How Trump’s Family Separation Traumatized Children

How Trump’s Family Separation Traumatized Children

[chant] Set the children free! It’s kids. There’s children, there’s children that are sitting on the window side. There’s children in the bus. My name is Jodi Goodwin and I’m an immigration lawyer in Harlingen, Texas. In total, I’ve been working with immigrants and refugees for about 25 years. I think in a perfect world, ICE would reunify all of the parents with their children. But we knew that the government was not doing it. So we started putting those pieces
and puzzles together ourselves This is how the government kept track of people. Ain’t that amazing? I mean it’s a picture of the mom with her son on her lap, and it says her name and the son’s name, and it says: Mother. Son. That’s how they kept track of people. The ICE officers said they were not going to let her out. No bond. But I knew that other deportation
officers were placing bonds. So I decided I would elevate things and get the supervisor in charge, because there is a huge difference between no bond, and being able to pay a bond and get out so that she can go get her kid. who is my best bet with the supervisors to get this overridden because this is bullshit to have one policy for some people and continue to cause prolonged
trauma to a fucking five year old. Ok, let me give you my number. It took a couple hours, but then a bond was set. And if I hadn’t have called, she’d
still be sitting in there right now. That’s one person. They had over 400 people that were separated from their kids. I can’t get to all of them. Oh my god, oh my god. When I first met Anita, I knew that
I needed to focus on her case. because every single day that little boy stayed away from his mom, is another year of trying to overcome more trauma. What you do actually does matter to the person that’s right in front of you. I mean, it may not change the world. It wont. But it might change the world for the
person that’s right in front of you. When we were brought into the room
where Jenri was waiting for us He didn’t run to his mom. There wasn’t this
happily ever after ending. She knelt down on the floor in front of the chair where her little boy was sitting. And she asked for forgiveness. Perdoname, perdoname, perdoname. It was awful. I think both she and Jenri need good psychological care. Ok, he’s gotta calm down. He will. No, no, no. No, honey. Don’t do that, please. Ok? So what’s gonna happen now is that instead of having to come for hearings in Texas, We’ll change them so she can
go to her hearings in North Carolina. So they can follow through with their request for asylum. Then a judge will have to make a decision whether or not they are granted asylum or denied I think we’ll probably know something in terms of a final decision in maybe a year or so. Yeah, I probably won’t see her again. This will be the last time I see her.


  1. What a load What about When Clinton and Obama did it That didn't traumatize Kids? People in jail are also separated from Their children as are some poor people.

  2. People this is not about politics or anything else, this is a PEOPLE problem. How can WE be like this to one another. This is just not good for us as HUMANS. Is sad to read all the HATE towards this people on the comments area. Hence; why WE keep doing things like these to each other. Sad

  3. My heart aches for that poor little boy and his mother. What this government is doing to them is evil, plain and simple. Their actions are evil and their motives are evil. We need to take action to stop this, and not just voting.

  4. BLESS YOU. TRUMP !! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!! MAGA ! AMERICA FOR FUCKIN AMERICANS !! Love you Mr President ! Not our fault stupid felons do what they do !

  5. This wasn't Trump's policy this was Obama's and Trump ended Obama's family separation policy around summer.

  6. While she may have needed to leave Honduras, Mexico did allow them to stay, and she could have stayed there. While I understand why she wanted to come to the US, whats more important that or her son bc it's ALWAYS a risk to put yourself at the mercy of the gov for ANY reason.

  7. This is why Trump and Fox are saying that "gangs" are trafficking women and children across the border (less then 1%) or are taking children so to claim asylum since children and parents aren't allowed to be kept in detention centers longer then 20 days and they are NOT separated from their families during this time, in fact the judge was extremely generous in granting even 20 days since our constitution does NOT allow ppl to be detained without probable cause, so obviously they were accusing her of being a illegal, but our laws states that you can enter the US ANY way you want and NOT just through ports of entry. So regardless of their "suspicions" (not a crime) she claimed asylum and that is for a JUDGE to decide NOT them..
    This is a case yet again of the ends justify the means. Since Trump's DHS secretary and the GOP are claiming that all they're doing is "prosecuting everyone equally". They are in fact trying to get around the law (something she accidently says was annoying. Sry if my having rights to stop YOU from doing the shit you're doing right NOW is inconvienent and "annoying". These are PEOPLE'S lives you're playing with.) Of course IF they take the child away, then they can hold her until her case is heard. Thus Trump and the GOP are systematically pretending that these families aren't families. Their "bad hombres" using our "legal loopholes", to flood into our country illegally. Of course there is ZERO evidence for this. But there is clear evidence that they're real goal is to stop families or women and children specifically. In fact studies show that IF a group of illegals contains women or children they are 4 TIMES more likely to be stopped by border patrol. Since while the right WANTS men, they really REALLY don't want families. That's bc they want them to remain classified as "illegal" so they can get cheap labor. But since their families are back in Latin America, they don't want to stay long term. However due to Obama tightening up the border, and increasing the difficulty the push back is entire families are now coming since unlike in the past illegals can't continually cross back and forth anymore. That and so long as they are illegal they can't vote, BUT their kids can hence Trump attacking our policy of "if born on US soil, you're a US citizen". Frankly, this Trump wave, of nationalism (has striking similarities to Germany since Hitler too was democratically elected by a populist message of white Europeans first, Germans first, and then declared a national emergency and went to war and killed 6 million jews and 22 million "others". We don't talk about the "others" but those "others" are those who stood up against the Nazi party, they will the sick, the vulnerable, gpysies, and GERMANS. Thus while the target is "bad hombres" be careful bc soon enough it'll be YOU since the reality is Trump HATES those who speak out.
    So still idk why was she arrested, her child ripped from her arms, and sent to these newly created "ice box" where the kids are kept together, on freezing ground, and only given a space blanket. Which is by far the fastest way to insure you end up dealing with deadly disease outbreaks since they completely stress the kids out, are sleep deprivated, then throw them onto the cold concrete with only a space blanket, and house 100's all in one area, that's a pandemic waiting to happen, hence the reason colleges, and school require immunization namely against stuff like meningitis (swelling for the membrane around the brain and is VERY deadly) as they come from all across central America, many isolated areas and thus had no exposure to many viruses and bacteria and aren't vaccinated.

  8. This is a pandemic waiting to happen since what happens when you take very sheltered ppl who haven't been exposed to many microbes then stress the hell out of them, deprive them of sleep, house them by the 100's on concrete floors, where they freeze and while having poor hygiene? You get seriously ill kids, and kids who have medical issues they don't know, and kids too scared to tell anyone if those ppl can even understand them. Hence two kids dying in weeks.

  9. All of this is to get around US law NOT to uphold it since families aren't supposed to be separated and the judge authorizing a 20 day hold never dreamed they've violate the overarching principle for US immigration. Reuniting families. They are allowed to enter the US by any means necessary (illegal or ports of entry), thus what was she even arrested for? It's NOT illegal to claim asylum, and it's not ICE job to decide if her claim is valid it's the courts job.

  10. Irresponsible parents are to blame for abuse of their own kids. Easy fix; reunite kids & parents & send them back to their shithole countries or America too will become a shithole like Europe.
    This woman doesn't deserve to have children after what shes put him through.

  11. Obama did the same thing but you didn't know it because he was the presses darling. They are jumping the line in front of legal immigrants. They are here for economic reasons 85 per cent of asylum claims are false. And how come no one is as outraged over 7, 8 and 9 month old children being permanently separated from their mothers womb??? We kill thousands of human children every year in this country and nobody bats an eye. What about the thousands of American Children murdered by people that have no right to be here? They won't ever see their families again? When an American breaks the law they go to jail and are separated from their families. That's what happens when you break the law!!! DON'T BREAK THE LAW!!!

  12. Your concern for immigrant children is so heart warming and it comes Just one week after the Democratic Party voted almost unanimously to allow children who survi've abortion to die without any. medical attentiom. Killing thousands of American babies and separating them permanently from their mother's womb is just fine with the Democratic Party? Really? But they care about the children who are you kidding? They're the party of infanticide.

  13. It's very simple. If you break the law you will be separated from your family whether you're an American citizen or an immigrant. American citizens who break the law and go to jail are separated from their families every day why should it be any different for an immigrant that breaks the law?

  14. I would hate to be separated from my child therefore i would never enter into another country illegally .. specially if a portal of entry that would allow me to enter legally existed.


  16. Funny how they were not traumatized. When Obama did the same thing….Obama was the one who started separating. Families .Don't believe me go look it up. Somewhere around 2014..

  17. It's official. Trump has no soul. Ditto for Sessions, Bannon, Miller, Conway, Huckabee Sanders, and all the rest of the GOP goons who enabled and supported such madness.

  18. Those BASTARDS were Kidnapped from S. American Central America and Mexico. To FILL McCAINs Child Trafficking …

  19. Wow look at thoes drug dealing,rapist,sinful children wow so guilty and understanding of the law
    The haters in these comment's are just greedy as all americans are

  20. So heartbroken about these poor kids and their parents who were punished this way for asking for help!

  21. Don't cross our border and kids will not be traumatized. Their parents are criminals the minute they cross our botder. I do not give 2 shts. Get out and stay out.

  22. Omg! I am Honduras! Thank god before trump was even president I moved to the US. But poor children 🙁 this actually fuckin hurts me. Trump can f himself.

  23. I am from Honduras, and we live our reality but many people decided freely to abandoned their kids and family for money. They know the risks and then when things don't happen the way they were told, they blame someone else. For one time, they need to be responsible for their own decisions and stop blaming someone else for their misery. That's why our country is underdeveloped.

  24. Pregnant women in Honduras leave the country to give birth in the USA, they know the risk and they ignore it, they know the benefit and of course they take advantage of it.

  25. There are opportunities in Honduras, jobs and school to attend, but people don't want to make an effort, it is easier to go illegally to the USA. I live among these kind of people. Some work hard and study, other don't want to. They fantasize of being in the USA and being able to buy ephones, and brag of what they have with the ones who stayed behind.

  26. La mamas osas no ponen a sus hijos en riesgo. Pobre niño, esa experiencia es desgarradora, pero fue decision de la madre.

  27. This is a good video but it should really be titled "How Trump's Family Separation Traumatizes Children" instead of "traumatized" because it is still occurring today

  28. That boy thinks his mother left him in jail intentionally but doesn't know that it was Trump's team that ruined his young mind. I hope he recovers from his horrors soon.

  29. These private prisons who donated to the trump campaign receive $20,000 to $36,000 a month per person yet say they can not afford beds blankets tooth brushes & toothpaste. They say they cannot afford lice shampoo edible food and nurses

    Where is the money going???
    Whenever gov services are privatized the tax payers are ripped off.

    When I worked for ICE at the San Ysidro (San Diego) border crossing everyone was assign a alien id number ig: 94-xxx for the parent Child 1 94-xxxA, Child 2 94-xxxB, Child 3 94-xxxC

    Trump and his private prison pals separated the children before the 94- number could be assigned. The longer people are detained the more $$$$ they make.

  30. Mommy, I don't want them to tax us more to have to give food, shelter and healthcare to illegal aliens. Boo Hoo Atlantic — you publish biased drivel.

  31. If she was threatened with a gun in Honduras, why didn't she go for asylum in Guatemala or Mexico? Maybe John Oliver told her to go a few thousand miles north of those safe places,

  32. This is permanent trauma on thousands of children. They are scarred for life because their parents chose to run away from a certain death. And we, the united states, did this to them. It seems like all we do is terrorize, brutalize, manipulate, lie, and cheat everyone and anything. More like a greedy corporation than a democratic country.

  33. GOD help us.2 Chronicles 7:14
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  34. Leviticus 19:33-34
    When immigrants live in your land with you, you must not cheat them. Any immigrant who lives with you must be treated as if they were one of your citizens. You must love them as yourself, because you were immigrants in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God.

  35. We should be allowing volunteers to come and give these immigrants food, blankets, beds anything they need to be treated with respect. I am a conservative, but we need to treat these people like humans. When I committed a crime I was seperated from my children, so it's difficult to be fully understanding because when you commit a crime you do jail time. But this is just traumatizing for these kids, but it seems the boy is mad at his mom because she is the reason they are going threw this, not Trump, not Americans, her. She new the consequences before crossing and still risked it, but that doesn't mean treat people like animals, but take responsibility for your actions. The son is mad at her for her putting them in that position

  36. So many lies and half truths. This is the result of Obama, you lying sacks of libturds. You fascists have no morals nor shame.


    On this Independence Day, America is holding thousands of people seeking FREEDOM in in CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Be thankful you didn't have to share your bedroom with 80 other people. Be thankful you didn't have to sleep on a concrete floor under a mylar blanket. Be thankful you have a hot shower and food in the morning. Be thankful you don't have to drink water from a toilet. BE THANKFUL for what your Nation affords YOU, but DO NOT FORGET the thousands of people it denies what you are thankful for.



  38. Righteous people documenting this. It's a difficult line to walk. I totally understand migrants fleeing these shitty countries but then why should the US Govt and people have to fund other people's problems? Trump seriously indicates he doesn't want them here.

  39. Hey Jeremy Raff, just as a corollary how about documenting the BS lies some of these immigrants are pulling to get into and stay in the States?

  40. "Frederick Douglass' famously searing speech on July 4, 1852 rings truest:
    "What, to the American slave (or kid in cage), is your Fourth of
    July?…To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an
    unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity…your shouts
    of liberty and equality, hollow mockery…a thin veil to cover up crimes
    which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the
    earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people
    of these United States, at this very hour." Sorry we aren't more
    celebratory. Go forth, and act."

  41. Everyone saying, "Well, Obama started it., No, he didn't, Under Obama, children were separated from parents only when authorities had concerns for their well-being or could not confirm that the adult was in fact their legal guardian, but it was not a blanket policy like it is under Trump.
    It's legal to ask for asylum. A person MUST be on U.S to ask for asylum. Trump closed the points of entry done and mads it harder for these refugees (and yes that is what t hey are) to ask for asylum then he locked those people up in detention camps where his cronies are making over $700.00 a day of each person detained, but they can't provide medical care or even soap and toothbrushes. America has sank to new low under the Trump admin and history will not remember, nor be kind to them.

  42. Easy solution, don’t come here. With millions of ILLEGALS here who could be left in there own country? There are enough American people needing help without draining the resources giving to ILLEGALS . See it for what it is, just a plot to keep politicians in office.

  43. No excuse for this. Not only did they take him from his mom, but they put him in what he called a "jail". Why could the guard not at least give the little boy a blanket when he was freezing? This little child had more compassion when he saw another kid who was cold than a full-grown adult "caretaker". And they called them by their numbers? Not their names? That immediately made me think of how Nazis referred to prisoners in concentration camps. America needs to do much, much better than this.

  44. Trump is not separating those families, the moms & dads are separating family, who brings their children with them 2 jail or 2 commit a crime?? O, i 4got, these people do. Laws are laws

  45. Don’t we mean how OBAMA’s holding cells for illegal criminal crossers had to be separated from their own kidnapped child? This is the illegal adults fault, not America’s. We have to stand for our countries rights & hold leaders accountable for their countries. Sincerely, a MX American female veteran.

  46. Seems like the mother is the cause of "prolonged trauma to a fuckin' five year old" by putting the kid into this situation to start with.

  47. "Trump's separation"?? Congress has the power to change the law. Trump is just obeying the laws on the books. I travel internationally often. If I were to take my daughter with me, and I lost her documentation, then we would be separated when I return through customs EVEN THOUGH I have my passport until my daughter's identity can be verified…..and this is for the safety of my daughter! If these people want to seek asylum, they can do it the legal way…..they are not. They are trying to flood the system, don't return for their court date, and simply disappear into the communities. And BTW….I'm here near the border and work in healthcare- – -the fact that Congress won't act to protect the border enables the HUGE problem of child trafficking down here. Children being pimped out multiple times is MUCH more traumatizing than being separated for a while from their families, families who chose to break the law to start with. One other point: If you are a citizen, and you choose to break the law to the point where you must be taken in custody, you will be separated from your family. That is on you, not on the authorities. Put blame where blame is….on Congress and on the people who choose to break the law.

  48. Its not Trumps problem, he is trying to fix it. The problem was caused by democrats who go out of their way to allow illegals into the country, to provide free votes for their party. In other words, the democrats are selling out our countries soverignthy just to keep in power, putting the illegals before you and me. It is also the fault of the illegals, they decide to march illegally into usa, no one is putting a gun to their head. Its like these fake news liberal outlets like this one are blaming a victim for the actions of the peraptratirs. This is in no way Trumps fault or dong.

  49. Objectively speaking: For a documentary about traumatized children, I didn't see overt trauma in Jenri (which was a relief). Having said that, I'm sure there are better examples out there.

  50. This is horse shit , this would never happen if they cross the border LEGALLY. God these liberals brain washing people , if u break the law and have kids your not going to be set free bc u “shouldn’t be separated from ur kid” these people illegally entered the county they broke the law but the news doesn’t want u to see that part , they only want u to see the “awe the poor kid ,boo who help them please “ no help the fucking parents be smart

  51. Millions of Americans that have committed crimes go to jail and get separated from their parents, if you break the law, you go to jail. I know that the idea of law and order is totally alien to these illegals coming from banana republics, but here the rule of law is what make America prosperous and safe. Anarchy, will destroy the country.

  52. Obama started this mess. Don't blame this on Trump. They just need to stay in their own country and this won't happen.

  53. This is pushing americans out there own space and jobs tho what about that . i dont think that is fare to us .they might not even be in danger . it could all be lies . family is out here already for them ok really i dont believe half the story it isnt fare to Americans.

  54. I wonder why camera cannot go inside the facility…unless there are abuse…torture…God bless those who help these people..Its a sin to separate children from their parents…need to answer to God….for these cruelty

  55. I want to see white Americans picking grapes cutting grass here in Palm Springs at 115 degrees, I want to see them working in Las Vegas at below minimum. Working in restaurants washing dishes and others jobs. paying 5 dollars an hour even this video milking the caws I didn’t see any White individuals that prefer to be supported by rhe government supported by you and eye and ironically by this undocumented or “illegals Latinos. Let me see a video show me a group of white, Chinese , black etc working and doing what white people don’t want to do. Show me please and I will believe it. Seriously ground up all the Illegals and deport them to their origins and I want to see this powerful country does without us and be ready to pay a higher dollars for a little bunch of fruit vegetables, be ready.

  56. Las separaciones son muy tristes, e igualmente lo son para los soldados de EEUU en servicio ,los separan a diario de sus familias , esposa e hijos . Pero lo que si NO es válido es la irresponsabilidad y la negligencia con la que se manejan estos padres de familia comodines, que actúan como adolescentes viejos, que ponen a sus hijos en la posición de cuidar sus hijos de sus padres y sus hermanos . Quienes son los adultos aquí pues? Eso no se vale ni tampoco manipular con ellos al gobierno y a la sociedad para ellos NO tener que trabajar y tener la vida fácil. Ni modo a trabajar y esforzarse como todo adulto responsable por sus hijos…..Maduren y trabajen!!! Allí en su país de origen como muchos, esta novela ya no vende NADA es pura politiquería barata…

  57. MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Time to finish that wall (and maybe even make one of those electrical fences that can shock someone trying to sneak across our border.)

  58. Im sure the child abuse that these parents put their children through so that they can use them as pawns did not traumatize them at all….

  59. If you commit a crime you are separated from your kids period. Hapoens to thousands of citizens everyday. Just because you claim your an asylum seeker does not justify you breaking the law. There are no civil wars going on in your coutries, there is no genocide, you are not being persecuted because of your religion. Wanting a better life and wanting to escape gangs that your culture propogates and supports is not a valid reason. Sorry the violence and lack of opportunity is not bad enough to prevent you from bringing kids into that situation.


  61. It's NOT Trumps policies, It's Americans policies!
    Don't like them don't come
    Stop abusing and neglecting your own kids .
    You shouldn't have children if you can't take care of them .
    We almost a million abused and neglected Legal American children here suffering with nobody defending them .
    Stop Having kids!

  62. Only a Psychopathic evil does this.
    Picking on the most vulnerable and INNOCENT children …
    Is that what Jesus would do?
    Republicans CLAIM they are religious .
    Spiritual beings and Religious people are Worlds apart.
    COMPASSION is the way to our FUTURE.
    Love, Light and ONENESS!🌎🕊

  63. This Administration are KIDNAPPING Innocent children and putting them in Concentration camps like the Natzi in Hitler's era.
    STEVEN MILLER, Trump and his Administration, ICE has to be Accountable for this Humanitarian ABUSE.

  64. Church and state, in spirit, are the same. To say that Hell, is eternal suffering, is to say the soul that sins, it shall die;  is saying the verse should read the soul that sins, it shall live, no mater what.  That is turning God's word in to a lie. That is saying, what the serpent said, saying, thou shalt not surly die. Those people, want people, to punish people, who have sex with another species, and punish people who are nude, and punish people, who don't have money. It is a faithless, punish, sacrificing, world. The world is full of lies. HIV AIDs are two of them. They are affecting Trump,  using that supposed thing, to separate families. The Body will show many symptoms when the spine is not in a healthy shape. The deuteriation of that shape can, and more often than not,  starts at birth. Use these four web pages, now: Upcspine or Upper Cervical health centers or The Spesific or Nucca. wait 4 – 5 days after an accident. don't wash your hair for the first 48 hours. Walking is good. Ease into your work out routine.

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