In William Barr Trump Finds Tool Against Political Enemies, Investigators | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

In William Barr Trump Finds Tool Against Political Enemies, Investigators | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Here, you LOW IQ, DUMB F*** Rachel Maddow fans- go and educate yourselves with some truth: "The Original Clinton Chronicles" A documentary about the Bill & Hillary Clinton COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenage boys), Bill's cocaine addiction, and more.

  2. Look at LOSER Rachel Maddow forever trying to protect her boss: "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal" Go and educate yourselves about Hillary's four-decade-long crime spree, YOU DUMB F*** Rachel Maddow fans! #FuckMSNBC #FuckRachelMaddow #DumbFuckDems

  3. About time William Barr get rid of all criminals of the old guard.. All crimes sweep under the carpet of the last corrupt government…. What is this silly political gossip show.. The woman is a nutcases. the first and last time I watch this silly ,lying Hillary loving freak…. What a load of hate preaching rubbish.. You would have to be a fool to believe this demonizing agenda agent posing as news.. Made for dumb people

  4. So when Trump 'finds out' what the investigators found out, and how they found it, and with whom they spoke to, and what they said, and what the information uncovered will ultimately do to his 'reputation', future election prospects (he needs to get re-elected because he will eventually be going to jail if he doesn't as the statute of limitations runs out in his second term, no re-election means he has no immunity from prosecution) and the fact that that information will ultimately show he is an illegitimate president… I think he will do one of two things. He'll either bury it because he just shone a light on his own sh!t and he'll make it disappear because he just proved to the world he should not be president.

    Or, more worryingly, out of spite and self preservation, he'll compromise the identity of those who are out in the field looking into Russian interaction in the elections and then give the names and information he found on such subjects to Putin as a gift. The ultimate gift. the ultimate deal. Then he won't have to take the blame for what happens to them. What Putin has done to them. He'll want them to pay for the inconvenient truths they told. He pays Putin with names to silence his own illegitimacy. Putin gets to infiltrate without hindrance. And in all seriousness … Don't think it won't happen.

  5. This video is scarym maddow proves herself to be unhinged. She makes out Clinton to be some sort of Angelic Martyr. Hillary Clinton is JUST AS CORRUPT as Donald Trump. Our news Is TRASH! Fox, CNN, all of it is so partisan and vile. Let Trump win again who cares at this point, we're minutes away from Doomsday in America

  6. whether President Trump exists or not , this kind of criminal activity by the fbi-doj has to be investigated. you do not want the secret police to interfere in your elections..

  7. Note Trump's typical posturing, complete with 'Mussolini pose'. Take a look at Mussolini images and video. Both of these disgusting human aberrations were cast from the same archetypal fascist dictator mold. Mussolini, also, had hoards of adoring fanatics. It happens that Trump is some 80 years too late to ally himself with Hitler, but he's content with Putin and assorted others of his ilk. Trump is determined to give life to the following quote, attributed to Mussolini: "Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day". Indeed, if Trump dismantles all that's morally positive and socially constructive in "government of the people, by the people, for the people", what remains is Trump's obscene, stinking dynasty.

  8. Clinton supporter and child trafficker Jeffery Epstein arrested hours ago- drain the swamp- lock them up..

  9. OK, I am sure I am not the first with this pun, but it looks like Trump is going to trump up charges against his opponents.

    But sadly, this pun is not all that funny not just because it is a bad pun, but that it might very well turn out to be true as well

  10. You’re frustrated Rachel.. At the highly probable outcome of.. 4 more years!! Haven’t you realized yet.. he’s not a man that can be torn down.. Teflon Trump..

  11. Correction mancow he did not say he would jail his opponents.
    He only referred to the hildabeast and since Epstein has been indicted do you think we can have that for xmas?

  12. Nothing is working, and the Attorney General gets closer to Hillary Clinton, and her pals everyday. Maddow is terrified, and rightfully so.

  13. Putin admitted he wanted trump to win. Putin said he didn’t want Hillary to win. It recorded it. There are videos on YouTube. News shows have video of this…..

  14. Don't think he said all his political opponents.. He said Hillary because of crimes she committed as Secretary of state

  15. It's such a shame that we do not have an attorney general. All we have is an attorney who generally protects Trump while he commits his crimes

  16. why does ANYONE publicly destroy their reputations for Trump of all people? Barr must be a moron to support Trump at all nevermind do this kind of thing.

  17. I seriously laugh every time when I see someone in the comments who's crazy enough to still support and defend The Orange One. Especially at this point! Even as a joke. 😂😂You need a bloody spreadsheet to track all of the investigations into trump's actions.😂😂😂 The guy is literally going down in front of our eyes and some poor souls STILL act like he's some sort of a hero. No, I don't think Dems will try to impeach him. But…….I absolutely do believe that the FBI will take him in as soon as he leaves the White House. When he becomes an "ordinary citizen" they will arrest him. Make no mistake. That's a given at this point. And that's not me saying it. That's actual lawyers saying it. Look it up. And then don't forget to continue screaming "Fake News". 😂😂

  18. Lying maddow and many ,many will be in GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON FOR MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND EXECUTIONS.the calm before the storm,well the STORM IS HERE and NOTHING can or will STOP what's Coming.PAIN

  19. I wonder when Hillary is going to jail and Trump get the Nobel prize for being DT and receives a crown. Trump can give the 1 million dollars to building the wall fund.

  20. I have watched Maddow for some time now. Her distinct way of filling in details adds understanding to the news she is trying to convey. As an added bonus she really seems to distress the rabid right wing weasels. Good job to my favorite JOURNALIST!

  21. Go and educate yourselves, you DUMB F*** Rachel Maddow fans: "The Original Clinton Chronicles" A documentary about the Bill & Hillary Clinton COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenage boys from Arkansas), Bill's cocaine addiction, and more. #FuckRachelMaddow

  22. Here's some more food for you DUMB F*** Rachel Maddow fans: "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal" Go and educate yourselves for 19 minutes, you F**ING MORONS. The Clintons have been on a four-decade-long, hardcore crime spree. WAKE THE F** UP.

  23. Traitor evil mentally sick old dictator trump and Barr are Putin's Puppet. Have you notice that Barr is looking into CIA not FBI for Russia trump gate, because of former CIA Pompeo also Putin and trump's Puppet. Their bad days are coming Soon. Vote BLUE in 2020.

  24. So, the argument for liberty being that anyone caught up taking a bribe, get's a pass? The investigation into Russian enemy agents happened and you were there. See the photo we have. Here is the grand jury material that shows you laughing on a walk to the bank. AG Barr is like that dancing bear in the circus in Pyongyang. Pompeo established an ethics coucil at State. LMAO
    Questioning sources and methods seems foolhardy, if you give a care about national security. Barr did his thing & told his lies & delayed as long as he could here guys! Ok then. Well, don't get caught at this again! 14:03

  25. DOJ is not the President's lawyer. The Prosecutor perhaps. He is free to retain counsel the WH Counsel defends the office from lawsuits in the course of decisions they render. Appointments will always beg comparison to corruption. Usually just hyperbole. Maybe re-appoint every judge in the next congress? The Senate is in dereliction on many bills they are sitting on as a practice. Is that entirely legal?

  26. Laughable. I've heard better conjecture on Coast 2 Coast AM. Saddle-up for another 675 days, Maddowians!

  27. the Democrats and the liberal news media are at a loss how to handle Trump. Their very liberalism compels them to persist in upholding and thereby protecting the institutions of US democracy, including that of the Presidency. That is why they cannot go the whole hog and explicitly call out the deceit and falsity of the current President (Trump) – in doing so they would undermine the sanctity of the presidency (ironically, the crime they accuse Trump of doing).

  28. Agolf Twittler will not leave the Whitehouse when he looses the election. Trump will start the second Civil War by saying the voting is "rigged".

  29. Re Mueller's testimony… I predict he'll literally read from his report. Unfortunately nothing new to see here folks.

  30. Barr is going to expose the connection between the Clintons and Epstein, goodbye to Bill and Hillary once and for all.

  31. Who would have thought that Sessions was the more moral and upright person in that room? It's mind boggling. I get it now. Remember Watergate , how many went to prison, how many lawyers were disbarred. This is stupid-gate , and the Republicans , seem to have a very short memory and continue to make excuses for a president who if was a Democrat, they would be screaming blue murder. history and justice wont be too kind to these enablers

    If it's against Der Führer's opponents, it's "oppo research". If it's against Trump, it's TREASON. And so fascism comes to Amerika.

  32. Rachel, what you are describing are the actions of an autocrat, a despot, a monarch. Trump wants to rule as a king with no checks on his power. He went so far as to essentially appoint "Prince" Jared and "Princess" Ivanka through nepotism. By all accounts, they have free run of the White House like royalty. They are only there due to nepotism. Trump befriends Muhammad bin Salman and other kings, autocrats, and despots the world over, while insulting western style liberal democracies. Trump has a fundamental lack of understanding — certainly an appreciation for — our system of government and what it means to be a president rather than a king, and he does this by undermining the other branches of power to include the free press. Trump wants to rule as a king. If he manages to get re-elected, especially if the Republicans hold onto the Senate or, God forbid, take back the House of Representatives, Trump will move to remove term limits, which he has intimated on four or five occasions. Trump’s actions are a fundamental effort to undermine our system of government with the designed checks and balances. With all due respect to the Speaker of the House, it is incumbent upon Congress to act, to remove this threat to our nation that George Washington warned us about in his outgoing speech. Impeach this man!

  33. We can see who should be locked up and it is not Hilary Clinton. How about Trump, Epstein, Acosta and Barr. Organized criminals.

  34. He's the victim, right? Actually the whole country has been quite thoroughly attacked and wrapped in a web of lies by Trump and his evil spiders.

  35. History will judge. I pity the people who think they can lie their way to fame and be comfortable in eternity.

  36. Trump said he was a billionaire. While Nancy Pelosi said something about money that Trump lost “billions and billions of dollars”

  37. 🔴 I'm ok with paying for a 4th of July show.
    But I'm not ok paying for a Muller report that didn't do anything to Trump.

  38. Is Barr saying Putin has lost control of his own Military Intelligence? Is he saying Putin's good friend, his "Chef", has a secret alternative – a preferred leader – to replace Putin as Russian premier? Yes, that is exactly what Barr is saying when he questions the reasons for the Russian investigation.

    If Putin was not behind the attack, who does Barr think was behind it?

    Is Barr actually saying that he is also exonerating Putin as involved with the attempt to put Trump in the White House? Is he saying it is the other Russians – the wealthy Oligarchs and the Russian mafia, the collection of corrupt families-plus-political-factions-plus-police uniquely Russian in makeup that are behind the attack and Putin was in the dark the WHOLE time and hence is now completely unaware of what is really happening in his own country under his own command? Yep, Barr is saying that too.

    So, let's hear him out on this. We know what the Russian indictments say. The evidence in them is solid. Really solid. Russians had a system going. We have quotes from the workers. And just think of what else we have that hasn't been revealed. We must know who in Russia has eclipsed Putin as master of their Military Intelligence. Who has won away the loyalty of Putin's Chef? Barr is saying he KNOWS this to be a true. Why else would he say what he has publicly said if he has not determined on his own that Putin was not behind the attack and never resented sanctions on Russia enough to try to put Trump into power? Barr would be deeply deranged to question the evidence of our own intelligence agencies, information from our secret sources, evidence captured by our secret methods. He would have to be out of touch with reality to be so dense.

    I guess Barr thinks Putin must be on his way out. Otherwise none of the factual – and I stress FACTUAL – evidence made public by all the investigations make sense.

    Really, anyone with a hazy 10th grade grasp of evidence, after reading the indictments, (which SURELY the Attorney General bothered to do…. otherwise it would place him in a VERY compromised position – I mean NOBODY goes off as he is doing unless he spent significant time looking at the evidence) – must conclude – absolutely must conclude – that the Russians were working to give Trump the Presidency and prevent Clinton from getting it.

    So based on what Barr has said and done in just the last six months we must now ferret out every last bit of thought he brewed in his busy little brain, for he has made some infamous statements and accusations and in this age of complete transparency we the people have a boatload of questions, going all the way back to …well, definitely to Reagan and Bush the first, Iran-Contra and definitely whatever he knows about US interference in Nicaragua. At least.


  40. President Trump has created a deviant subculture/Personality Cult which condones the most egregious behavior. In the same way secret societies and criminal organization insist on having complicit information on their subordinates, the Trump administration has compiled an assortment of the most dubious characters while at the same time threatening political rivals and Law Enforcement Personnel.

  41. Jeff Sessions knew Trump was getting ready to sacrifice him! Spying is perfectly legal…Barr and Trump; have you heard of The Patriot Act?

  42. Everything points that right now a major historical shift is taking place. It is as significant as when the Roman Republic morphed into the Roman autocracy. We have to understand that the Trump phenomenon is extremely significant.

  43. In MSNBC the DC swamp rats have a tool against common sense, citizens of America, and our duly elected and beloved President Donald J. Trump. MSNBC is an enemy within and shall not prevail.

  44. Double standards much?

  45. why is it wrong that the FBI/DOJ or CIA was investigating the Trump Campaign? I mean I just watch TV and Trumps own words made me suspicious. If they did not find anything, I can see investigating because it took time and they found nothing. But that is not what happened, they found Russia did interfere, thats a no brainer. They also found business connections with Trumps Campaign staff and Russia, Ukraine and SA. It should never matter who gave a tip, or information. It would be like saying an exwife can not reveal information about husband. Whether the Democratic party initiated it on their own because of what Trump said at rallies, or tips on his staff had connections with Russia or foreign powers. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE THE TIP CAME FROM.

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