How Trump’s Impeachment Compares To Others In History | NBC News NOW

How Trump’s Impeachment Compares To Others In History | NBC News NOW


  1. The Dems can’t offer anything other than “get Trump”.. The Ukraine thing is about Biden’s corruption, not how Trump brought it to light.. This will only secure Trump’s 2020 victory.. America will now have to wait til 2024 for Tulsi Gabbard to be the first female POTUS.

  2. do you know why Trump should be relieved because he is a thorn in the side of the elite the elite wants to finally have their World War 3 before their time runs out why can't he load witnesses because the Democrats are afraid that their machinations will come to light #Pizzagate #Epstein and many more crimes as soon as a bought democrat is in power in 2020 there will be world war shortly afterwards very surely help Trump otherwise your children and men will all die

  3. the media is trying to add drama by using words like "historic, "somber" etc but no one actually cares. everyone knows its just a partisan move and it really doesnt compare to the previous impeachments.

  4. Hello Americans, This is Texas and here's what is really happening. Trump is a money generating machine for the Republicans. So much so, that the opposing political party had to begin to put on a show in order to even gather 1/10th of the political donation that Trump alone generates. This my friends is know here in America as a fund raiser. One party has to act totally nuts in order to get attention. Just like that misbehaving child. And just like that misbehaving child demands their way and starts sucking up all the attention from the parents, so is the opposing party. Don't take this serious, this is a political fund raiser where politicians don't give a crap what they have to say in order to create donations.

  5. No crime being committed is the major difference. "Abuse of Power" and "Obstruction of Congress" are not actual things that exist in law.

    Also, the impeachment being purely partisan is another difference.

    Also, the party doing the impeaching celebrating it, is another difference.

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