Investigators Checking If President Trump Lying Includes Financial Docs | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Investigators Checking If President Trump Lying Includes Financial Docs | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Trump dreams of being the most powerful mofia boss in the world.
    He is probably not so far off. The only thing stopping him is the fact that Putin has him by the balls.

  2. How can you tell your own son all that gangster crap ? Let him dream about being a baseball player for God's sake.

  3. How convenient is that, to have your number one hit man named Jumbo Burger. You could order a hit on someone, that sounded like you were ordering some fast food for lunch.

  4. The truth hurts! I would have loved it if the grandson became a pro Player! Rachel’s we love you!

  5. The way Gotti spoke to that little boy made me sad. An innocent child being cruelly treated by a monster and instead of protecting her son, the mother joined in the abuse. Hard to watch.

  6. The wheels of Justice might turn slowly, but they turn thoroughly! tRUMP has been getting his own way since he was six years of age. tRUMP has NEVER had to answer to ANYBODY. And now he is on the verge of an entirely new experience … he is going to have to answer to EVERYBODY.

  7. Trump is character. , with no character . The only character that fits Trump , is Hunpty Dumpty. Who wanted a wall , and made a fake call, that Mexico will pay for it all …. Dump Trump .

  8. Possession of brains with intent to use…. Priceless,I'll have to remember this. I'd love to listen to all of these visits.

  9. That could be Trump talking, only Gotti seemed to be able to string more than a few words together. Mob Mentality seems to be on par with Trump though. Both Gotti & Trump were/are brain dead Morons. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  10. Raymond: You’re a PUPPET who gets paid to plant seeds of doubt in people’s heads. You are NOTHING but “What if’s – Might Be’s – Possiblies – Looks like’s – There’s a good chance’s – Could be’s and so on.” You NEVER have ANYTHING CONCRETE. Why is that Raymond? I’m not an MSM fan, even w FOX, but at least their female anchors LOOK like women. You disgust me. 🤮

  11. America focus on the Mueller report! That's what Trump doesn't want you to think about! How do you like getting played by your own president?

  12. That boy's mother didn't help the situation by criticising the boy in front of that maniac Gotti. Thugs that stick together go down together. Glad that lowlife Gotti died in prison exactly what he deserved… it is Trump's turn to have his stint in jail…..great reporting Rachel.

  13. Rachel Maddow once started a talk about Trump Tower in Baku by talking about Galloping Gertie, the bridge in Tacoma near Seattle that shook itself into a total collapse nearly 80 years ago. At least this talk about Trump's finances starts in the subject area of New York super-criminals. Does this mean you're finally all on his tail?

  14. Rachel is Amazing Journalist she should be on NBC CBS and especially Fox News! TRUMPS distraction of Racist Remarks towards Black People whom are in Power! Rep. Cummings Chair Oversight, Rep. Waters Chair Finance, Rep. Lewis Ways and Means, 4 Squad and Leticia James NY State Attorney General! Black People in Power Trump worst nightmare!

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