matters. Watch Rocky.

  34. This is a very deeply naive, no…ignorant, take on political correctness. The advocacy of politeness is fine, but the PC discussion is the dumbest I've seen. Wow.

  35. Unfortunately, politeness is just hiding how you really feel, and besides it isn't politically correct enough for the radical leftists. They feed off of obsession over race and sex, and if you don't like you're officially a horrible person who needs to be silenced by force. Politeness is too passive to fight off the constant attempts at indoctrination and because the radical left denies reality and uses language as a weapon they will just re-label their identity politics as "true politeness" in the future.

    The main solution is to reject all forms of authoritarianism, especially ones that use deceptive language, and educate as many people as you can about the hypocrisy of the radical left's political correctness. Also, to encourage freedom of speech in all forms no matter how offensive it might seem, except for direct calls to violence. Choose to be strong and make your children strong instead of thin skinned. Pity the people who's relationships are so weak that they need to hide behind kind words in order to avoid falling apart.

  36. I am not supportive of political correctness, however, I see some problems that some people would ask themselves while watching this video. Although politeness does indeed remove the physical aspect of discrimination (such as racism, etc), people will still be mentally racist, so it does not remove the "true problem". Also, some groups (especially feminists) would say this will just be blindness to all the history of oppression of certain groups. Thank you!

  37. Political correctness is just hypocrisy. The alternative is actually caring. Calling people african americans instead of black makes no difference, treating them with respect does.

  38. I agree with your view on politeness I disagree on your view on political correctness but I guess you mixed these two on purpose (If you can't bully them into PC try to appeal to their conservative conscience to be polite, nice try). I see this video as smooth propaganda piece, nice to listen to but poisonous in its goal. PC is a left mechanism of censorship alone the name should make you think (who determines what is politically correct, what exactly isn't, and who enforces the "rules"?). Every liberty loving human has to reject this authoritarianism. And if I need to vote the Trumps and the Johnsons of this world to Emperors of the Universe to fight this I will. We don't live in Sowjet Russia, people really like living in the West. Try to take that from them even with your peer-(guilt)-pressure and they will "resist" (the real resisting not the pussy-hat "resisting"…). Just a reminder.
    Have a nice day.

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