Investing in the United States:  Difference between the Federal Government and the State Governments

Investing in the United States: Difference between the Federal Government and the State Governments

if you’re an international company
thinking of investing in the United States select USA is here to support you the u.s. is a large market place and the
success of your business will be impacted by which location you choose
and with 50 states and five territories each with its own laws and tax
structures you might be wondering where to begin
the first thing you can do before you start thinking about how or where to
invest is understand the difference between the federal government and the
individual state governments on the federal level select USA works
one-on-one with businesses like yours who are considering investing in the
United States this federal program complements the activities of our
states the key drivers of economic development each of our states and there are many
to choose from has its own unique culture. history, and business climate
with incentives ranging from tax credits to loans and grants to help you get to
know them and decide which is right for you each state has an economic development
organization or EDO that provides investment assistance
such as permitting, license information and local business intelligence to
connect you with these EDOs select USA hosts major international summits led by
some of Washington’s top leaders including the president select USA wants to make investment in
the u.s. easier for international companies by offering federal, state, and
local resources and connecting you to EDOs we are your first point of entry
for your business expansion into the u.s. contact us today

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