I Have the Most Extreme Case of Tourette’s | Living Differently

I Have the Most Extreme Case of Tourette’s | Living Differently

My tic started out
with the hand movements and little eye movements,
you, you can see. First it was, kind of, nothing,
but then they started progressing. That’s, kind of, the first thing
that’s on my mind every day. Cos it’s the first thing I… ..sit here and do in the morning,
when I wake up. Just become, like, the main
part of my life, I guess. Tourette’s presents
a lot of challenges, but I try to overcome
them as they come along. Tourette’s is hard. It takes a toll on you and
there’s a lot of negative things that are associated with Tourette’s. One thing that tics make
a lot harder is walking. My, my knee or leg tic, kind of,
really takes a beating on my knee, at times. And it just, like, makes it…makes
walking hard. I’m a freshman in college. I go to North Iowa Area Community
College, here in Mason City, Iowa. I’m hoping to become an engineer. I’m thinking mechanical. I’ve been going to school
for about two and half months. Trevor has severe debilitating
Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette’s can, can be very mild
or it can be very severe. Every single doctor we have seen
says that, “He has the worse case “that we have ever seen.” I myself have Tourette’s,
I recognised what was happening. With my case of Tourette’s
it was extremely mild. As I got into my later teens,
it started to go away. With Trevor, as he got into his
teens, his started to get worse. A lot of people steer clear
of me because of my tics. They see it and I think
it’s not normal. I will say I have not had
very many friends in my life. School… ..I was the most bullied. The bullying, it’s, actually, it’s
evolved over the years, really. In the beginning, a lot of staring. And then, when you put him in
school, the bullying and the teasing started to get a little
more sophisticated. Hit us pretty hard, because
we realised what the rest of the world saw. There’s been times where I’ve got
really frustrated with the tics. This is very tiring,
because I can’t stop moving. Cos it’s always, this takes
a big chunk… ..of time and energy just
trying…just having the condition. I think it’s frustrating to see
people staring at him and you’ll see people look at him and then,
sort of, talk to their friends and you know they’re
talking about him. And I think it’s because people
don’t like what they don’t
understand. They’re very judgmental,
for sure…and that’s hard to watch. We’ve developed a look
for when people stare. Yeah. We never say anything, but we give
them a look. We give them the
death stare, yeah. As Trevor got older, we realised
he wasn’t going to get better. I had to make some decisions
around what kind of life Trevor was going to have. What if
the tics never got better? He had to live a life like this. We started making him
cook and clean and we don’t treat him any
different than any other teenager. I started playing guitar
at around 15ish. Cos I realised playing music,
kind of, gave me some relief, in having the tics,
essentially, stop in a way. Music, kind of, provided some
relief from the tics. When I… ..when I played, the tics would stop and, essentially, just go away,
as I was playing. Which seemed like a miracle
at the time. When he plays music, when he
gets into a groove, um, it’s like his brain is
distracted and the tics go away. It’s a lot of joint pain,
he gets neck and back pain. We said, “Well, let’s give
some medication a try.” He had to try a lot of
different medications. They all had side effects,
nothing was working. Eventually, we, we knew that
there was nothing left. So, that’s when he got approved
for deep brain stimulation. We stopped the medications. As any parent, I think, when you’re
talking about brain surgery, it’s pretty terrifying. I think it’s a little,
I wouldn’t say scary, but it is interesting having
something put into your brain. I think the benefits will, I’m
thinking they’re going to greatly outweigh the risks. But I guess I won’t really know
until we do it and try it. I have really just one option left. Tried to appeal it, we went
through every avenue we could, with no, uh, with no luck. I think it’s been frustrating
to watch him go through that. Yeah, it’s been really difficult,
you know, seeing him go through all the different medications and
nothing really helping, at all. It’s hard to come up with
that kind of money and… ..for a surgery. It’s been really stressful
and tiring trying to… ..get that going. # The sun shines # Down on me # Telling me… # We have been working towards this
for the last three years. Hoping that they’re able to reduce
them quite a bit, so I can start living a normal life. It’s been rough with my tics
for all these years. # The sun shines # Down on me # Just waiting… # So, the next steps from today… ..is to wait, wait a week. Because we want to have everything
get used to the voltage. From then or there I… ..I can use my remote
to control the device and slowly up the voltage,
slowly over a period. Over the weeks, until,
eventually, get to the point where I think that it’s good. And then we go from there. I’ve noticed the tics have
been reduced a little bit. It gives me a lot of hope.
So, yeah, we can just see. We got the right spot.


  1. Perhaps if you get all that hair out of your face you might feel better. And shaking all that hair just draws attention to your Tourette’s.

  2. Hi, I was feeling pretty lonely lately. Tonight, just before I watched this video, someone sent me an email that said "you're not alone" with a link: https://www.bible-knowledge.com/feels-nobody-cares-about-me/

  3. We suppose to accept people and help not judge on every little thing. If someone is good to you it doesn't matter if they're ill or not. That's who they are what makes them special so be kind people.

  4. The most severe case of Tourette's … is this a joke? That guy's eating out, nothing's being thrown, he's not hurting himself etc etc … Either he has been filmed on good days or that physician needs to learn a lot more about Tourette's.

  5. why would you put your kid in school so he gets bullied
    why not home school him until college
    why is he wearing hair to constantly get in his eyes

  6. What an interesting and talented soul. I would be blessed to have a friend such as this. I wish you a beautiful life.

  7. He's pretty good at the guitar! And it's curious how he stops ticcing when he plays. I hope he finds a solution to minimize the tics.

  8. This might seem out of the blue but I've noticed from watching these documentaries on Tourette's that many of them are lefties. I am a lefty as well. I do not have Tourette's but I have a few tics. Grinding/chomp my teeth, bite my nails, and rub my head often. Few people notice because I seldom do it in public. I just thought it was intriguing that a high % seem to be lefties.

  9. i just dont understand why people laugh at him..this guy is intelligent, kind and probably smarter than most of all douche bag who make fun of him while they talk and dress like every other douche waiting for their approval from other people to be themselves… the biggest problem of this poor young man is just this society full of sheeps

  10. Have you ever felt tickling like an ant is walking on you and you find out you that it was just a hair?

  11. I have seen most of the caes of tourett's ,music seems to help them in stopping tick ! Should research on that? 😊🙏

  12. Inspite of such challenges, he appears to be such a calm and tolerant man. Hats off to him. Hope the electrodes help. God Bless.

  13. The mother knew she can inherit the Tourette to her child, and she decided to have a child.
    I would have adopted a child instead.

  14. As good looking as his hair is he should try and get contacts and cut the hair short, at the very least its less stuff in his eyes and face obstructing his vision

  15. At first glance I thought the cool hair was contributing but now I don't think so. And even if it is … worth it! Seems like a good dude.

  16. Not to sound insensitive but I think people who swear and hit people have it way worse…his case is also terrible but I wouldn't say it's the most extreme

  17. I see people saying that he need to cut his hair. HIS HAIR IS GODLY HE DOES NOT NEED TO CUT IT. All he needs to do is pull his hair back so it’s not constantly in his face!!

  18. ….this seems like it would be less of a thing if he actually cut his hair?
    Or is constantly looking like he's headbanging his goal?

  19. Can I just say that I HUGELY appreciate how much screen time was given to Trevor himself, allowing him to tell his own story. So often with disability the focus is on the parents and how they feel about their child's condition, so this was refreshing.

  20. It's sad that you had to go through most of your life with no friends because people were not empathetic nor sympathetic enough to understand understand you plight. It's comforting to know that our creator understand your thoughts, feelings, loneliness and yearns to relieve mankind of our sufferings by means of his Kingdom rule, Matthew 6:9, 10, and he demonstrated through he want to heal and cure mankind of our ill's. Isaiah 33:24 Until that time come I hope relief from the medical community. See JW.ORG

  21. I have extreme anxiety and a best friend with Tourette's when he screams while I'm driving I slam on the damn breaks and almost run into cars

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