I carried the wreckage of my home to Parliament

On Friday the 8th of November, I lost my
home; the center of my world; the place my children grew up; the place my
grandchildren come to. My name is Melinda and I’m from Nymboida. I built this home
about 35 years ago. We had beautiful gardens. We had fruit trees. This place is
central to our family and has been for generations. We’ve had many wonderful
Christmases here swimming in the dam, walking in the bush, observing wildlife.
It’s absolutely full of memories. The day of the fire on the Friday, I was in the
vegetable garden and I came in and I looked at the phone. The advice was
to leave. I knew that everything was about to go up in smoke,
so I rang my partner and told him that we needed to evacuate. It was really hard
to walk out the front door. I’m living in a motel now and all I’ve
got really are the clothes that I managed to get out with me, and a few
personal mementos. One of the most heartbreaking things for me is the loss
of all the wildlife around me. My home’s gone, their homes are gone and the
habitats have been decimated. This is climate change. And this is what it’s done to my family. I see this as a direct result of our
complete lack of policy on climate change at both the state and the federal
level. At the time that I’m losing my home, and all these animals are losing their homes, and many other people are losing their homes We’re not allowed to have a conversation about climate change: this extremely important matter right at this moment. It’s not an issue about who you
vote for or what side you’re on This is something that is really
important to the whole of humankind, and to this planet and its survival, and we
need somebody who’s gonna bring us together and who’s going to lead us. I
don’t need a Prime Minister that’s going to pray for me. I need a Prime Minister
that has decisive action and policy, and we need it now. It’s time for me to let the government know how unhappy I am. I don’t want to be told that I can’t
talk about climate change. I want to be able to talk about climate change, and
this is my way of doing that. Newscaster reading: “New South Wales bushfire survivor Melinda Plesman bringing the scorched remains of what was their home
to the front of Parliament” I wanted to show the Parliament and the PM my house and what’s happened. This is the first day of the sitting of Parliament. I’ve
bought some of the remains of my home here. They all mean something special to
me, all represent part of my life that’s now lost. This is climate change and it’s
happening now. What I want is action I want the people in Parliament to look
and I want Scott Morrison to know… What we need right now is no more coal mining. We need a 100% move towards renewables, and we need to stop native
forests logging.

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