Is Impeachment Cushioning Trump’s Re-Election War Chest? | NBC News NOW

Is Impeachment Cushioning Trump’s Re-Election War Chest? | NBC News NOW


  1. Sad ! Wide is the corruption but narrow is the way of truth . $$$$$ means so much to people . But it's a IOU it's worthless .

  2. It is what it is,satan and his demons are in TRUMPS heart and on all his brown noses and toilet paper followers too

  3. If those idiots didn't see this coming, they're not smart enough to be running our country… and you're FAKE NEWS

  4. Lolololol what ever meager financial gain Trump supporters had in the last 3 years they just gave it to a billionaire who allegedly doesn't need it.

  5. I never cared about either Party. Today I'm affiliating with the Republican Party. I'm even subscribing to their YouTube channels. ?

    All thanks to the Dems stupid move. They've proven beyond doubt they're only interested in acquiring more power, not in what the American People are going through or have to say.

  6. How dumb are these people? Trying to shake down an ally for political dirt while that ally is fighting a hot water against Russian aggression isn't enough? This guy operates like a mob boss and that is how he has been since he came on the scene in the 80's. How many Joe the plumbers did he stuff on his many failed building projects? How many illigeal undocumented workers that they do despise work on his properties? What does it take, people? This is not a good man. SAD!
    Merry Impeachmas.

    Someon has to do the Matt Shea Story like Now!!!

    Strategy is easy find people who are uncomfortable with people of color think they can control this nation with force and fear and guns and relect George Bush Sorry I meant Donald Trump….
    Someon has to do the Matt Shea Story like Now!!!

  8. Unconventional? Exactly it's not 1974 or 1999. But there are 2 things about this that's not really being acknowledged in my opinion and that is: The impeachment of Donald Trump solidifies his 2nd term! The Senate has made that clear plus the voters trump's supporters are going to make that very crystal clear on November 3rd 2020! You talking about da $ his campaign is raking in that doesn't mean anything he comes from $ and has plenty of enough $ of his own! 2nd thing is: This is exactly what Russia(Putin)wants the House & our country to be & that is DIVIDED!! No Emp would be needed if da US is CRIPPLED from within the House,government and the American people!!! In my opinion.??‍♂️?‍♂️WE NEED TO BE? GOD BLESS US ALL!!!???

  9. @Udar Pavarota i feel you the Dumbocrat party are behind some of the worse things in this country! Aoc, Planned parenthood, so called government assistance, etc… They are not for nor do they care about people of color either! They want us & everybody else to be dependent on them! You see anything they are attached to is nasty, dirty, & filthy @ least when you see things Republicans are attached to it's clean, sanitary, acceptable! Shout out Kingface! Like scarface said of the Geto Boys: They only come around when they lack votes!!!??‍♂️ #FACTS

  10. No impeachment til pillousy sends over paperwork to the Senate, she knows acquittal is coming!!
    4 more years for our President!!
    Thank God??❤️Thank Republicans!!

  11. I can’t believe how stupid they have made this country if you can’t understand that this is all a show they are all involved in the show it is called political theater we are all being entertained it is one big reality TV show and it’s going to get a lot more entertaining come the elections all by design

  12. Lol.. trump isn't milking money in office.. he made $1 billion already after becoming president.. I think maga supporter s should donate more to him m

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