How the U.S. Government And Corporate Interests Undermine Left-Wing Governments

How the U.S. Government And Corporate Interests Undermine Left-Wing Governments


  1. The low information voter dynamic is potent and worth talking about but I think the phrasing needs an update. Most voters are low information and it would likely require 2+ hours a day of research to not be a low information voter. So giving the impression that low information is just due to an individual being lazy or stupid is counter productive. Instead we need to address the fact that becoming a high information voter is made so incredibly difficult by design.

  2. Wasn't that an episode of Rick and Morty when Morty started talking to the squirrels?!.. As for Venezuela, we all saw it coming!.. but nobody did nothing about it. I'm just saying!.

  3. Western South America, mainly Chile and Peru are key bases for this think tanks and the greatest economic and democratic success stories of the last 20 years in the continent, and fully support right-wing led regime change in the rest of the continent, after being under socialist siege and isolated for many years, we finally get to fight back, try and fix the basket cases that are our neighbors. If this doesn't succeed then in another 20 years there will be a very sharp contrast between a developed South America and a developing SA, which will trigger massive migrations, like the once we are already experiencing between Venezuela and Colombia/Peru/Chile. Are there dark business interest behind this? maybe, but socialist governments, such as they are, in LATAM, are way worse. If we had socialist politicians of the like of Bernie Sanders than I would be upset (if the US intervines to coup them) but we don't, we have Maduro and outright communists representing the left here.

  4. Can I ask where did you get this idea that Venezuela's elections were illegitimate? Could we have a citation? Who has actually gone over there and observed the elections? Are you citing a UN special rapporteur? A lot of mainstream media are saying the elections were illegitimate but noone has given any detail around how they've arrived to that conclusion. Could we have TYT dig a bit on this specific point please?

  5. Atlas network should be call a terrorist organization they are destroying every country in latin america. My country (argentina) its another victim of them. They supported the current goverment to the presidence and when the economic policies started to hurt the people they claimed that new goverment was socialist and launched a new oposition further rigth in order to push the country to the far rigth.

  6. Correction: Juan Guaido didn't "randomly" declare himself president. It's actually within the Venezuelan constitution that the president of the National Assembly of Venezuela (which was elected by the people of Venezuela, NOT Maduro) should serve as interim president in the case of a lack of legitimate leadership. Maduro created his own assembly of cronies (this is completely illegal) to help him change the laws of the Venezuelan constitution. They then called for an election (they cannot legally do that, so the election was illegitimate too). Now you see that Juan Guaido is not leading a coup against Maduro, but simply following the law of the country and the democratic process.

    Please refer to David Luhnow's recent thread on Twitter – he sums up the series of events with an excellent analogy.

  7. Something tells me Venezuela is going to turn into a proxy war and a shooting war/battleground for socialism versus fascism. Pretty much what Spain was in the 30s hopefully this time socialism prevails.

  8. Stop. Maduro is illegitimate. Uds. no entienden ni mierda de América Latina ni la corrupción de los gobiernos izquierdistas allá. Just because you are leftist in the US does not equate your thoughts to their leftism. That is another form of US imperialism.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but all I hear is that the US gives money to a think tank so they can spread the ideas of the free market to the rest of the world. I don't see how this is a bad idea or even immoral…. maybe I missed it. Considering one cannot be a Marxist of any type and also claim to be a friend of the principles of the USA. I don't see how its out of the interests of the US Govt to stop the spread of an ideology that would by its own admission eliminate the freedoms, individuality and liberty of the individual. Also a think tank going to a foreign government whether it be left or right and telling lies or truths about the others economic philosophy in order to stop its progression is one thing. Don't deny these companies of their own agency in deciding to believe these lies or whatever they may have heard. It was their decision to not invest time into researching the matter. Essentially we can throw paint at the wall but its up to the wall as to how much it wants to wash off. [This wasn't a GOVT shutdown pun I swear] However I'm not exceedingly informed on the full story of what the US has done in other countries to influence political change so I thank TYT for at least raising my eyebrow.

  10. 18:45 Thats it Cenk! Public education. Thats the whole ball game. Educating the poor so they know enough to vote in their best interest. When poorly educated, voters foolishly vote against their own enrichment, to the benefit of the already privileged. See 2016. Healthcare, worker rights, social justice … all important … but supporting Public Education is at the root of it all! Education is to progress as water is to trees.

  11. Foro Penal Venezolano: Since Jan 23, 77 arbitrary detainees for protesting or not are preteens (mostly 12-14 year old) . They will be processed for charges of up to 20 years in jail. WHO IS ORDERING AND EXECUTING THIS? Maduro, his military squad and loyal judges

  12. The only way to "socialise losses" is through government intervention (taxes, subsidies, etc). Last I've checked, free market/private property libertarians (at least those in the Mises/Rothbard tradition) are against these interventions. Therefore they're against "socialising losses".

  13. This is BS, major BS. Atlas Network does not accept any government funding including U.S. government funding; nor does their mission, objectives, or activities seek to represent the interests of governments nor any corporate interests. It does not support any partner activities related to candidates or elections, nor seek to influence the agenda of independent partners. This is clearly paid advertising… Left Wing in LATAM is rotten, so rotten, due to their own efforts. You just have to observe.

  14. This guys are talking non sense. They no idea of what is happening in LATAM. Read please. "Propaganda" is what this channel is doing. Terrible video. US is country of educated people, at least, that is expected.

  15. I can't wait to see all these leftist bastards dead like they deserve, you retarded white rich leftist americans are a bunch of manipulated idiots

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