‘I See A Federal Crime’: Audio Of Voicemail Left By Trump Lawyer Is Released | Deadline | MSNBC

‘I See A Federal Crime’: Audio Of Voicemail Left By Trump Lawyer Is Released | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. In the remake of the block buster movie "All The President's Men," the role of Bill Barr will be played by John Goodman and the role of Donald Trump will be played by the Talking Snake from the Garden of Eden. 🐍

  2. Why is this man being allowed to continue with his outright illegal activities? Obama wore a tan suit for god's sake, and you would've thought he'd committed murder with the hue and cry elicited from those on Capitol hill. W… T…..F?????

  3. *CHAOS their lethal weapon… Putin, Trump, their Culls are AMERICANS ENEMIES! Using TOXIC Anger, Hatred, DIVISION, ATTACKING AMERICA and the WORLD. …*~ Peacefully PROTEST! ~ RESIST THEM

  4. "The foundation for the Russian election interference narrative is built on the claim of Russians hacking the servers of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), and subsequently releasing damaging emails that showed the DNC worked to help Hillary Clinton and eliminate Bernie Sanders. Despite the Russian ‘hacking’ claim the DOJ previously admitted the DNC would not let FBI investigators review the DNC server. Instead the DNC provided the FBI with analysis of a technical review done through a cyber-security contract with Crowdstrike."

  5. Pelosi is a typical establishment democrat – one step forward and two steps back, desperate to find a position that moderate repugs will accept.

  6. Trump can do anything he can break the law and get away with it and still breaking the law and getting away with it being the president of the United States means nothing anymore anyone can be a president if Trump can be a president anyone came except black

  7. This is why audio recordings are generally NOT accepted any longer, as evidence, in court proceedings.
    Too easy to modify them, or leave parts out.

  8. To these fools out here that says that dump hasn't done anything. It sounds like he has done some stuff.

  9. Getting rid of trump is only the tip of the spear. McConnell is a bigger target that needs to be bull's-eyed.

  10. Look, we have one shot at this impeachment thing, so let’s be very careful on how we get this done. I agree with Pelosi though, I want prison for this POS.

  11. Good now it's time for America to prosecute indict whatever it takes get the piece of s*** and put them behind bars where he belongs for the rest of his life him and all his convict family.

  12. What the H*LL is with these people that they won't start an impeachment inquiry?
    Elizabeth Warren is right and Pelosi needs to step down!

  13. We as "americans" are asleep, everyone is ready to impeach over so called russian involvement. So what are Lobbyist? They have just a much influence and money (more) and they directly affect the outcome of our elections. These entities are responsible for the the current state of our country. Our elected officials have to pay back these entities with favors.ie contracts, laws, regulations or lack thereof. This is the true crime. We have been led astray. Rule #1: follow the money. I know they muddy the water, but diligent research must be done by the citizens. Pay attention, Trump's presidency will let you know all you need to know about what's really going on. They are no longer hiding their intentions they are being bold and admitting that lying is the norm in our government.

  14. If he were (1) Black like former president Barak Obama or (2) committed adultery, been accused and caught like Bill Clinton impeachment would be immediate.

  15. The public IS ready! Nancy needs to get started NOW. We don’t want the redacted report. We want everything out in the open. We deserve to know EVERYTHING

  16. Trump made impeachable offense but we will not impeach him now that is a solid plan of stupidity I have never heard of!

  17. A smoking shotgun if ever I've heard one. Dowd should have known better Remember Nixon's taping system and how it destroyed His presidency? Same thing is happening here. Dowd's voice-mail is Trump's smoking gun.

  18. Let's just "hang" this corrupt WH communist republican in the public square and be done with it!

    Then let's go after these communists republicans in the house and senate, round them up and "hang" them too!
    We need to purge our government of these white supremacists, these communists republicans and these capitalist opportunists!

    Get rid of all of them!

  19. The communists republicans would rather hold this country hostage, or see it go down in flames, rather than working with the Democrats!

    That's why "We the People", the real voters need to throw these corrupt, lying, greedy, cheating, sexual perverts, communists agents to the curb, like we did in the 2018 midterms in the House of Congress!

    Look, we all know by now that this extreme right wing republican insurgency in this country is an arm of the Russian state!

    These ignoramuses proudly wave their Russian flags in our country, but yet they have an issue with some football player kneeling in protest, which is their right!

    We will "Not" give in to these communists republicans or their ignorant uneducated voters who vote for these communists in their party!

    And after all, isn't that how a communist state takes root, by an ignorant uneducated populace?

    Have we not seen this in Russia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, and still see in North Korea, just to name a few?

    Get rid of these Third Reich police state corrupt scandal ridden so nothing know nothing communist republican defects and misfits of toy island out of our government, along with these white supremacists, skin heads, and every other communists republican derelicts!

  20. Mitch McConnell will Block the Vote For Impeachment in the Senate. McConnell is Blocking Bill's to Secure Our 2020 Electoral System. INUNDATE Your Local Congressional Representatives With the Demand That Senatorial Leader Mitch McConnell face A Vote of EXPULSION from the Senate Do It Now and Do It To They Respond.

  21. Some things are bigger than the government??? The government tries to push the entire populated world around with arrogance, tarrifs (sp?) or temper tantrums. Our government is now the most powerful entity on the planet and it doesn't care about anyone.

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