Is The Economy Just On A ‘Sugar High’ Set To Wear Off By 2020? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Is The Economy Just On A ‘Sugar High’ Set To Wear Off By 2020? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. There's a recession every time a republican is in the WH- literally every time because their economic policies are absurd – trickle down economics doesn't work and has never worked.It's the same reason democrats won in deep red Kansas its cause republicans ruined the Kansas economy with tax cuts for the rich as you might know from the best seller "What's the matter with Kansas "

  2. Of COURSE this is a Sugar High!

    Blowing up the deficit in a Bull Market is crazy! That’s when you save money for a rainy day!

  3. Duped,' 'tricked' and 'snookered': Oil analysts say Trump fooled Saudis into tanking crude prices so says MSNBC
    However you know how they are you can't trust them. Just like Rachel Maddow and her Trump taxes. They should retire this little boy

  4. Sooooo today’s MOCKINGBIRD is finance $$$$$$$. People just look at this site…….last 4 …….yes …….4 segments are FINANCE $$$$$$
    GET A CLUE…….PAY ATTENTION TO what msnbc feeds you daily.

  5. Breaking News! Trump achieves World Peace! Cures Cancer and the common Cold! MSM: won't last, big deal, Give Bummer credit.

  6. It will wear off by 2020 just because democrats control the purse strings and the only thing on their mind is Trump, Trump, Trump

  7. When the demicrats get back in office 2020 they are going to have to promiss to tax the rich again, but to make up for the damage by that time they will have to pay twice as much in taxes.

  8. Kinda the reason why there was another corporate welfare, nothing happened again. So doing the same thing, and expecting the same result is insanity

  9. Suger high? Lol. Obama added 10 trillion in debt, more than all presidents combined. You need to look at the fundamentals, GDP and capital investment. Both are very strong. Much better trade deals have been negotiated. China is next. The Fed is terrible and always has been. They are a private bank, not a government agency. Dems must stop the bloating of government and the 120 billion a year handed out to illegal aliens. What is wrong with you people?? You ignore 4% GDP and the lowest unemployment numbers in history!
    You're lying about the tax cut. 80% of Americans benefit from it. The 20% who don't have democratically held state houses who have high taxes. The Dem tax and spending must stop!

  10. I had to look up "noodling" just to understand the sentiment. It's not a word. So I looked up noodle. Besides being a noodle, or a slang for your head or brain, the third definition was "A stupid incompetent person," so I take it that they are incompetently mulling over our tax cut in a stupid manner. I guess that's why we pay them the big bucks.

  11. Obama's fix for the recession allows for long term growth. However, IQ45 and the GOP have slowly dismantled the fix. So prepare for the economic downturn folks.

  12. The best economic indicator is your local strip club, if it's packed with hot strippers making all kinds of money, the economy is good. If it's a couple of average chicks acting desperate to give you lap dances, the economy is struggling.

  13. FACTS: Unemployment rate is 3.7% but since 2000 we’ve gained 45 million in working age population but only 19 million jobs. Nearly 57% of working age population growth is out of the labor force. Labor force participation has declined from 67% in the late 90’s to 62.9% today. Actual jobs have declined in proportion to working-age population from 64.4% to 60.6%. We are nearly 10 million jobs short of where we were in 2000.

    2018:GDP= $20,412 Billion; Fed Deficit = $779 Billion; Trade Deficit = $566 Billion; Net private sector surplus = $213 Billion (1.04% of national income). If you’ve saved more than 1% of your last year’s income, you’re doing better than average in America. 1% – how pathetic!

    If people would #LearnMMT they would not be so easily deceived by the numbers. The economy is NOT doing great, but the wealthy are.

  14. Sometimes I wonder how many times middle America will be duped by trickle down economics, the first time with Reagan nobody knew what would happen, the second time with George W. maybe they thought well give it another chance, but by the third time it's crazy that so many people still support this kind of giveaway to the ultra rich, i guess the fourth time will be in about 11 to 13 years maybe.

  15. Trump and his followers remains me of Jim Jones and his followers!!! It's so close it's Scary!!! I hope they wake up before it's to late!!!!

  16. All show no go. Who will pay the massive deficits? Heh, I have an idea – the middle class! They were dumb enough to support Donald's tax cut for his rich friends and they have seen NO increase in their take-home pay. Bend over.

  17. the current long-in-tooth bull market will probably implode very soon, just in time for the next democrat president to inherit the mess. what a stupid cycle humans have devised. stop believing the fairy tale of "trickle down" and build a fair system of taxation and good laws. the rich need to be stopped gaming the system or else some kind of revolution is on the horizon.

  18. "We're trying to figure out how to pay for a middle class tax cut"…funny they never ask, "how are we going to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, or wars, or corporate welfare or subsidies for private jets or repealing the inheritance tax, etc, etc, etc". Yeah, funny, ain't it?

  19. I am a little confused, why do Americans think they are receiving a tax cut? As if tax cuts ever happen! If they do, they only last a short time and guess what happens next? TAX Hike! Death and taxes are the only two things guaranteed in life! 🇨🇦😀

  20. Republicans are trying to sabotage our economy while it's healthy to make their wealthy donors richer! At the same time when it crashes blame Social Security and Medicare!

  21. hum um does trump know amazon only has eight rolls of wipe your butt with trump toilet paper left,he has to do something about the trade thingy with pulp paper with canada get it straightened out or Americans not going to get the wipe they want realy 🙂

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  23. Republicans break the economy, and then Democrats come in and fix it. This has been 100% true for the past 100 years. So then you may ask: "Then why do people keep voting for Republicans..?" At this point, given the actual history… I have no friggin' idea. Masochism, maybe.

  24. Trump will get his wall. Democrats need money to rebuild after fires. Swalwell was waiving the waving the white flag last night on msnbc last night. Trump will get money for wall and other things Trump wants. If not, no money for You!! Trump grabbing them by the balls.

  25. This isn't Trump's economy, it's Obama's – takes five, to seven, years for a particular administrations economic policies to kick in. Trump is living on borrowed time economy-wise. When his policies take effect the economic brakes are going to be slammed on real fast.
    Tax cut for the middle class? Doesn't exist – eaten up by corporate tax breaks.
    Corporate tax cuts to create more jobs? Didn't happen – they used it to buy back stock to make CEOs, and stockholders even richer.
    Bigger budget deficit? GOT THAT! But hey … The Republicans have a sure fire plan to take care of that: slash Social Security, and Medicare benefits to pay it down. People will keep paying into those programs… they just won't get the benefits. Clever, huh?
    Yup… I can hardly wait.

  26. They never learn trickle down economics or horse and sparrow theory just doesn't work. It failed in 1896, 1930, 1981, 2008 and now it's going to happen again. Democrats will have to bare the backlash again from the public!!!

  27. Haha, the Dems aren't even in the house yet and the republicans are already laying the blame. The mid terms were perfect for the republicans, they only function well when there's a scapegoat. True fascists .

  28. Trump still giving the 1% tax cuts, mean while the 1% are sucking the middle class dry and he isn't even focused on the debt that the middle class will have to deal with as well as the 1% sucking them dry. So no matter how the working men/women look at it trump is setting them up to fail. Just don't believe his lies, that is the best thing you guys could do for your self.

  29. People should understand that Scump is a royalist at heart with him being the king. That means he wants it cozy for the top 1%. The top 1% fare best when unchallenged in power. this wouldn't be democracy and capitalism but autocracy and oligarchy. Autocracy and oligarchy have poor economies with a few living like kings. That means Scump wins and gets richer while the whole economy and the people are getting poorer and weaker. If Americans do not understand that and still vote for Scump because his con is to make them believe he is for capitalism they cannot be helped. Scump is NOT for capitalism. It's crucial to understand that. It's an interesting paradox that the super-rich fare better in a poor economy. Take Putin. He is the richest man on earth and can do whatever he wants. Russia is poor, so poor that only vodka can help you survive until an early death.

  30. FACT! Since Trump took office less jobs have been created in the last 2 years than the last 2 years of Obama's admin. FACT!

  31. We've been on a sugar high driven by the fraud called supply side economics, Wall Street and abandoning anti-trust since the early 1980's, driven by generally declining interest rates and an explosion of debt, as virtually all economic gains have accrued to the top 1% and the middle class has lost ground. It is interrupted by a crash every decade or so – the S&L scandal in the late 80's, the internet bubble bursting around 2000, the financial collapse in 2008. We should be due for another one in the next year or two.

  32. I have known for two years that the economy would tank, but not until after the midterms. It takes two years for a president to turn an economy around, and Trump is right on schedule. This is what to expect when you hire someone who has gone bankrupt a half dozen times, especially if this bankrupting trust fund baby spent most of his life being bailed out by daddy and after that being bailed out by Russia.

  33. The corporate tax cuts are spent to buy back stocks, pushes the stock market to an artificial (=fake) high. The economy isn't doing well. Not at all. The stocks are being sold again and the bubble of economic growth is about to burst. Another banking desaster and workers pensions are gone, house market crashes. You were there in 2008. Ten years later and the corporations and bankers pull the same bs. In this chaos, Trump will reach to more power. The workers lose healthcare, social security to pay for the corporate tax cut debts. You got robbed three times in fact. Don't fall for the economy and job numbers.

  34. Before the end of this year, 2018, we shall see the economy already start to show the signs of failing…. mark my words and all thanks to tRump and his Republican spineless yes-men.

  35. They were just announcing bipartisan prison reform bill, pretty much as Drump describes anythig," It's going to be really great for everyone". That's what he said when he gave trillions in tax cuts to the rich and corporations and that alone is bankrupting the country. If all the pols are dishonest, is it not just completely hopeless? Buy guns and ammo.

  36. Give it up, Stephanie, there is NO tax cut for the middle class. Trump lied. You know it; we know it. Just call him a liar and move on.

  37. If you want the BEST explanation of this, broke down, rather than rushed through, then search YouTube for this video -> Robert Reich: The Next Crash

  38. Yea… He's making this country great by adding 2 trillions per year to our debt…. And everytime MSNBC inviting trump's dogs then they all lying about great economy….
    In fact, trump made the globalist billionaires much richer …
    the bubble that trump made in wall street will burst very soon….

  39. What happens when you make promises with no actual plan of implementation. It eventually blows up in your face. Ask the farmers, West Virginians, and all the others he made promises to. These trade wars are hurting us more than they are helping us. When a known conman takes control of your business. There can only be one outcome. You end up getting conned.

  40. #thanksTRUMP #hitlerlives trump can’t find any money for the middle class but couldn’t find money fast enough for the #eliterepublicans

  41. So why isnt aventis arrest not reported? He has been on here and cnnn everyday talking stormy Daniel's but now hes in jail nothing .also hillary was ordered by judge ti answer questions she refused in 30 day or be in contempt of court .you boast bigots are so shameless.

  42. Lol so as long as trump is guaranteed pres the economy is great but when the next election happens the fear of him losing will run ot in the ground .of course duh!
    After trump wins again it will be strong as ever.

  43. I believe Trump worked on his Plan to Save the World for several decades — just as Ron Paul has tried to teach us for several decades, and just as I developed ideas of my own.
    I listened intently, during the Primaries, as Trump proposed nothing short of a Controlled Revaluation of the Entire World by discounting debt, in favor of higher interest rates. This was beyond the under-educated within his base, and so Far Out-of-the-Box for the Political and Economic Leadership, that they SHUT HIM UP!
    With Trump's Plan, the Bondholders faced a 60% Hit. For a time, I feared "THEY" would arrange his assassination. But Trump relented and changed his Agenda to: GIVE "THEM" WHAT THEY WANT. And the Evangelicals rejoiced that Trump was Chosen by God, not men.
    War Hawks get War. The International Corporations get a tax cut. The Workers get to Work — or become poor, and the Poor get to keep their hands out, until they are cut-off. Win-Win-Win-Win.
    THEN, for the BIGGEST WIN EVER ~~ a Jubilee is scheduled for 09/23/26, the autumn equinox of the Illuminati's 250th year, to Forgive ALL THAT DEBT, as the whole world cries out, "No more war. Forgive our debts. Save us. We will do Anything!"
    Hint: You are probably gonna want the Neo Eon Currency
    The Vernal Equinox of 2030, marks the beginning of the 3rd, 1000-year Day of Heaven, since Jesus taught us that ALL Men Are Brothers — Love One Another. But we have been told SOONER!
    Exercise FAITH to get in shape for the Awakening, because there will be no physical manifestation of the Ancient of Days setting final judgement — no Jesus or New Jerusalem coming down in the clouds. Only those with Spirit Capacity will "SEE" anything besides the War and the Jubilee. The rest will be "seen" as the UNSEEING, but they are still our brothers and sisters. And we are still tasked with the progressive perfection of Mankind, even if it takes us all 6,496 years remaining in Abraham's 10,000 year Covenant — even if it takes us longer.

  44. Is it possible that republicans want the economy to fail, so that the poor and middle class are at the mercy of the rich? Isn't that nationwide slavory? So republicans are racist slave owners? Things never change.

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