How to Use the Online Call Tool on

How to Use the Online Call Tool on

Welcome to My name is Betsy
Hoover, and I’m the director of online organizing for Obama for America. Today we’re going to
talk about how to use our online call tool. So, let’s get started. Head on over to our
homepage, at or, if you received a link in an email or from a social
network, click that. You can also go directly to the call tool at
Under the Get Involved tab, select Make Calls. You’ll be taken to a log in page, giving you
the option to log in with your, dashboard or Facebook username and password.
If you want to log in using a ID, but you don’t have an account yet, click
on the create an account link. From there, just fill out some basic information to create
your very own account. Now you’re ready to start making some calls. Once logged in, you
will see a pop-up box, with information on and directions for this particular call campaign.
Once you’ve read this note, click Start Calling to get going. On the left, you’ll see the
contact information for the supporter you’ll be calling. On the right, you’ll see a script.
Practice pronouncing the supporter’s name, and read through the script so you familiarize
yourself with the questions you’ll be asking. Then when you’re ready, grab your phone, dial
the person’s number on the left and start making some calls. If no one answers, or you’re
unable to speak to a voter for some other reason, click the didn’t connect button under
the person’s phone number. A box will appear. Select the reason you weren’t able to talk
to the voter from the drop down menu. If you do reach a voter, follow along with the script,
and answer the questions asked. Simply click on the circle next to the appropriate answer
and move on with the script. If the call you’re making is recruiting for an event, make sure
to mark whether or not the person you’re talking to can attend. If they are able to attend,
mark down their email so you can send them a confirmation. Please only input the email
address of the person listed. If the user would like to know about more events in their
area, you can click on Search for Other Events. Put in the information for the event you’d
like to look for, the zip code for example, and click Search. If you find an event that
the supporter would like to attend, click the circle next to it. Then click Choose Event.
This will now be the event you can RSVP the voter. When you are done speaking with the
voter and have recorded all the information you were given, click Save and Continue. A
new person’s information will appear on the left-hand side, so at this point you just
repeat the process. Another exciting feature of the call tool is calling rooms. By joining
a room, you can work with a group of callers from your neighborhood team, or from a specific
group you are part of. Each room has its own leader board. You can see how your call totals
compare to other callers in the room by clicking Today’s Activity tab. There you can also view
the total number of calls made in that room today. If you’d like to make calls with a
specific group of people, click See More Rooms. A box will pop up with a list of available
rooms. To enter a room, simply click start calling. Congratulations, now you’re ready
to start connecting with other people in your community. Remember when you’re making these
calls that you’re representing Obama for America. So take pride in that. And have fun. You just
may find someone who shares your enthusiasm. Good luck.


  1. question: If I am not an US citizen (I live in Germany) but I support Obama can I volunteer to help with the campaign? I understand I am not allowed to donate but I'm not sure what are the rules in terms of volunteers.

  2. This idea has good intentions.. but not a good one. I envision many bad situations that may chase voters away. I do see how it's better then robo-calls, but find it better to choose your volunteers for the job.

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