Imperium (2018) Volume I

Imperium (2018) Volume I

you August 1995 Belgium in the past two months four girls had vanished from opposite ends of the country the local police departments investigating the disappearances have an and F Ian and Julie and Melissa were getting nowhere they had even failed to make a connection between the cases that would point towards a serial kidnapper but 100 miles away in Xiaohua another department within the police force the National gendarmerie have received some disturbing information pointing them to a prime suspect three weeks after an and FES disappearance a letter derived from a woman saying that she had seen two teenage girls being held in her son’s house the letter was signed Jeanine Lawrence the mother had marked a true she wrote a letter to the police to say that she knew that two girls are kept by the true in house two girls of sixteen and eighteen she said um of seventeen eighteen nineteen police didn’t do anything about it in 1993 the shalwar Shonda Marie had been contacted by one of Mark the truth tenants Claude Tyrone who said he had some disturbing information about his landlord Jaffe stuck on a salsa bar said Dom I first met him in 1992 we were in the car there were two girls walking along I think they’d been drinking one of them was staggering he parked the car at the side of the road and then he suggested kidnapping the two girls you had to creep up behind put your hand over their mouth and put them into the car close the door the child lock was on so they couldn’t get out and if need be knock them out as I saw me was I refused point-blank I said to mark to true you’re mad I’m not doing that he took me straight home and I went straight to the gendarmerie within the hour Della’s on that movie the Jean Dom’s persuaded tiro to become their informant over the next two years he reported that the true was planning to kidnap girls to sell them into a prostitute network I mean he was out in his car or van or whatever when he saw any little girls he used to say young and fresh and would sell well the police knew this they knew everything under two three other informants also came forward confirming TIROS testimony but remarkably in the summer of 1995 when young girls started to vanish the Jean Dom’s didn’t take to true in for questioning a decision that would have tragic consequences visage Gotama no don’t Papa don’t fail to tell for me to know Sammy before begins our shows a victory party – Akshay Etta told was too stressful at work whenever in the United Kingdom young children went missing there will be a national outcry from the very beginning and there would have been a very large and police investigation mounted now somehow in Belgium none of that seemed to have taken place and it just went quiet very quickly after three weeks the police were drawing a blank the parents desperate to know what had happened to their daughters hired a local detective who in turn hired a criminal profiler to try to help with the case he took a very high high risk this means that he is not a debit n’t and with a criminal record for abduction registration and torture maybe there are five or six people who fit already this small profile anyone with a criminal record for a similar crime should have been a prime suspect laughter truth in prison for the rape and abduction of five women had been released just three years earlier age 38 the true was an unemployed electrician who lived in shanwa with his second wife and two children he fitted Karen’s profile with uncanny accuracy Kareem gave the profile to the police but despite his previous conviction the true was never taken in for questioning a few weeks after the kid the disappearing of Julia Melissa they know everything about marquetry everything they need to know they know about this trial in 1989 they have for people who have informed the police spontaneously to say that my do to ask them to help kidnapped girls they know he’s he has the stupid idea votes cages putting kids in there if you need to know where Julia Melissa are police has all the answers they had the whole farm the question remains why didn’t they arrest him instead of arresting to true the Jean Dom started a secret surveillance operation on his house in marcin l codenamed othello in charge with jean Dom Rene Michaud her name is Shaw was the man the man in charge he monopolized all the information that came in about you true in the second half of 1995 it’s all going to rename his show and he puts it in his back and he says this is my secret operation I keep my information here under operation of fellow the Jean Dom’s watched the house for five months but for some reason made no further moves on to truth then on December the 6th he was arrested by the local police for car theft and placed in custody the Jean Dom’s hearing that the police were planning to search the house became alarmed less other movie Masumi short jean de Monsieur Michel hurried to the examining magistrate stepped into the room he D and said Nelly before you don’t send an ordinary police commissioner send me he showed me sure because I know the true is a result and I’ve had him under surveillance for some time sweat so they didn’t send a police commissioner they sent on we show renomii shown the team of Jean Dom searched the house they discovered a stash of video cassettes Michaux later watches them and determines that two of the cassettes are of no use to their investigation but a name is sure put some kind of symbol on it and it meant not important don’t look at it these were the two most crucial cassettes four years later the two videos would be discovered and watched by another police department one of them showed marked a true constructing a ventilation system to his underground cell the other one showed the true raping a girl on a trip to Slovakia and other images of a group of young gypsy children undressed below the waist we show had also missed a third cassette a recording of the parents appeal on Julie and Melissa’s disappearance Michonne and a locksmith then went into the cellar but connected to the hidden cell a Bissell he went downstairs into the cellar alone with the locksmith and opened the door whether Shonda Murray suspected Julie and Melissa were in a hidden cell because to true was a man who abducts girls and has a reputation for having a hiding place in his cellar well he went down alone was the locksmith into the cellar in the cellar that discovered chains vaginal cream a gynecological speculum my name is Shaw is supposed to be looking for a hidden cage he heard the whisper of voices of children there’s a guy next to him was was helping him he has this voice is too many say strange we have rough children’s voices here the reaction of greed name is Shaw he says he shouts the silence and of course doesn’t always bring any more and they live in a divorce the locksmith was questioned and the Rocksmith said I heard the voices so well but I said to me show I’m not leaving here before we strip the place those voices are in the house and Michele responded on the 13th of December in the cellar jean-marie officer here you owe me the clothes then I went home I told my wife I kept my mouth shut she fed me back operation Estella was called off Monsieur reported to his superiors that they had found nothing and that the truth was free from suspicion March 1996 marked a true is freed from prison having served four months for car theft he is also free from suspicion of the kidnap of four girls the previous summer as the gendarmerie had called off their secret surveillance of his house in Masan L on the 9th of August the true in an associate heroin addict Michel le EV drove 80 miles to the town of bear tree in search of young girls they hung around the local swimming pool 14-year old Leticia dell has appeared she didn’t return home but the truth luck was about to run out when Leticia disappears it happens in a shot two very small districts where you had a terrific Judge Judy description cha mark on roads you have a public attorney mr. Dooley who is very touched emotionally but what he saw on television about these parents when the phone call comes a girl has disappeared this is like a war situation initiative within three days the investigators had found a witness who had seen a suspicious white van in the area and another who could recall part of its number plate that was a routine for the police to put this combination in the computer they see Marty two convicted for kidnapping five girls in 1989 that’s how they find they have found some are due to the true was arrested for the kidnap of Natisha also arrested were Michelle Martin a Michelle earlier but it will be another three days of interrogation before the police knew what they were dealing with why would you talk in a true millions were being held in question Lilly EV was in need of a fix and Lilly EV at some point cracked it all came out the interrogators confronted to truly Abe’s confession that they knew now when the tisha was but too true delivered an even bigger surprise to true said it’s not one girl I’m gonna give you but two and he pointed to a photo behind me and it was Sabine’s photo I turned around and I said to him that’s Savini and he said to me yes Maddie we they didn’t know but Sabine didn’t didn’t they didn’t know anything about this was a complete surprise to find a second girl the nation rejoiced the Sabine and Leticia were returned home files of other missing children around the country flooded into no Chateau ball a and Connor OTT and their team worked continuously searching other properties connected with the truth they still had that hoped maybe we find another K truths and good living girls somewhere but it soon became clear that the search efforts had come too late on August the 17th two days after the release of Sabine and Leticia the bodies of Julie and Melissa were discovered buried in two trues garden in Sala busi you didn’t easy delivery what we say syllabi oblivion other children including an and Athiya was still missing the Belgian police requested the help of the British police team that had been involved in the case of Fred and rosemary West to help in the search John Bennett and the Belgian police were to search each ship two to six houses in the area looking for missing children the search moved to a house in Zuma where neighbors had informed police that de true had been using digging equipment in the garden a week after the arrival of Bennett’s team they uncovered the bodies of two girls Hannah nephew had been drugged and buried alive Allison’s in drag fronds is open lost that is that way when it near who feeds you can that’s kept on the same the nation grieved for the families their search had come to an end but the shockwaves of the case had only just started grief turned to anger as details of the bungled investigation came out this was in a billion steps to public opinion discover its operational tenor discovered all the things that had sworn had gone wrong before the addressed of the true so their reaction is there must be somewhere conspiracy there must be something this is unbelievable the nerve Chateau authorities instigated a broad and vigorous investigation into a suspected pedophile Network arresting 29 people including police John Donne’s and prominent businessman but it appeared to some that they had dug too deep Connor wrote the investigating magistrate was sacked from the case under a genuine accusation that he had lost his objectivity compounding rumors of an establishment cover-up situation in Belgium was like a revolution Belgians took to the streets in protest workmen went on strike and firemen turned their hoses on official buildings the protest culminated in the biggest demonstration since the Nuremberg rallies the white March white to represent the innocence of the children I think it is biggest manifestation ever there were no bolsters in and in the streets to say you go to Brussels that day for the white March it was a word that was spread amongst Belgians there wasn’t even much publicity on radio and television everybody knew that she had to be there a little more than 300,000 people marching to the streets with nurses commercia Tuesday poker to me the the crucial sentence in the final report of the the parliamentary commission was there are so many errors so many mistakes during this investigation that it can’t be explained only by a mistake there must be more the court case finally got underway in 2004 8 years after the truce question in the new Palais de justice at Harlem 500 witnesses were called to testify to true the most hated man in Belgium along with Michele Martin and Michele Nellie EV was present in court protected behind bulletproof glass the court heard that Julie and Melissa had been alive in the cell at the time that renomii show had searched the house with the true in custody for car theft they’ve been left for four months with no electricity or heating Michelle Marta visiting the house to feed her dogs claimed that she’d been too afraid to go into the cell so she pushed bags of food through the cell door Julie and Melissa unable to reach it but starved to death after four months the true was found guilty of the kidnap and rape of the six girls and the murder of an and F year he received life imprisonment Michelle Martin received 30 years and in the 8th 25 years but the trial had raised more questions than it had answered 30 witnesses had died in mysterious circumstances in the run-up to the trial DNA tests and hair samples had gone missing or hadn’t been performed amassed by Lewis givethem zipped napple octant Monza bombs or burned as massive acts and a foul on lash Austin Frost gets open the autopsy psyched Sivaji flag won’t give up assisted soybean Anna kanji hora de tan Ayrton Blodgett Chenab barber findeth me to to Schmitt Andy Clark team Umbra sluggish shafts man Michele nude sigil tough switch ticket socket onion Afton begin the affair misty thought Zeb smoked oysters who they 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everything about him it was a shock I thought finally disturbed him regina louf was one of the first to come forward she said that as a child she’d been abused for many years in a pedophile Network involving nihill and Dutroux show you as a very cruel man he abused children in a very sadistic way she says that at the age of 12 she was taken with other children to sex parties and she told investigators Dutroux was there working for knew who did she was a boy who brought drugs cocaine and something like that to these parties who brought some girls watched girls on this parties the old he he was sort of party beast in the truest more on the side Nihal denies he’s ever met regina louf but her story’s never changed Nicole she said was one of those who organized the parties and invited the cream of Belgian society judges politicians and influential businessmen in order to compromise them it was big business yeah and it was very well organized too there’s a lot of money going on there and a lot of blackmail and so they had a lot of parties they filmed it too even so yes yes it exists I know it sounds crazy and I know that there is a big taboo on everything like that but it exists you know regina louf story was horrific but her account of a violent pedophile underworld was by now reinforced by new witnesses some of whom also named influential people the investigation began the witness’s identities were protected each was given a code name beginning with X Regina was x1 they went up to X 9 their testimonies became known as Belgium’s X Files the task of trying to verify them fell to a young police investigator so we’re telling stories we haven’t heard before in our lives things we couldn’t believe at the first so he told herself is this true could this be true and run in the through it’s it’s very and it’s very nice it’s frightening that things like that would happen we had a special room for the interviews it was especially kept for people who who have been victimized by such matters there was a camera and room they were done mostly in the evening or the early hours when infants were finished there were written down by a few people of my team all the way from the first word to the last but then out of the blue the investigation was stopped we received a message that we couldn’t investigate and we’re just like that we were sent home just like that without an explanation because our work hasn’t been done alright a very strange regina louf got a call from a member of the new team assigned in their place his motive was clear he said well we have to search for mistakes you made now and it’s you have to prove now that you are right I said no I don’t have to prove that I am right you have to investigate if I’m right or not I’m not a police officer I can do house search and and I can’t interrogate my abuses you have to do that I just can’t tell my story and make testimony that’s all I can do and said wrong you have to prove it’s news about Regina’s story began to leak out when the media took it up it was to destroy her xic Fantasma you know care to Ligurian Madame Monsieur bonsoir la failed you to sit on the flagship program of the government funded French language channel was unequivocal regina louf a sinister and deranged liar why were you taken off this case I wish I knew perhaps you were touching something we couldn’t touch some people say this we didn’t have to prove at that moment to say things like that but perhaps we were coming closer to some things yeah perhaps things I know something Belgium all the world should know about you hi my name is Carla Sven Kisan my mom Nuri Inga who is a former judge and a parliament member Lithuania has been detained two weeks ago and is currently in Chicago’s federal prison the Lithuanian government is seeking her extradition for 39 criminal acts that she’s accused of I would like to share this story of my family and also asked to sign the petition to the President of the United States the story starts in 2008 one my cousin who was four at a time after coming back from it we can visit from her mother told my grandma and her father that her mother’s friends are licking her soon the girl opened up more and told about everything that was going on in the mother’s house she told stories about three men Jonas Andrews and Ida’s while my uncle wasn’t able to find out who itis was unders turned out to be a businessman who’s also an adviser to the Speaker of the Parliament and yonas turned out to be a district court judge but no charges were filed and one day my uncle disappeared of all murder of a woman and a high-profile judge in Lithuania is believed to have fled the country police say dressiest kiddush killed his victims because he believed they molested his four year old daughter that day my cousin was take me from the day care and put in a psychiatric hospital while the second girl who according to my cousin was also abused and whose mother was shot was taken by her father and they moved the way to Germany where they were never seen again the prosecutors announced a national TV that there are DNA evidence found on the murder weapon that confirmed that my uncle committed the crime much later was announced that the prosecutor has made a mistake and no DNA was found around a week later after the killings my mom managed to get the custody of my cousin and she was finally able to come home the case was finally started and it was concluded that the prosecutors neglected to investigate my cousin’s claims and many of the officials involved lost their jobs including the general prosecutor my mom was a judge at the time start the public you talk about corruption and bribery in the Lithuanian courts the media constantly attacked my family writing articles and creating shows based purely on speculation and absolutely no evidence these journalists received no consequences while the journalists that supported my mom often were fined or their show is even prohibited to air in April the prosecutors announced that my uncle dresses is hiding in Spain the next day his body was found by the lake in CONUS Lithuania the investigators ruled that his death was an accident a statement that many Lithuania is of trouble believing I’m gonna put up a picture of my uncle after death the image is shocking so if you’re under the age of 18 or you just don’t think you can look at it please look away for the next five seconds this is what a man who chokes while drinking looks like in May of that year the court announced that my cousin has to live with her mother the mother that she’s testifying against the court ruled in favor of the mother even though the psychologist determined that the girl has a very strong connection with her father the grandparents and her aunt Nuri Inga and the reason that she doesn’t want to go to live with her mother is because three men would come to her mother’s house the girl refused to go and thousands of Lithuanians surrounded our house and would not let the police pass Bell cheeky motherfucker party almost opposite surface earlier message to remember the pre-op officious in June Andrew sue says fell off his four-wheeler took off his helmet and drive in a puddle on March 23rd 2012 the police surrounded the house and tried to take my cousin by force on May 17th – hundred forty police officers came to our house and carried my cousin always screaming Moody thank you ladies I haven’t seen my cousin ever since after that day there were massive protests in Lithuania and abroad the media started to speculate that my mom could potentially run against the president in two years just a few days after the protests there were five charges brought against my mom the Parliament removed my mother’s legal immunity even though the prosecutors refused to provide all evidence after the removal of her illegal immunity my mother resigned while the chairman of the Commission to investigate her challenged her to run against them my mom found a new political party which won seven seats in the parliament while having almost zero funding her campaign promised sue reformed the judicial political system in Lithuania were stricter punishments for corruption rape and pedophilia soon after the election the general prosecutor asked the Parliament to remove my mom’s legal immunity once again but this time there was one additional crime the Liberals the Conservatives and the Social Democrats all announced that they’re gonna vote in favor of removing my mom’s legal immunity even before any evidence was presented and before the ruling of the parliamentary commission the Parliament voted that the prosecutor has to provide the secret recording from the day that my cousin was taken the prosecutor used to do so layer showing only 12 seconds of the video in 2030 and my mother and I fled to the United States and ask for political asylum but two weeks ago the federal marshals showed up at our house the Lithuanian government is seeking my mom’s extradition back to Lithuania before the political asylum case is over the number of crimes that my mom is accused of grew to 39 including contempt of the court a sold illegal surveillance psychological molestation public statements to infringe severity of Lithuania and many others my grandparents my aunts and uncles my neighbours my mom supporters and many of her party members are all facing charges and some of them have already been sentenced a famous left-wing yin doctor that testified that under Seuss’s came to her office to remove a birthmark from his sex organ is now facing charges of false testimony manipulable kissed a human stumbles today matera Christina you know Terra Cotta the resna her Margaret Kato story dear my aunt Lydia’s workin up your Prosecco – Apostle Joe – Seamus over Lucas organizer and IBM’s Mota disconcert parmitano – I didn’t Marga my mother will never receive a fair trial at Alinea because the journalist and the politicians already agreed that she’s going to be sentenced the chairman of the Supreme Court of Lithuania call my mom an abscess in the judicial and political system of Lithuania how can she receive a fair trial when the highest court officials in Lithuania are making public statements like this over ten people connected to this case have died a few years ago my grandparents car was hit by a truck and during one of my mom’s campaign rallies all five bolts of the car wheel unscrewed themselves at the same time if my mom is sent back to Lithuania she will not receive a fair trial and there’s a serious threat to her life please sign the petition that’s in the description of this video I know this story doesn’t affect you personally but please don’t ignore it I would like to end this video with one of my favorite quotes what you do for yourself dies with you when you leave this world what you do for others lives on forever you all her life the mystery of her father’s murder has loomed over killest Forsyth in 1993 bulik Forsyth was a manager in the housing department of London’s Lambeth Council three months before she was born he was bludgeoned to death and his flat set on fire now Sky News has seen evidence that he could have been about to expose an alleged pedophile ring operating within council premises there are some faxes that point to him knowing something that was going on at work and who was getting ready to play the whistle this internal council report obtained by Sky News could be key in details allegations of violent rapes conducted on council premises and the sexual abuse of children it’s here what is still the headquarters for lambaste housing department that appeared full ring operating within the council that alleged who carried out sexual assaults they used the basement the report says where they could rape victims without fear of being interrupted and the report cites new witness evidence suggesting boutique Forsythe may indeed have been killed as part of a cover-up he tried to get away from the housing department telling colleagues he had information which put him at risk says there that he was willing to spill the beans and he was scared that if he moved to another department that people in power could still get to him so it seems that he was very fearful about something going on at work you is murder a very elite multiple murder for whoever killed a little government official four months ago almost blew up a block of flats and all its residents the dead man was bulik Forsyte detectives hope tonight to find a motive a resident in pasture court was disturbed by a commotion it was about 1 o’clock in the morning I remember looking at the clock I heard running at the back of the flats quite heavy footsteps the gas failed to explode and buting’s neighbor woke up an hour later but I don’t know mr. possibly one man found in back bedroom apparently the fire had been started deliberately the dead man was 42 year old bulik poor sight and he’d been murdered beaten repeatedly and savagely around the head bulik was last seen alive leaving the council offices around 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday February the 24th every morning I hear the alarm of mr. Forsyte scarf because my bedroom is above his bed on this morning I didn’t get it out and then when I went out at 9 o’clock I saw his curtains open that was unusual because mostly his little son while his colleagues were trying to contact him bulik splat may have been having visitors a local resident recalls I was going over the paper shop to buy a fever and I saw Tremont that’s coming out the faster coats on the frontier there was carry some briefcase and some folders in your hands why I noticed them for a loop official never saw them here before if you one of those three men with leaves would dearly like to hear from you four hours later just before two o’clock the same resident who’d seen visitors at the front notice something unusual at the back of Buicks plants I saw a white car parked there in the corner with two months ago and there was gazing at me there well dress and one of them of black hair you are the one of a brownish here Olivia for 18 years I never see a cup of tea before please call I would like to know why he was murdered and from I see my baby see and it’s family we all want to know why Member of Parliament John Mann is a former Lambeth councillor there’s been a huge cover-up there are many victims that are deaths and murders it’s about time the truth came out in terms of child abuse in Lambeth you it’s never been played on television before but it has a particular relevance let’s listen to this so who else is on the Ghana list though it’s Angelus believe me I just want to make a film of it on film I’d like to kill Jimmy Savile I think he’s a hypocrite when I write I think he’s into all kinds of see Venus they all know about they’re not allowed to talk about I know some rumors I’ll bet none of this will be allowed out I should imagine libelous stuff will be on up nothing else ed is liable deathless there well sometimes you’re contentious in life just because your border that put that aside though put aside that the rhetoric you were using the fact that in 1978 the height of the sex pistols explosion there you are saying about Jimmy Savile he was into all kinds of seediness that we all knew about we weren’t allowed to talk about it I know some rumors so you you had heard the kind of thing that we now know about anymore yeah or stuff like that yeah I think most kids did to nice kids wanted to go to Top of the Pops but we all knew what that cigar muncher was up to but I’m very very bitter that the likes of Savile and the rest of them were allowed to continue did you ever try and do anything about subtle I did my bit I said what I had to do there that no he just got suppressed yeah the legal reasons yeah and did you make I found myself I found myself being banned from BBC radio there for quite a while for my contentious behavior hello welcome back I’m pleased to say that our first program of the new year has brought a really positive response to all the videos and reconstructions shown tonight there’s certainly something for the officers here to work on this is BBC one now the nine o’clock news with Peter Sissons good evening a massive police hunt is underway tonight in West London for the killer of Jill Dando who was murdered earlier today outside her terraced home in Fulham police said tonight she died from a single shot to the head neighbors who found her dying on her doorstep had heard a scream and seen a well-dressed man hurrying away down the street the shocking loss of one of Britain’s best-known personalities drew many tributes among them from the Queen and the Prime Minister our chief News correspondent Kate ad reports it’s a quiet pretty Avenue in southwest London where Jill Dando had lived for several years shortly before midday some of her neighbors were alerted that something was wrong two women went towards the front door and saw someone lying on the doorstep a third neighbor joined them I heard the scream I did hear us a a scream did you hear a man’s voice or anything that man’s voice at all did you hear a shot or did you oohs no shots so they prob what I would say was a shot I wouldn’t have thought there was a shot now you I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secured the X evidence re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile Network linked to Parliament and number 10 good evening and welcome to the BBC News at 6:00 detectives are investigating allegations that three young boys were murdered by a pedophile ring that included figures at the heart of the British establishment in the 1970s and 80s the claims have been made by an alleged victim known only as Nick Nick described a childhood stolen by a group of men who raped and tortured him at smart London venues including Dolphin square he said he watched the murder three boys the story was broken by an investigative website called X Errol they’d been speaking to Nick for five months tell me a bit more about the nature of the politicians who sexually abused you and other boys square deeply nasty individuals a lot worse than the other one was the former cabinet minister the most part nasty liked to infer they’d like to see us in pain you nick has been interviewed over a long period of time by experienced detectives from the child abuse command and he has also made investigator from the mother command they and I believe what Nick to be saying is credible true so yes we do believe what nigga seen you John wedgie is a police whistleblower as a CID officer he discovered back coverings on child sex trafficking networks which led to an investigative inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission delving into the depth of police involvement he is one of the bravest men in the country today by many people’s reckoning John wager thank you for joining us please speak freely to the I’m recently retired from the Metro Allen place where I served as a detective I specialized in child abuse investigations and I what is relevant to to me being here today was with my service whilst on the specialist advice unit I had been asked to look into an allegation made by a fourteen-year-old girl that she is being used as a prostitute I’m looking into it it appeared that this girl was one of many she gave me another girl who in turn gave me another turn to another and it just spiraled very very quickly we had dozens of young kids 18 from 9 to 14 years old all of them were subject to care orders he looked after or you know emplacements homes or whatever but all known to the social services a lot of them were known to the police but being missing persons everything else and all of them were addicted to crack cocaine and heroin and were all being pimped out and as time goes by one person which was a female prostitute who was very well-known to the Met Police and this woman had connections with alleged connections with high ranked officers and also a local magistrate and someone that was high up executive status in the BBC this woman seemed to work with impunity for many many years and when looking into it this sexual racket had been going on for a long long time what I did was I exposed my findings I committed them to paper what was just a basic intelligence report but I had been approached by a Scotland Yard detective who told me said when you investigate any crime and you do well in it you get praised when you look into child abuse cases the opposite happens be very careful he then told me about a cabinet minister that they’d investigate needs on a few occasions and on each occasion they’ve been shut down so I was aware that this had gone on so I was expecting to be praised for what I found out each day a new child will be found and it was just spiraling I was brought before someone who is now a very very high ranked officer in the UK indeed and he sat me down and he said John I’ve got to be very upfront with you and I said well unlikely upfront with you governor as well and he said you know you’re out of all the officers I’ve got here it was about I don’t know four chops as he said you’re the second best one I’ve got which was a good act lady said but unfortunately you’ve dug too deep what the hell have you done now on a personal level since the beginning of 2000 I’ve brought up four children on my own and this was common knowledge within my unit and he said to me if you ever disclose what you found out you will lose your home your children and your job you must shut the F up and he said you will be thrown to the Wolves you have no idea who and what you are dealing with he said I’m warning you now you must back away and then he said something quite strange only said that if you say a word of this and even if you make a complaint it will come back to me and it will go in the bin I and no one else will ever betray a fellow rank shut your mouth so I walked away from that inquiry from that investigation and I moved on I was offered to stay but I couldn’t what was very strange was that the the main witness the young girl that came forward was found dead in the street very shortly afterwards and a suspicious drug overdose which sought compounding matters one of them told me of a scenario when he was in a kid’s home at the age of four was raped on his first night by a Catholic priest he then went on to be raped daily and whipped and beaten he become a drug addict and he ended up as a rent boy on the street and an area of the of the West End where I used to work as a vice cop and that was what cast as the me Trek in Piccadilly Circus where young boys were openly picks up for the purposes of prostitution it was known about he went to get in a car and he was in trouble he needed drugs so he needed the money and he had a pimp and he said a pimp when a bad thing a pimp actually looked after me I was safer with a pimp on the street that I wasn’t a kid’s own he went to get into a car which was of whites rolls-royce for two men in it and his pimp said don’t go in that car the last two boys went in there they killed him we never saw them again he just stick you late for the drivers to drive around the block and his people didn’t see this his people thought he’d walked away but he didn’t he got in the car he was in taken to a very affluent part of London called Hampstead he was then subjected to three days of torture and sexual violence in which he said that they knew that there killed him and he said they dumped his lifeless body on Hampstead Heath by the Royal Free Hospital believing he was dead and said what shocked me more John was the fact that these two men they were well-dressed at a big house and they were actually get him ready to go to their niece’s wedding whilst they were dropping my lifeless body off the disabled off his body off on a bit Heath grounds yeah it goes on consistently consistently I took the matter to the police in minister at the time I remember the Privy Council and a member of the government’s cabinet he met with me and he was actually to my surprise appalled he arranged for a meeting with the Home Office the Home Office then got their independent investigation team involved and stated that there will be an independent investigation into my claims and they deem that the Met Police and the IPCC had failed and they were looking away I was summoned to a meeting and it was a fully recorded meeting in and it was witnessed and in which the cabinet minister handy my paperwork over to the home office officials and that was an official handover the paperwork which are supplied to him they then gave me their assurances that they will be in touch with me again with 24-hour contact number and said they will investigate this independently I never heard from them again they have since denied receiving any paperwork when pushed they admitted they did receive it but I’ve now lost it we are seeing police failings in respect to child prostitution hemorrhaging in this country but we are seeing them on a provincial level we’re seeing them in Rochdale Blackpool rather um we’re seeing them in Oxford ellsbury Swindon all on a provincial level London is one of the largest urban conurbations in the Western world it has got one of the biggest police forces we haven’t heard one thing about organized child prostitution in London and the reason being is that those high up have been covering it up and this goes right to the heart I was met with as I said Lenny Harper children were killed at Hotel occurring in which Lenny Harper had forensic evidence which was then went missing and he said to me be careful what you’re looking at we’ll go right to the heart of the establishment you you please help me dr. Phil please she wouldn’t even show her face the story you’re about to hear is so shocking so unbelievable that your mind is going to struggle to allow you to accept that things like this exist but they do and they are happening right now all over the world you now for nearly four months we research Kindle story trying to verify its authenticity and after speaking confidentially to agencies we were able to confirm that Kindle has in fact been trafficked on the outside her clients were pillars of their communities but behind closed door she says they were sinister and evil human beings the clients I was forced to have sex with were very rich and powerful they were in law enforcement doctors psychiatrists judges politicians even people who owned sports teams I attended many parties for people who had just got elected into office when I would attend these events I had to look pretty and act like I belonged there I had to know how to hold a conversation about politics have you ever watched the dr. Phil show yes it scared me yeah what scared you back you’re a rich white guy and that scared me I thought they you know maybe know him you said you could tell the difference between girls that were born into it according to him versus those that were kidnapped when you encountered them how could you tell the difference between the two the girls that weren’t born into it they had a harder time they were always kept tied up around cages and they cried a lot you say that you have witnessed him murder people yes how many people have you seen him murder probably about 20 or 25 but then there would be lots of times that he would be there and have other people do it and how would he murder these people one time he just like took the little girl’s head and twisted it he’s shot people did he kill children I know for sure he killed her you were there you one time he had me hold like a newborn baby he said that I had to hold it by the neck because newborn babies can’t keep their head up by themselves the baby died I don’t know that he said that the baby had fallen asleep but that I had put the baby to sleep I didn’t realize till later that I had killed I was allowed to get pregnant because men paid for that I was pregnant several times but I had several abortions I had three that survived two girls and a boy after I had each baby they were taken away but sometimes I would get to see them later as a reward the truth is what he’s told you yeah well the reality is like what’s happened the truth is that none of that was bad was okay to kill somebody yeah it was okay to have sex with a five year old boy yeah it was okay to hold a baby by its neck until it died because those things had a higher purpose you tell me what he thinks what do you think I’m confused do you think he’s a sick son of a bitch you think he’s a good guy that loves you more than anybody else has you and here is a close-up of fourteen-year-old boy in terrible trouble John David gosh was kidnapped on a Sunday morning as he delivered newspapers in suburban Des Moines that particular Sunday we got a phone call from one of the neighbors wondering where the paper was got up got in the car went up to the corner found the wagon didn’t see him anywhere around and told marina said something’s wrong she called police right away it took about 45 minutes before the police arrived the police where I was only ten blocks away the cob looked at me and he said well has your son ever run away before I kid never ran away that really upset us John apparently left the residence sometime around 5:45 as a neighbor reported hearing a wagon being pulled through the back of his yard Mike was picking up his morning papers and noticed a car stopped and then back up to the point where John gosh was walking and appeared that John spoke briefly to the driver of the vehicle people saw him talked with a man in a car that car left Johnny Johnny proceeded to wear newspapers had been dropped the vehicle gets described as a two-tone blue two-door Ford Fairmont that car came back the man in there asked directions I think I told the police he looked like he was mad about something he wasn’t drunk but he looked like he’s all of a sudden the witness that was sitting in the corner saw a tall man come out from between two houses and follow my son Mike saw an individual step from the curb onto 42nd and travel towards John gosh the next two people see him are two Juvenal newspaper carriers that say hey Johnny he says they proceeded where the newspapers have been gone at about this time PJ Smith reported hearing a car door and upon sitting up in bed he observed a silver in black ford fairmont start up from the area where john gosh was last seen and made a left turn after rolling through the stop sign without stopping the second window was where he slept and of course it all happened right here the car ran the stoplight there and it turned left the fact his wagon was still sitting right there there’s two newspaper carriers they get their newspapers turn around and walk back by that same corner and when they walked by a wagon service newspaper and they’re done we had five witnesses that each saw this crime that took place and the cop stated again has your son ever run away before they were completely excluding the fact that we had witnesses people that we didn’t even know came forward to help because there was nothing organized by the police nothing at one point twenty of the searchers came back to the house furious angry they came to the door and said I thought you wanted help and I said I do want help what’s wrong and they told me that our police chief showed up at one of the state parks drunk got up on top of a picnic table and shouted through a bullhorn a loudspeaker for everyone to go home because Johnny Gosch was really I asked the police chief when was the FBI going to be coming and he said well I don’t really think we need the FBI we just really don’t have a crime here and he put his hands out like this and we just really don’t have a crime they had to keep doing this they had to keep not agitating but reminding the police this is what’s happened to us you say you have no crime to report we have no son to put to bed I had never heard the word pedophile and most of the people around us in this community had never heard the word either one thing really sticks out in my mind I mean here’s a harvard-educated publisher of the Des Moines Register sitting there and he says what’s this word pedophile you keep bringing up is that the right word and I said well that’s that’s the case right there the fact you don’t know what the meaning of that word is that is the undercurrent of this entire scenario one very important piece of information did yet came from an interview one of the neighbors told him that he had seen a van parked the wrong direction on the street with the motor running and it was a loud engine so it caught his attention and he watched for a little while out the window and he saw a car pull up next to the van and saw the two men were loading something long wrapped in a blanket from the car to the van and then they all jumped into their vehicle and drove away we kept that information we did not share it with law enforcement and I did that for a reason because I knew that someday somebody was going to come forward with that piece of information and if it had not been broadcast through the media that I would know that that person was telling the truth seems every time I try and I want to try and do something to help people it’s kids pushed right back in my face I mean no I was what I want to do is try and help find these guys who did this stuff I was just supposed to hold this person down in the back a car and put this stuff over his face and that was Johnny Paul Benassi was a victim of a child prostitution Network that was heard Omaha Nebraska and nine years after Johnny Gosch abduction all Benassi came forward and claimed that he helped about Johnny Gosch that was the big bang in the Johnny Cash case twenty-four-year-old Paul Bonacci a victim of sexual abuse since the age of six he is himself a convicted sex offender and has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder I can hear at these other personalities are saying it’s definitely things they’d done I mean like with Johnny and we spoke to Benassi recently at the Nebraska State Prison he showed us dozens of portraits drawn and signed by the personalities which haunt him this is bunch of the different personalities right here it is only through these personalities that he remembers the day he helped kidnap Johnny Gosch every time he would put his head down and call up somebody it seemed authentic it seemed to me that he couldn’t fake that this guy probably wasn’t capable of coming up with all these voices all these different things to say Benassi can call forth his alter egos at will first to emerge Mark Anderson 15 years old I remember him talking about we thought this was a boy that they were gonna take Paul says a Des Moines accomplice snuck up from behind as the abduction was made when Ozzie did his part chloroforming Johnny I held him dumb for a second I put this thing that I mean it I’ll told me to over his face and a few seconds later he went out I don’t know how long we shot but I think we filled up every tape that I had Jim who is as unflappable of guys yeah he just you know handles everything well I won’t point just turned around and like looked at me in disbelief like what am what do I make of this Jim always has a handle on it and even Jim didn’t have a handle on what was going on there Benassi says child pornography sex magazines and films involving children as young as the age of six had always been the reason behind Johnny Josh’s abduction after it was over with me Mike talked to him and told him I was gonna go right there she just did what everything was told to he’d he’d be alive and we didn’t know what was gonna happen to him but these days live when Paul Benassi first surfaced I needed some time before I could go to the prison and sit down and meet with him I could have strangled him but I also knew that he had been forced to do it he had been a victim also by the same people I thought it would the video can’t pick up just how badly Noreen Gosch is shaking as she sees Paul Bonacci in the flesh for the first time he fills out a consent form not knowing who this woman is – you just tell me what happened I feel so bad about it because what they made me do it was a moment in time that I’ll never forget I was anxious I was upset but I was thankful to him for going out on a limb to share it he didn’t have to he didn’t get a better deal he still had to serve his sentence so I had to admire the young man for the courage to do that Benassi drew a map of the clan a replica of one drawn by the kidnappers Noreen Gosch says this x marks the exact spot of the abduction she says most people mistakenly believe it happened at the corner why did they want Johnny everybody asks me that I don’t know the answer I wanted to get kids it aren’t using they also like to get kids that were close to their families why do you like to hurt people they did a good job of that there were two different kinds of kids there were the throwaway kids The Runaways drug addicts living on the street hustling for sex and then there were the virgins and that some of these sick individuals would pay large sums of money to have clean kids to abuse and that’s the part of the story that I found most horrific and most disturbing he talked about something about meditation I don’t know what that meant or yoga some kind of nothing we each said something about and he had seen his mom do that or something she told him telling her example I have never told the press that Johnny went with me to yoga class it wasn’t relevant to his kidnapping did you ever see any marks or anything I’m Johnny’s body when you got him in there he had a birthmark on his chest or something on his chest was like huh look like South America while information on Johnny’s large chest birthmark was widely circulated Benassi described other markings which were never made public a scar on Johnny’s tongue Noreen says he bit through his tongue after falling from a tree house a white scar on Johnny’s leg just above the ankle he’d received a burn after touching the hot tailpipe of his brothers motorcycle Benassi also described a stammer Johnny suffered when he was upset these people when they get a hold of young kids and stuff and they forced to do things and they they photograph it they film it and the whole purpose for that is to either black million is staying with them or to make to split your mind up so that you don’t remember who you are Paul claims to have seen Johnny in 1986 on a trip to Colorado where Johnny was being kept by a man called the colonel I guess he tried to run away from it one time they branded him we gave some a our time to pull the nachi store he talked about the branding he talked about but were pretty amazing accusations and then these kids started calling us this one kid came forward named Jimmy Hughes who had the brand and was telling these stories and confirming what Valachi was talking about we went to Colorado with Valachi you know he said I’ll show you the house where they used to keep us and he described this house with this secret underground chamber where they would hide the kids when the police would come and there was it’s abandoned we go underneath it and sure enough there’s this chamber dug out under the house with kids initials carved in the wood you’ve got a case that’s been unsolved for 10 years I would think you’d be kicking the doors down too want to talk to him at this point well the time is right again I will reiterate we may well interview Paul Bonacci but it will be when we’re ready to do it how much more time has to go by I have no idea I’ve been investigating the cover-up of a pedophile Network for about ten years this child prostitution network was centered in Omaha Nebraska and they flew children from coast to coast and powdered them to the rich and powerful the network also deployed blackmail to compromise the rich and the powerful a Republican from the Midwest Lawrence E King is serving a 15-year prison sentence for a multi-million dollar fraud but financial crime is only half the story Paul Bonacci was a victim of kings abuse he was also sent by King to lure Boys Town youngsters off campus they didn’t ask me very much about Larry King they treated the allegations that I made about the people who abused me almost like a joke I was very disappointed with the way the FBI and law enforcement treated the victims they in fact turned them into the offenders so to speak it’s not gonna be believed they said it will not be believed you will be found guilty of perjury you I mean they weren’t telling me maybe we got a message from the Discovery Channel saying that all work on this program must cease york’s television actually paid for me to go out to bethesda to talk to senior executives of the Discovery Channel to try and persuade them to run the program and they just didn’t want to know they didn’t want to talk about it they just turned me around sent me home you Larry King was the fastest Blackstar in the entire Republican Party of the United States during all of the 1980s in 1988 a routine review brought the Boystown cases to the attention of Nebraska State foster care Review Board and the information presented to the foster care Review Board either via the telephone reports the personal reports or the reports we reviewed Larry King’s name was consistently present as someone that the youth were making allegations against I mean I turned that information over to authorities and nothing happened I would say we handed over at least a foot high amount of material generally speaking the allegations were ignored those perpetrators named by the children formed a ring of rich and powerful pedophiles in Omaha men from industry politics the media even the police on April the 11th 1988 the Franklin Credit Union was graded and clothed by the FBI King was arrested and a federal investigation showed he’d stolen 40 million dollars from Franklin but the FBI’s inquiries with secret and evidence of Kings sex ring was quickly covered up in November 1988 Nebraska’s state government set up a parallel investigation into the Franklin financial collapse a legislative committee was formed its chairman was the Republican head of Nebraska’s Banking Committee corn farmer and state senator Lauren Schmidt but the money trail led quickly to the original allegations of child abuse and almost immediately anonymous threats began I received a phone call on the Florida Legislature car did not identify himself but he said Lorne you do not want to have an investigation of the Franklin Federal Credit Union and I asked who I was speaking to and it’s an it doesn’t matter but you shouldn’t have an investigation and I said well why not he said it will reach to the highest levels of the Republican Party and we’re both good repellents the night before we testified before the legislative committee I did receive a phone call at home that said if he speak he won’t live to regret it undeterred Schmidt’s committee hired professional investigators Karen ormiston and Gary Cara Dory we heard Mr Carey Dory I was very specific to him I said we do not want you to bring to the committee rumors innuendoes nothing that cannot be backed up with facts I said bring to the committee that which we can take to a prosecutor on the streets of Omaha Gary Cara Dori and Karen ormiston found new victims of Kings pedophile Network every new youngster told the same stories as those from Boys Town covered up three years earlier they were telling us about prominent people in Omaha and elsewhere that were abusing children at at parties the prominent citizens names that originally came up were of concern to me because I knew many of those individuals and I very practically shocked how those names show up on the list Alma Stern and Cara Dori recorded their new Witnesses on videotape Allen bear was a sick fuck didn’t care you know wanted sex nasty you know I don’t even know if you can call it sex you know and take it anyway he can get it pay for it he like to but if he had to take it by force he would Larry King was the same kind of sick fuck Alan Barrett was except Larry King was more violent more sure of himself you know I mean I would you know see him fuck a 10 year old boy in the ass you know until he bled and you know just pull out and stop and you know pushing down you know and you know then go out and you know meet with decent people King would also provide underage girls for abuse Alesha Rowan was 15 when she attended her first party sometimes with Australia more than I think most American took pictures like that I know it’s difficult I don’t know and you know a link to your victim and the young maid let’s go up camera for me kicking screaming and kicking and screaming the quality saying please don’t involve her Paul particular and you have the total do with it for a second okay then you were used to having sex with people right so much something else must have happened and when the party started to be dedicated who started beating now it’s kind of don’t curse dedicated and start having sex with this kid okay blue waiting okay stand driving around are you in the cage check our oil which I think trying to cheer on distraught especially nice hostile retina I was kidnapped just tossin skin around my different Bank genocide he starts blending the ball in place making Maggie’s recognition out of India so he can go ahead that’s hardly something able to stick and footballs take the talkback they took the iniquitous Chevy’s to the cage and took his kidneys up inside of up slam up my intention the cage ready this place judges problem I kept up y’all got some of the children I got old it’s the only shot and one shot Charlie said immediately the videotape testimony was leaked to a hostile media the media immediately started discrediting the witnesses they were the witnesses came across in the media in the Omaha world-herald especially as the criminals the last three victim witnesses were demolished by the press particularly the Omaha world-herald the paper never looked for information that would support any of the allegations the whole purpose of the stories was it was to destroy any credibility these years they have Troy Bono was brought in for questioning by the FBI the FBI is attitude was you know just know that this this time things don’t happen in the first interview when I went you know and realize they don’t believe a fuckin thing I’m saying you know I mean you’re going to you go on with the story you’re going to jail I mean that was said to me direct just out of fear I came to recant the story out of fear as Gary Kara Dorie and Karen ormiston sought out new witnesses on the streets of Omaha they found themselves under constant threat Gary was threatened several times his vehicles were tampered with I would think whoever tampered with them that was a scare tactic because it was so obvious that they were being tampered with Gary got he was it was one piece of evidence I know he got that he was yeah he even said he got one step ahead of them this time he told us about this book because it was like addresses telephone numbers names he said if if they if they knew he had it they’d kill him on July the 11th 1990 Gary Cara Dori and his eight-year-old son AJ were flying home from Chicago they had watched the All Stars baseball game and Cara Dori had been pursuing new leads you investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are in Harold Cameron’s cornfield trying to determine what caused this private plane to crash killing its two occupants the bodies of Gary Cara Dori and eight-year-old AJ were found in the wreckage National Transportation Safety Board investigators say wreckage from the crash is apparently strewn over a three quarter to one mile long stretch in this field the right the fact that the wreckage is scattered over a large area certainly demonstrates that it did break up in flight the exact mechanism of break up yet is stolen the federal investigation was never able to discover what tore the plane apart Aaron’s missing from the plane was great this is nothing within 24 hours of the tragedy FBI agents impounded all records of the investigation Gary kara Dory’s death pricks Troy Banas conscience he promised sandy that he would recant his recantation and tell the truth the record straight I was going to do it ah it would you know the truth will come out you know when somebody would be held accountable for his death and then at the funeral I had seen you know FBI guys you know they they looked at me you know I was supposed to meet senator little bats and Schmidt for lunch after the funeral and you know that’s when I decided I told my mom you know we’re not gonna do the noise we’re gonna hightail it I don’t Lincoln now the effect of Gary’s crash on the investigation I think in effect put an end to any anybody else coming forward with sensitive information like this that’s when I was finished because I figured out if they murdered Gary and his son there was nothing that would stop them there was no there’s no piece of paper there was nothing we could come up with that was gonna get anything done under pressure from the FBI Troy Bonner agreed to tell a Douglas County grand jury investigating Larry King that he and Alicia Rowan had concocted the entire child abuse story on payment of a $500 bond Troy Bonner was to be the star witness against Alicia Allen but he grew uneasy about maintaining what he claims were the lies fed to him by the FBI but when his brother Shawn died inexplicably gun accident Troy and his family were convinced they’d been sent a warning message you know they killed him just flat out right somehow professionally made something happen he knows to shut me up the purpose of Sean’s death did instill fear thank worked it did should have been me there instead of him really I mean it I’m not trying to make anybody feel bad but I mean he he was brilliant then you know innocent you know it it should have been me I mean he had so much to give I taken so much you know it should have been the other way around I can explain to you what it felt like to lose a child but when you see the pain your kids help because of that it’s much worse I can’t do anything for him I can’t take that pain away for him Lauren Schmitz legislative committee issued a report denouncing the grand jury two months later it was disbanded leaving Schmidt a broken man unless it was not lost on most politicians in Nebraska I think the message with liberty was if anything legislative committee ever tries to conduct a thorough investigation again the same thing will happen it has shaken my faith in the institutions of government used to be a firm believer that and that system would work and that people who did things wrong would be punished and we discovered victims who claimed had been abused and who the grand jury acknowledged had been abused but they did not try to find out who had abused those individuals instead they convicted we shall hold a perjury and the puzzle of my part appeal in July 1991 Alicia Rowan was convicted of perjury her sentence was between nine and twenty five years I can’t find a case in the history of this country where some kid that sentenced 25 or 30 years in prison for something like this for some reason they had to send a signal to every kid who was a potential witness my opinion again a signal so loud and clear if you dare to come forward if you dare to talk watch what happens three months later Larry King was jailed for the 40 million dollar fraud he was given a 15 year sentence ten years less than Alecia Rowan but despite the attempted cover-up word of the child prostitution ring got out and threatened the very top levels of government and if Washington doesn’t have enough to talk about these days the Washington Times reported today that unidentified White House aides in the Carter Reagan and Bush administration’s now are being investigated for using the services of a call boy ring this was the thing always bothered me they claimed it was the largest male prostitution ring in the city that they better ever had uncovered as a million dollars a year minimum now and yet they only prosecuted the operator Henry Vinson and three uh visit lieutenants as it were then everyone asked for any of the John’s or the clients this operations which was again quite large claim to have clients that ran from the White House to the Capitol Hill to the Statehouse to the churches within the media and what Paul describes is the people he was then a lot of the stuff he led there but we couldn’t quite nail it at all cases because again to accuse someone of high stature you’ve got to be very careful I understand we were able to do it the mother lode was divided a credit card receipts and cancer checks and then lists of the clients the prosecutors knew all this stuff there was approximately 20,000 pieces of dot or 20,000 documents yes that they had they sealed the entire record when they found out I was accessing them they required consent agreements from all the lawyers all the clients all the relatives of all the clients all the hookers including the clients themselves you can never gain access seal them by court order and we have tried we’ve attempted on several occasions to unseal that and we’ve been told will be cold day in hell before those records ever get unsealed and it makes me wonder what’s in those records yeah you you I want this to go forward and have something done so that all those other kids who a lot worse more worse things have happened to can come forward and say that action can be taken because there are a lot of other kids out there that you know things happen to him that you know a lot worse than happened that happened to me I got up one morning check my emails and there’s a seven email from somebody I didn’t know with a small little paragraph saying I thought you should know Troy Bonner is dead I had no clue to know it from they didn’t find it so called John de Kamp right away he said we’ll write back and ask him for details I wrote that for details apparently Troy was brought in to a medical facility and this is in Abilene Texas brought in to a medical facility because of some injury to his leg or something he was kept there overnight and the next morning the next morning the nurses went in to check on him and he was sitting straight up in bed with his mouth full of blood dead the PAC’s ecology reports say that it was an overdose and there was no no drugs on his person in this clothing pocket or anything and he came in without any luggage we sent detectives down there and the best that we can figure is that someone got into the room is Valentin now when would say well what would make that Ricky take that leap the month before there had been a reporter for national magazine staying in Nebraska revamping the Franklin case and the Johnny Gosch case interviewing everybody connected that were still alive the other person this reporter could not find with Tori Bonner and Troy with one of the key witnesses the reporter finally finished up his work and left when we cleared Troy’s dead in Texas if you can control about three or four key elements you can totally own a state you can make right wrong you can make truth falsehood falsehood truth if you control the media if you control the Justice Department if you control the police you own the system you


  1. Satanic Pedophilia, Torture and Blood: Dark Satanic Secrets Revealed [Must Watch Documentary]

  2. Hey youTube/Google : Is there any way you can make the sound even more muddied and impossible to understand, such as having more segments where people are speaking in one language, and the somewhat delayed translation is made in another language , and both are at the same volume?? You people are supposed to be wizards at real-time voice recognition, umm. why can't you at least run it it by once, and cast that as the CC, bad as that may be? Many, many people are hearing impaired/deaf. GFY, I can't watch this, even though I would like to.

  3. It is utterly despicable what these demons are doing to our children. This is a global conspiracy. Thank you for putting this together. I hope YouTube doesn’t decide to take this down.

  4. please provide a place to download this doc. youtube will delete this most likely within a few days or weeks. please comment in a 'reply' to my message so i receive a notification. thank-you

  5. 22:00 – where the horror becomes a conspiracy: problems with the trial, the DNA goes missing … who is protecting whom? Who is paying for what? What is behind this?

  6. google/Youtube clains it isn't their problem, so I am going to address the uploaders:
    Is there any way you can make the sound even more muddied and impossible to understand, such as having more segments where people are speaking in one language, and the somewhat delayed translation is made in another language , and both are at the same volume?? /s
    PLEASE get some people to do subtitles for you, I believe there are YouTube communities that do this for free. Your documentary is important, but it it completely impossible to watch for deaf or even moderately hearing-impaired people.
    I'm sorry, but your production values make your research worthless.

  7. Officials clear more than 120 missing children cases after human trafficking sweep
    Updated: 3:33 PM EDT Oct 15, 2018

  8. "The Franklin Scandal" pt. deux This also has similarities of "The Monster of Florence" of which Thomas Harris got his inspiration. Note those serial crimes have similarities to the Son of Sam and Zodiac killings. The convicted murder of the Son of Sam murders claimed that he wasn't the only one and others were involved.

  9. How sick do you have to be to get sexually attracted to children. To feed your beastly desires, you're willing to rob the one thing that makes children pure, which is their innocence.

  10. Ronald Bernard interviews also give a great deal of information about sex slavery in the upper echelons of power. Interesting how at 1;15:23 they mention clients taking children to hunt on their "PRIVATE ISLANDS"…… hmmmm

  11. MY MAIN QUESTION IS WHY????? I can’t accept any metaphysical claims of devils. Why and how can such cruelty exist so wide spread ???

  12. The very second Carl Beech was raised I've lost interest. It seems that not one soul here believes that wrongful accusations exist. Period. That anyone who questions the validity of such claims is immediately smeared as a pedo sympathizer.

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